Thursday, November 28, 2013

Off to Sky & On the Ground

"Let's fly, be high, let's fly, be high.Let's fly, our hearts flowing, together.Be high, it's rush will always last forever.Let's fly, be high.I will feel you in ecstasy.Let's fly, be high, let's fly. Unstoppable,Got me open, I'm falling dub,Raise thy toast, Oh yeah come on and let it fly.Let's go, let's let it fly.Get ready, let it fly"

Last Night' A friend said, come on let's fly & I said old on to me, hold my hand, and hug me tight, not let me slip or fall away' & yes blindly trusting you for no rhyme or reason, a blank mind but heart filled love, and I see nothing at all' for let's do it! Sometimes it's unconditional with condition's to love & respect the decision and needs that might be favorable or not so favorable for what the heck, no thinking, and just doing it, going for it. for as much virtual we could agree to most of the things and learn to say yes, and bend & change & go figure no why's and if's, & put but's and logical reasoning. At times u just want to go with the flow, with a blank head, peaceful heart, comforting just the moment. that you would be so content when you shall land on the ground,with a cheerful smile, & all the more lighter heart, knowing you just had a awesome flight, and you are really happy about it.

"I'm living just for the minute.You hoe... hold my attention,Your hug, you got me pumping for,dancing around, you would have thought. some alcohol & some slow music to top it up all. And I figured it all started with a smile and a wink." 

& thy friend asked me today where are you to which I replied "On the ground", since last night we were to fly, but then it was too clouded, so we decided we shall fly alter in the clear sky together holding each other, tight, & we shall wear some woolen's since its gonna be chilly, for yet sure I am that I wont need any warm clothes for your love heart & hug shall maketh it all worth. Sometimes the stranger's are you most trust on to, for the curiosity and excitement drives you crazy and weird, for no matter what and how it be' for if you let it go, and go with the flow, you know you can achieve and make the best worthwhile. for as Little pity things that you could rejoice and make you happy - with the good factor attached to it, for a emotional heart that shall find content and peace, and brain that shall not be busy working on the logistics of mathematical calculations of what not(if & but's), & that's how you shall live the moment. No matter what you tag the person as' what thy relationship you name, what difference does it make, if it was not real, and just virtual, for if it was fantabulously awesome, it was worth giving a try, as much as you loved it and felt good about it. Why do we all have to be limited to our emotions, perceptions, willingness to try stupid weird ,new things. irrespective of all the odds, why don't we just come out of the factors of so called good and bad, not sure, and unsure. For one life we all have, and we spend half of it, thinking way to much, and doing nothing worth, & then we waste other half in cribbing' loosing it badly!

"Today is the day to come and fly and baby don't worry, i'll be there to catch you if you fall 'Cause today, is the moment,for us to find it all. So Lets Fly, Lets Fly, Lets Fly,Till we find it all.So Lets Fly, Lets Fly, Lets Fly,Till we have it all. I need you to come up and fly with me,because I feel alive, when I have u beside me" - Anonymous

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