Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MY BY CHANCE PETTED - Animal Kingdom

There were these Dogs on the Streets, that have been friendly from ages, like they were meant to give me company from years. as the time fled away, I made friends with them, the older ones, those vanished ,died and went away, the newer ones those mated, and strangled and starred, and reincarnated - from puppies to the big brats,. There would always be three of the sorts, or maximum two, once black, and one brown, and one character in some shades of brown ,cream, or off-whites. The Black & The Brown one are fond of me, though they don't have any specific names yet, one is Kalu(Blacky), & other (Brownie) is called whatever comes in my mind, all I know when I call them, or they see me, or hear me coming, they would come running to me, wagging there tail and starring at me, in anticipation of food or play. Brownie is a playful actively notorious one, the Black is a mature old lazy set back.

I had almost had 6 of them(dogs), bought from the vendor's, breaded puppies, brought in from the school, roadside & and petted at home too. I guess had been fond of them from childhood only. Also had parrots(twice), as much as I remember that I had petted too. Though I don't remember much of the name of the dogs & parrot's other then "Mithu"(parrot), and the dogs "ilu", "pluto", "ralphy" "bozo"

The Birds chirping, coming from different ends of the climatic regions, from no where ,everywhere to here. The Crow, and the Sparrows, and the colorful species of other birds (name yet unknown) down on my garden area, near the gate, and the letter box, where I happen to keep things for them to hog on to.

Squirrel & the Family, too make occasional visits, though they would fight at times with the Birds, so they could have all the fun, but it's all in a playful manner.

Recently, the Cat has been enjoying her winter snuggling into, sleeping on to the (Water Cooler Filter) kept on the Window Air Conditioner Outlet. She at times, runs down inside the house, when ever the open door catches her attention, and droves away to the other end of the interior of the house, from where she finds her way passage climbing up through the steel wardrobe, to the outer word (via grilled window pane), & from there climbing on to the First Floor and then coming down to the outer balcony of the First Floor Tenants to the Roof of my Office Area interiors, back to the garden, and climbing again on to the Air Conditioner finding her way snuggling back to the Filtered-Bed. The day I had this Filter put down on the floor, I did not see her come at all & sleep, so decided I shall put it back, and once I did that again, She has been a regular visitor since then, sleeping nights, and at wee morning hours, and extends her sleep rather a little longer when she finds her self dozed & lazy. The Cat is quite a Shy character, and gets frightened very soon, but at times, does not act seeing me at all, or hearing any noises, at times, when you are close to it, it would run down climbing somewhere, frightened. i still have to make friends with her on good terms.

Welcoming to my wholesome family re-union it seems they were (The Rat's and there family) to re-join me once again. I remember long back when I was a kid, and I kind of petted the Mice, near my Water Cooler, (Little pink poor things, that would seek my attention, for not much grown I was at that time, & did not knew how to take care, had to do away with them. After years. the Mice and the family once again, have been playing around in my House, specially the Bed Room. I hear noises, (when they cut into my wardrobe wood, trying to make way for there leisure time entertainment past time). Now the two Rats, (not sure which ones the male or female or who so ever, whatsoever they be, have given birth to two little ones, these two are not much worried about anything at all, one lazy fellow would sit on the Laptop adapter & make himself cozy in the winter, the other one is active and notorious. These two would keep on running down in shorter steps and hopping around, finding there way to teeth around anything they would get. The other day I saw them playing on my moccasins(shoes). I was little worried and had to re-check & shake them up to see, if I could not by mistake put in my feet & hurt them ,if they were inside it, eventually it happened the other day, This one of them was inside it, and I could feel something inside when I was almost putting in my feet in.

I just could not manage to reluctantly overshadow there joyous and playful deeds and activities, at the same time, it was getting much annoying, and I still wonder what all I would have to do to sort it all out. 

It has been a regular habit of mine, feeding them all. though sometimes, I miss it. apologies for the same to the Animal Kingdom, that surrounds me and is friends with me.

Lucky to be friend's with animals surrounding me, adding to my day to day chores & activities, (rooted and bonded with nature and it's spices, along with the human's is a wholeheartedly feel of a life's fulfillment) keeps me down to earth and at ease.

Honey Bees and Butterflies, and Mosquitoes come and go, at times, fondling around with flowers and leaves, in the garden, and around. That's almost all about it. Yawn.  - Anonymous

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