Friday, July 11, 2014


This Perfume, The One I am wearing, today! after much time, This has it's own sweet story to tell. Where it came from i even don't know. Why? Because, this came as a Parcel, couriered in my name, at my address, by Someone(Mentioned,Name,Address,&Mobile No. inside the Packing), For a moment I thought might be some Online Shopping Parcel thingi, but no, it was not that, then the curiosity & excitement to take something, that came for you, no matter what, is so extreme at that time, that you want to take it and open it. - This one came in a Brown Card Board Rectangular Parcel, with From Text mentioned with a black marker, though I had an urge to text or call the mobile number, of the person it came from, never did. Since the name was not at all familiar from any angle, far far away. & so I decided to name it a gift from a secret admirer. Despite all the odds (not thinking about it at all) I have not much often, but at times, put this one on, since it has a very tacky fragrance, too loud for someone like me, who prefers more of a soft & pleasant one, not the ones that give me a headache.

But whatever it be' I just noticed - it certainly has this Sweet Smiley Effect One Me' Making me feel good - I Wonder they did not had in it poured the Laughing Gas by any mean! WTF' LOL but it's an Awesome Feeling! No, It's only a Smiling Gas, I ain't Laughing Out Loud! Maybe or May Be Not! Burp! (That's of the ' Hakka Friend Rice & Manchurian' that I just had, I am Sorry about that, Excuse Me! - feeling wonderful.

Am a just little lost intoxicated widout the alcohol and I am loving it! hehehehe, there are less a times, u are in a state like this!...(Today, if any enemy would have been there in front of me/beside me, he/she shall have been excuse for all one did, forgetting all the enmity, with a hug) "Aaaj to koi dusham bhi samaney aajyayega usko bhi maaf kar dunga and galey laga lunga (-HindI Translation(Anuvaad) - a Lil Cheesy though!"- hilarious (not that of the usual very me,I see most of the times), its something in the air I guess! I don't know who all to blame, Let thy be a blame-less game/night & thy shall rise n shine putting on the perfume everyday! - & I even did not realized, I was sitting without the fan for all this while, wid the bowl of foodie in my hand (MayBe) - there is something in it Only) Whatever!. Humming to "Aaaj Mausam Bada Baimaan Hai - Aaaj Mausam(The Weather is to fraudulent)(Hindi Bollywood Track) from the Earlie's. - Anonymous

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