Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Staying Quietly - By Myself/MySide

I am going to tell you & speak out what's going in my head, and how is it what I am feeling, & I am sure it's going to be there for real long, I am not sounding negative or something, but it's that, I am kind of more then at ease being just myself, all by myself, & at peace with all the stuff that goes inside-out of my head' with much time just being busy with me, or being free, working & sleeping more hours then I actually did for a longer time now' It's like I want to rest and relax, carrying on the tasks that I am supposed to being one of the being, no matter for good or worse ,as destined as an obligation or necessity to live. I am so at ease being just with me,being by my side. I guess I have adjusted to the chores & chaos of my mental, physical & emotional attributes. I am not the only one complaining, but if I did' I would rather keep it to myself, & Nothing more then my very own self understands who & what & how I am. I might not be mingling much, or talking much, interacting with' but all I know, when I close my eyes, knowing that I came & i have to go' makes me realize of the lot of things & people I have lost' they stood as my very own, & few stand beside me' if I need them, as much as they need me, & I promise I shall be there. But as of now, for now, I just need to be at peace with myself within and out. My soul wants to rest in peace now & forever' as long as I live, & after that. I guess it be a phase for long, and a syndrome I would be abiding by'. I am just not being selfish or negate anything' its only that I need to live & die, as I am, who I am, how I am. Me , myself as a whole. I would rather be quiet, and not speak much about anything, nor would my emotions come out straight from the heart as they used to, person to person. It's not one of those mood swings, that I have come across in a life span, It's just being at ease with the way i want it to be. I might be the strongest & the weakest more often, trying to adjust like always' as I have been, but I ain't sorrowful for the very fact, about the soul that is troubled & happy at the same time' with loads of things going in Life. You are the best person to your own self, when it comes to judging, anticipating, reciprocating, or coming to a realization whatsoever. & I am here doing my bit. I hope you understand that, & don't fall apart taking me wrong. Let me enjoy & take it easy to the core, in the best & the worst, by myself.

I still try to Communicate as much I could possibly do, whenever I can, so I am not "Finger on my Lips" all the time! - Limit is what binds you' for else, you could get carried away and pressurize yourself to the utmost difficult condition of getting irritated & perturbed - Anonymous.

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