Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hardly are people who would be curious to know what u ate. who cooked it & what's cooking? then what u like in bed, or it just finds it's way sorted and ended to what's'up and what you do, and how are you and so on! - rather if we had more topics to discuss about and had more merrier the conversations about much more then thy expected, we could certainly go a long way together.

For as they say way to thy heart is from stomach - I rather presume it to be willingly true, shall take thy to a newer perspective of dimensional interactive sessions, where no matter how good a cook you are, or don't no a thing to cook, you shall always be lured by several means of wider perspectives , rather sticking on to thy one. For the more topics of conversations thy strangers or friends have to share and talk about, the more friendly there relationships thy be, giving a way to a newer and healthier interactive sessions, it definitely can be calorie conscious or high in fat-never mind) - all it matter's is that we are talking and we are friends.

Discussing about how did your day passed & whats the plan for the coming one. What all did you got busy with, and what all is inside your head that makes you worry. from things that make you busy, and things that tell you how of worth and importance it is to share and take an advice of a friend, suggesting

for no matter we are far, & could not meet more often, or not at all in real, we still hang up with each other virtually, and its good to know, and share more then just everything and anything at times, for very rare are the chances of us opening to the other person willingly open heatedly, wanting to relate ,converse, and feel good.

How is the weather today, for anything or everything can just start up a conversation, for a list of things you are wanting to shop to a few people you are willing to meet, or kick!

therefore If I ask you what's cooking or share what I eat, don't presume assume or judge anything at all, for all I know and understand & abide by is - i am a person who shall keep y heart healthy for thy I keep my stomach full sufficing it with everything that's quenched and hogged on to!

you and me shall cook, dine, with all we could drink to and say cheers!. To Thy Friendship, Relationship, Sharing & Caring - Here I raise a Toast, and Live On. - Anonymous

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