Thursday, November 28, 2013


How Well - Intimate, Sexual Pleasures could Be-fool You! For it might just  lure your temporarily Infatuations!. Real People are Only the Real Friends with who you share much more then just Bed!, Half Of the Time We Think, Sex is the only Reason that binds us!, But its opposite, The More you could be Intimate in terms of Emotions, Values, Comfort, Care Understanding - All the more are your chances to grow and keep up with the Person in a Relationship/Friendship/Sex( I don't say it's bad - but there is a certain respect that one should abide by.

It's a mutual consent & admiration to get laid & It's not just 'Done away with & Forget Syndrome' - for Something that can make you so Naked (that you could shed your clothes & your soul - pouring on to for someone/ to someone! - For there is no place for any Artificial/Superficial longing & a selfish We' - It has to be more of Love, Soul Connect & a Craving to willingly understand someone so close that you could just be so Secure & So Emotionally Uplifted!

For Times these Sexual Agitations & Be-Fooling Games, make you loose your trust, faith & interest in Love/Relationship & Friendship, It should not be a Slutty Business, it should be more then that! - Desperation is one thing different, but keeping up with the mind body and soul,connecting to it beautifully is what matters the most! - With few of the Starting Love You's & Loads of things that you admit, & confess & are willing to do - to nothing of that sort after you are just finished up wrapping yourself_in_clothes - Getting done & over with Sex!

I wish if we could wrap our Soul's much more in Comfort in a way, that we never ever had to Cling & Hook on to Anything/Any One Else - being it just be one person! But i guess that's life, and everyone seems to be on a lookout for a new flesh & it hardly matter's how far and new you get, you forget the past and the real. & at a point when you realize that the past & the real was more/much better!, you realize you just got laid, and you just finished a useless but important business meeting, that just got over & somebody had to go back home! & maybe never return again & meet !

You crave for a person, in hope that someday - one fine day your love shall be admired & in return you shall get what you expect & get treated in the way you want, getting your expectations done with too - & not just the one sided Play!

"Either it be (Sex=Sex) or (Love=Love)", Ratio that I find solitude_in! It cant be an  Artificial Willingness to Keep that Fake Smiley on your Face & say all is well, Nothing is wrong!

Why don't we Connect with the soul's Why just get lured by the Physical - Outer Thy! - Anonymous

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