Friday, November 8, 2013


I_Love_You & Kisses(Muawh's) lately sounds more like a punch_line everyone virtually & in real holds on too it as if they would die, if they wont get thy Love & as if there life would stop there & then if it ain't be thy!. How easy & random, weird & funny, miserably fake has one gone artificially saying it across border's in various version oriented dialects. For thy Terminology was always the same - the one and only, but everyone seems to have been using it lately for there personal gratification syndrome - mutual admiration & self centered gestured ways of luring thy - one more of thy way 'added on to ways of enacting thy fake logistics of a practically unreal, unhealthy, inhuman, self-centered - political dramatics. I wonder how far would one go, faking it , climbing up the ladder on to thy shoulder, getting all thy needs attended and personified, & still not finding a way to deal with the real Love. Sadly' Blurred Loved I see going into ashes, rising & falling apart - all foggy, all so disillusioned are thy hearts have become, for they all think with mind & they would never be a peaceful soul, grounded aloof one day all out of love - with no one to love thy, shall then they crave & mesmerized be remembering thy Love, they ditched & betrayed, for there self centered being.

For experienced tell you, & your intuition guides you and makes you learn, warn about thy fake & thy real Love. I so wish there be a institution which could teach the realities of true love, and standing by it no matter what. - For everyone seems like taking it for granted and enacting upon as if they hardly care about it; faking they were the only ones who loved you truly & thy game they play, is much sought out and understood by the experienced heart & soul, for still not wanting to believe on to thy falseness - often judgmental based on presumptions & assumptions, the game be on, until one fine day, it all be wrong! - one fine day ,shall there be no one' singing to u lullabies & love song.

I wish Love never had a Tag with thy names' for all be blind' & love thee' irrespective of anything thy be!

if it matter's to you the most' let it matter in real' for one life one has' for less time we all got' to rejoice, love, be at peace, suffice & acknowledge thee. - Anonymous

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