Friday, November 8, 2013


I Don't want bother u much! its just like, i feel secure sharing what's in ma heart n mind, with a stranger i call a friend, for unknown and at distance - my curiosity n excitement uplifts me & drains me at the same time , pouring ma feelings - out-bursting into utter surprised state of mind, that's emotional expecting and seeking a refuge in thy acceptance - full of love, and only love and with no limits, unleashing thy for wanting to surrender to sum one honestly for one more time, for loving sum one, like one of those romantic tender care comforting zones where u tend to loose yourself and the very u and just snuggle down with a hug, resting on thy chest n shoulders, with a tight never loosening hug & eyes that stare u , like u stare thy, and talking silently almost everything to nothing at all.

Don't permit me, such things, that shall make myself difficult to explain and thy be not reachable, from me, when I really want it badly in real, other then the virtual one.

For once I would ask u to love me, for my love is honest true irrespective of anything n everything, pure virtually and real, for it's no reel life dilemma dramatic theatrical acts, for I am the way I am, looking for all the love , for all the love and nothing but love, is all I have to give.1

I feel so comforting confronting you - saying i love you for no rhyme or reason! - I just love you, meaninglessly and unconditionally for all the communication so far that has been between us, has step by step brought me more closer to my feelings and clearer vision, speaking out to you my mind and soul, my heart & me!

I might crave for more, but it has to be mutual, I could follow my heart, and it could go on and on! - Anonymous

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