Monday, December 9, 2013

When Thy Heart Spoke-It did a Great Job

My Dearest You' Glad to know, you are more then good, more then me. Just take care. & keep smiling, for I wish you all the wellness in breathes of thy life remains, and a hug that says I love you no matter what. And I shall be there beside ,you no matter how real or virtual, I shall, I will, stay. As long as you would need me' or you won't, I still would be there in some corner's of the soulful brainy brawny hearty outer & inner being, walled and limited, united and adjusted thyself.

In between all the virtual stigmatic words that were at times luring frustratedly ,so desperate, to love in the flesh and get lost in the realms of sexual fetishes and pleasures, for I shall never forget, and make you remember. That my soul was always pure, and honest to I was more curious to figure out who that heart n soul was, in a body that, craved for mere more or less known & unknowing. - I so want to hold thee , hug , kiss with thy closed eyes - blindly tagged with/as a label of any textual alphabetically or numerically' as much as a soul, & human with all thy sanity , experience and wisdom.

As much as I beg for forgiveness for all the while I was not being myself, or too myself I was adorned with, for could not suffice your emotional mental and physical cravings and talk to you or text you back. I hope I shall be forgiven and understood well, and appreciated for getting back you you, though a little delayed, but more the merrier, soon thy it all came.

No more pretentious, presumed assumptions judgements, for let thy be transparent to thee - backed by lured, captivated, chased chaos experiences and logistics of a peculiar adaptations of a life to thy habitual habitat - lost somewhere at times, and rejoicing in excitement, wondering it shall last for a little much time, phrasing tracks and lines, and limits to my admirable myself, and foolish thee. Depreciated, Withered & Worn-Off Me, Sincerely Yours lovingly foolish. learned, de-fragmented experienced, yet use to the so called back stabbing every time,Myself - (Anonymous)

P.S-Don't hurt or play with my love/heart/body and dislike and reject my emotions for you on a misleading mischievous unbelieving note and not so serious all the time. I don't like it if its not taken & is played with, and never is it kindly acclaimed and accepted, for else I shall be sorry for loving thee, as I shall no longer love. Adopt it, if not me & you shall never be all out of it.

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