Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I, Me, We, Us & They - My WORLD

Writing My First Story. Lemme start with Me, Myself - I am a simple sweet guy from a small town who's life is very simple Living in a 3BHK house (as I call it) with mom dad and my big bro.

I have this simplest father in the whole world and the sweetest mom (but for me every mom is the sweetest to his child). And my big bro who also treats me as a child (big daddy - matlab baap ka bhi baap). We were like the sweetest family that anyone may have seen,or we were like four kids in our own world. (Yes people say it right childhood is the best time in your life. "No worries,No tensions, No Love/Relation & all the more No break ups , with no negative thoughts for anyone, or with yourself. Just and simple happy sweet little life can be).

All families have problems, but as I see most of that are for property and money. We are human and humans heart are easily poisoned. Family Drama started related to property and money.
I don't know why but from that day my family thoughts were changed & there emotions changed.

I was still a little guy then but all those things, I understood, still remained the same. I don't know how and why, maybe , because at that time I was a kid who could not , would not feel the same what my Parents and my bro did.

Somethings have changed till now, & I hate that. I hate that feeling of my Parents not being themselves. Yes from the very beginning I was not understood by my Parents or by my Bro. Whatever I wanted I never got ,Whatever I felt was wrong was forced on to me. I seriously did not knew what and how to think straight & rationally at that given point of time. Is it for my good or bad - Whichever way it was and however it was meant to be.
But those things somehow took away myself from my family.

"F.R.I.E.N.D.S "Remember this word. You all know about the Television series named F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yeah! Somehow in my mind I wanted my friends to be like those characters who fight & love each other but cant live without each other. I know , Its a virtual world , Non of that is true. But the feeling of having such nice friends was always in my mind and heart, which never happened.

All friends which I got or came across my life were so selfish & controlled freaks. But somehow now I am relieved & happy that those guys or gals are not in my life. At present,only have two 2 girl friends in my life and one boyfriend. But life had again started to play tricks with me, and somehow I am loosing them, as much are they loosing me(my2girlfriends) going far from me. I don't know, whats wrong in me or whats going wrong. But yes I feel alone at many stages, phases, & aspects of the of my life.

"Love" is a great feeling - a new life. a new world. For me love is everything. Has once loved someone so blindly that In the End I was lost. My first love was a disaster in all respect. Loved someone even at ones darkest time, being committed and being loyal, but Sometime a big slap on your face is waiting for you & you are least aware that you are the one who is on pity.

I do believe in Love and will continue to. But that 3 years falling had changed me in a very bad way. I have become more and more possessive and more insecure. Always thinking, praying to God - Not again , not again.

Because I know "I'll be broken I'll be gone If it was the betrayal once more that proved me wrong"

Yes, I am committed once again, with the most pure soul,I love that person and will love till the end that's all I know. I wish I really have met him way back. My partner is mature in his thoughts and his beliefs. Yes, in the beginning was hard for me to jell-up or to understand. But now That days have passed on by, I understand trying to change things only for the one.

At present I only have this one person in my life. My Family My friend My love. I know there are many flaws in me too,I'm not perfect either, but I'm trying to change those negative flaws.
and yes, if I break this time,will ask my God to never make me human again ever, because Inside I am am a kid. I need love I need someone to share my feelings. I am a KID who is just little afraid of losing things.

This is my life story,many people have come and gone. Me only sticking to the ONE. Will be waiting and watching & experiencing, & acknowledge' what Life has to show and teach. - Anonymous

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