Monday, June 9, 2014

The Rainbow.My Re-Union

My Beliefs(few based on the ones I have been filled with, few taught, few experienced, few learned, few witnessed) are caricature of my emotional very being, my emotions run around the colors of my existence. I cant rule out any one of it' for they are so complimentary. I would have no color, if I had no belief' I would have no belief if there was no color. My perceptions would be baseless if I had no fondness evolved involving the beliefs I had. I live until I believe' the ay I stop believing I would not live anymore. The more I trust on the beliefs ,more concrete they exist to me. The more colorful my emotions turn on. Experience and learned - I would not have a baseless belief' though thy shall have no color. the more the merrier either of them complimenting each other.

There been times, I have witnessed quite a repulsive, contradictory, yet practical, logical answers to my beliefs, with colors in full swing, and colorless hues. We often step out of our fabrications in quest of the truth & spaciousness of what is' & yet I have been more happier to my beliefs' that haunt me no further, and keep me alive, for I question no more to thy' I feel content with whatsoever they tell me' & stay with me' coloring my perceptions in a more grey shades of my evolution, insistence & living.

Well I am Happily [Married] to my Thoughts, Knowledge, Learning, Ideology, Values & Experience after being Separated & Divorced from the Social stigma of an uneventful union of marriage. I have Kids (as responsibilities of people & things attached to me) - that I take care of. Moreover I have My Self, with the humans & inhuman,,supernaturals and the nature, normal, abnormal and so on, adding more to the daily involved chores of tricky, vague, tacky listed agendas, - I have learned to live an eventful busy life, with all the time i spend knowing myself & self realizing on to things & people. Growing & Learning, Living.

A Loner finds a way with what all he can get and has to be busy in content, keeping peace balancing pace with the so called little socializing, living all my oneself, to the best possibilities of no regret.

I am in a Relationship with myself and my life and everything that summons it all up pretty loud & clear - few silent, few whispered, few told & let out. Now I better shut-up. - Anonymous

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