Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FIGURED OUT Thy-Have you lately?

Not Everyone you could hear I Love You from, or say I Love You has that real significance until what you said, was accepted and emotionally considered and reacted upon with much more excitement and more emotional understanding and care and practicality of logical realities. verbal reactions are interestingly virtual, and imaginative as they might be seen and figured out. But what's true lies beneath the surfaces of folded testimonial self being, well catered and well addressed, with a touch of humor, and a connection that supports you much way longer in reality then virtual, followed by Miss You, and Want to be next to you craving for all this and that and finding all the excuses and ways to be with someone willingly, in admiration of the very fact, tat you could just spend you entire day rejoicing being with someone,who would take you as you are, and shall abide by all the pros and cons of a structural habitual understanding of human sanity and insanity at the same time, no matter how sane, adulterated or selfless/unconditional it be.

Irrespective of caste creed orientation gender bias & all the status quotient. In the process of figuring out the so called relationship that you name and tag it with, no matter how deep understanding of the truer self and thy you shall possess, but eventually it shall only be worth if its served on to thy platter to you & vice verse, with way to much reality & face to face being there, and not distanced love, comfort ,sharing, caring and philosophical interesting backup's with that sense of security,supporting a communication and fetishes of human mind and urges to pacify and conclude, subside let go, keep and put an end to.

There might be at times a wider or a thinner line between fondness and love, and it's all hysterically emotional at times, when you intend to let go look's and you know, you are with a worthy being, that makes you even more worthy of living a life, and not finding yourself alone, with a random number of people that communicate interact and virtually and in real lure you to attributes of personal and attachment syndromes of human psychology.

Thy & Thee, shall be there, for no matter either of them shall live or die, for hard as much as it get's for sometime, you just ain't let go the fact, that you had a worthy relationship,and you shall sit back and rejoice the memoirs of the past & live with them happily ever after - that very few, as little as it was was way beyond a friendship, that changed you & had a significant role and importance in your life. They come and go, & few remember we been part of there lives, few are the ones, that you might recall, shall be at the back of your head, and deep down heart, staying in the corner's or filled with respect, regards & love.

With so much around, and so many asking to be friendly, for whatsoever reasons, denials and acceptance that go handy. with you and them to be in a habit of fooling around or failing in love for real. Presuming , assuming, judging, and still moving on, going on, getting along with the past, present and the coming foreseeing future, and the life goes on, for everyone, here and there, me and you, they and all.

Let thy sit and explain thee, how clear the perspective of life be' for thy brain & heart need to grow, and find peace, away form the immature soul. For you could end up banging your head on the wall or playing flute in front of buffalo, and it shall not solve any' or punch on a boxing bag, to outburst your experienced and well taught and lived assumed amused/ill' hollow/narrow presumed belief's. It ain't worth if you don't gain and muscles, with the push-ups of your state of mind - from where you left it and risen to' if you don't learn form the past, & sit' laid back drowned in the old dig haunted past, and do not accept the newer reasoning?

Positivity in a communication, learning from it, and finding a humor in the little of the things said and done, shall make you find your way to a lovelier you and lovely everyone around, for then you shall know,what love is.

Unconditional it be or thy conditions that come from thy' shall loose the importance, & solve no purpose, and hung it all,putting it to an end- it has to be pure, faithful & good or it has to be nothing at all.

"Some call it an emotional approach of the loner self, for some name it a philosophy of a logical-intellectual mind,some call it a planted/seeded game of a corrupt mind. We all are in a mix, zig & zapped, pulled, flattened, sorted or in a mode of grind. For all I knew forever, So much it' difficult it was to find & figure thy truer/real loving kind" - Anonymous

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