Thursday, November 28, 2013


Yelling to the dogs on the street, & birds in the oddest of weird times, hours of midnight to the wee hours, possibly when you just want to concentrate on something, or wanna go to sleep, and they are the only ones u would be listening to crystal_clear, and with n rhyme or reason, I don't know what would they be conversing about talking to themselves or there fellow beings, Only wish I could understand there language, and possible end up having a conversation with them. I love them, for sure, but its irritating at times, when you just don't want to listen to yourself even and then you will have a company who purposely - as it seem like, shall be those not so invited guests, making noises, & you would wonder, you are yelling & shouting at them, wish they could understand what it meant' but yes' eventually suddenly I would hear no more noise, & would be glad that I made sense, and they understood! Tried all the best to finish of with my work in the wee hours around 6ish, &  sleep, and I could not, then decided shall take a hot water bath(there as I stood, pouring the warm water on to myself, I wished I could keep on doing that, but then I would end up heating up all the buckets of water, and enjoying the bath, with no sleep and late nap & late work or no work) & then sleep, & that was just perfect! the wee-hour munching and hogging to the night-dinner leftover's, with more then one glasses of cold coffee, & finally quenching the so called hunger & thirst, for I know shall be standing upright, not wanting to eat anything until dinner, sufficing on to the tea & coffee only! Next morning I went talking to the Dog's asking them what was there problem? & he they just wagged the tail, & made some sweet noises, and I smiled, and my anger vanished! Birds been chirping too, but did not fed them today, there was already the last bit-over kept, so they might hog on to it. Then a little late I was already, with my Cell drained battery, & decide to log On to my Laptop & Net, checking stuff, while charging my cell, for a little while as much it could, and getting ready, in between criticizing the Bad Hairdo that looked not so good, but interesting (& I had no time to take a bath once again, so soon, it was cold and had less time to get all the things on the list done over with, Changed and was almost ready to pick my Lazy Ass to do some work finally. Meanwhile trying to fit in the Ear-Phones on to my ear, listening to the Awesome-st Songs, I kind of looking myself in the Mirror, Danced - felt good, doing that, & then I was out on the street, fetching a RickShaw to take me to do all the chores, & there were exactly two rounds!, First one had the first half of the work done, and after 45 minutes had the later half to be p planned and done, which eventually did not materialize for some reasons, but then it was a RickShaw Ride, home to the market, and back home! - It was my Post-Noon "Rickshaw-Puller'Ride"! Now back online for a while, with again a thought on my taste buds, as to what shall I order to day & eat finally , Lets See. here I sit with the Menu & make decisions. while chatting in between here & there to old & strange new peeps, interesting multitasking goes on! lol. The Nite Went & the Day Passed. - Anonymous

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