Thursday, May 1, 2014

A "UFO" from NASA

Here’s a chat, that went through in between “You” & “Me”’ - good that it was a decent one, and a polite, kind hearten one, but at the end’ “Me” had few answers waiting, to come from “You”& before it could, “Me” was blocked by “You” - & there was the end to the so called knowing, unfolding all the  the folds of curiosities & butterflies being built of a new friend, a new world all together (hard for a emotional soul to digest, who mistook the other person to be genuinely real(presuming), unknowingly by default.

Having a conversation with a stranger, and people would be in desperate need of friends, & social networking(as real as they show, it to be as), but they would maintain there privacy(understandable), but on the contrary in honor to prove there falseness, shall no more be human enough, and fake it all. From a one day friend of knowing & unknowing a strange(who shall not even be fake on the other side of the virtual world) - I guess this is some kind of a protocol’ we all are learning to grasp all the attention to our so called fake looks, fake display pictures, & a attention seeking(hiding human psyche, seeking refuge and comfort in the virtual world, afraid to come out-what a shame, what a pity), 21st Century, with the advent of everything that’s coming in handy, we have & are more and more deeply getting thicker on the outer-self(shell), & thinner inside-loosing everything(hope,humanity,ourselves), with layers of time wasting, paradoxes of lies, and nothing but lies.

Here’s the whole conversation.

<Me> hi-bye <You> Hi then bye, wow nice to meet you <Me> hehe nice to meet you too sweetheart. God bless you <You> Haha, how are you by the way <Me> I am fine my dear, you tell me , how are you, what you up to <You> Me also fine, Is your study life completed <Me> yes study life completed <You> Then what do you do now dear <Me> I don’t do anything, I am free as a bird. Eat, drink, sleep and talk to my self. I live all by my self alone, breathe and that's all I do. as of now* <You> You talk to yourself! Are you crazy <Me> Dude the best thing one could do is a self realization, and self realization only comes from experiences, once, you are connected with yourself you are connected with God. and you don’t need to connect with anyone else that matters. <You> Oh I see Do you teach me how to connect with myself bro <Me> Sure its simple, you need patience, you need to devote yourself fully' <You> Then what to do? <Me> So you are in a relationship right and also alone, & are you on Whats App? <You> Well,dude I am a member of NASA, but could never see such a crazy human like you, you've something special I think, keep it up <Me> That's brilliant!, everyone who can see him / herself first, and know the faults and eagerness to the materialistic comfort and control the urges, learn form mistakes, can see the world, see everything everywhere, you just need to understand the logic and everything shall fall into place, one by one. <You> Yeah, may be you are right dude <Me> Since everything everyone and everyplace is destined for all of it to happen, at the right time, given/before time, its just a life, that goes and ends and then there is the beginning again. for once you start to begin yourself from the time you breathe, you would achieve what one should. <You> Are you a bishop? <Me> No I am not, I am just a normal average guy, <You> Oh, then how do you experience them? I think to earn this knowledge u sacrificed lots in your past life <Me> Well its life that teaches you, i guess one needs to just sit and realize what potentially one wants to learn experience and in what track one would find a sufficing answer to ones queries, and then everything comes to you one by one, u don’t need to search its already there. when we take out our time from other useless things, we spend good quality time on the more decent ones. <You> I salute u brother, no matter what I am, you are much above than me to realize this world. You'll be sm1 special in your coming future, I can see it <Me> Stay in touch, awww thanks buddy I feel already special different from the world <You> Yeah you are <Me> (my number) stay in touch <You> I don’t use Whats App bro, and the number is my student's, as a member of NASA I've too many friends, and gf's ,I feel bore with them so take a dongle, for Facebook-ing and Google searching <Me> awww I see, okay/ never mind, now you have me here! hugs <You> Hugs! <Me>  that's cute <You> Yeah for you my special friend <Me> are so special to me too my dear “Khoob Bhaalo” (Too Good) <You> U know Bengali but how?! <Me> I know a little bit of all the languages bondhu(friend) <You> Oh you are really great By the way what is your name bondhu? <Me> Well what’s in the name, my soul and heart is more pure then the name I was given. that to I did not choose. so here I am , with a no name tag, for you call me anything you want. Bandhu/Sakha/Mitra(friend) <You> You say, can I call u great friend (gf) <Me> sure you can call me anything my dear that brings smile on your face and happiness in your heart. <You> Ok gf good night for now I've a project on physics <Me> <Me> sure buddy! study hard, and complete your project. with all your best! <You> It was very nice to meet you <Me> happy physics to you same here keep smiling cheers lovely talking to you my dearest. <You> Yeah, thanks hugs <Me> hugs...tight ones. have a wonderful night & day ahead. shubh ratri(good night) <You> Bye take care of you bro <Me>  sure I will, you too. bro (gf) hehe lol <You> Hehe lolz <Me>


<Me>How’s Physics treating u this morning? buddy? <You> Very nicely dear ,good morning, I am talking with my sister now, I will be here after some time. <Me> ok sure morning. <You> Can I suggest u some friends? awww...well no! I am happy with a list of friends that I have. see that’s how I found you...right! life is good with the real people who are there to talk meet listen, share, sing, play and above all are real and know you well, and u know them well. thanks for asking, my dearest (gf)  <You> But trust me they are also gfs(great friends) ,they are also special. <Me> awww, hehe...hmmm...well. okey let us figure that out then! <You> Yeah <Me>Buddy..,why don’t I see more pictures of you, except just one picture in your display. <You> I see...That's for my privacy setting. <me> but I would love to see...would you let me see you more. <You> But dear if I unlock those I get too much messages, friend requests, and I think they are so much irritating. <Me> you can unblock it only for me, so I can see it. Right, you don’t have to do it for everyone i just want to see my special friend. <You> Either I have to unblock it for all or I have to block it for all, this is FB's condition. Dear I've nothing to do here <You> You can unblock it for 5 minutes, let me see and you can block it again else there are custom settings where you can make them visible to selected n hide from the rest.  I wont force u.  <You>  Its time to telling the truth, In the past I've a gay friend, I called him brother but I don't know why he can't realize the value of the relation, all is he want from me is sex and till now he is crazy about that, if I will unblock my pictures, he will comment some crazy thing on them.<Me> I understand tat buddy. 5 minutes, just want have a look at  the pictures, wont comment either, no one shall notice in 5 minutes, all I want to know is out of curiosity who & what my friend is. <You>  No dear I can't sorry <Me> Can you share some of your pictures in here then if you don’t want to  unlock your album i guess there’s no harm , no one would see your pictures or comment then and in this way I would see you.

With no reverts on the queries of “Me” furthermore, “You” blocked him, and this was the End to the Conversation with a Stranger, that was fake. Learning from that, “You just can’t be sure every time(most of the time) taking & considering anyone vouching to be genuine for a guarantee(doubtful about what sex one was(male/female/other), hacker, spammer or a UFO from outer space. (next time you chat). For this person might or might not be an Unidentified person/object from NASA, or no "N.A.S.A" -"Not As it Seldom Appears"(as told), I would consider him/her/it to be a U.F.O (Unfriendly/Unfaithful One for Sure. Damn it.  - Anonymous

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