Tuesday, August 19, 2014

AWAKENED House of Night

I Just Tripped on the floor Naked, While going to Cook My Self Dinner, proceeding straight to the Kitchen, after Bath' immediately after Waking up from a Call' that Woke Me Up from a Dream. Not Realizing the Watery floor(I forgot to wipe it off' last time' while Washing Clothes' When I had My Washing Machine pouring out Soapy Water during the process of Me trying to experiment with it's Mechanics for a Faster Job). Besides' They say "Dreams are Not Real". But I just Woke Up from a Dream - Which had me in a Sad State' Damn they are wrong - Hence proved! Ironically (That was last month, but I just couldn't help talking about it)

Let me start by quoting "The thing you fear most has no power. Your fear of it is what has the power. Facing the truth really will set you free, for Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

Listening on to Surrender by Darlene Koldenhoven (Tranquil Times), I guess had nothing more to do beside a sleepless night, with tendencies of emotional and radical-thoroughgoing/extreme syndrome of nocturnal willingness to be awake, though the body was tired, but anxious to write down ta gist of on-going traditional & customary thoughts hanging in there in my mind & heart. Awakened alertness of mind, going to the root or origin of plentiful of thoughts that haunted my very being in the wee hours of this very morning.

Not so Haunted of it, despite I heard some noise in the next door, & all sort of thoughts ran onto my head. Who or what it could be, A Cat of something(fingers crossed, it should just be a Cat). & a thought that strike me, was to wear something (habitual of not wearing much around, being just myself. specially at night, or say most of the time withing the close locked doors & latched windows. What if I was found naked by a robber that came to rob, or someone who came to hunt & kill me down, I smartly wore my boxers and plugged in my earphones to some good music, juggling with my keyboard. Talking to my Self, & enacting if there was someone with me, and I was not alone all by myself. Least bothered about it much later,I decided I should not worry much about it or anything at all, for what is to happen shall happen, and what ought to, is it.

There was not one, but many thoughts involving my very life and the surrounded chaos that made my Life as a whole. My Mind was swinging onto the several situational propositioned dilemmas & alternative possibilities. With Positive & Negative things at my disposal throughout these few days that had kept me engrossed by. I figured Human, Inhuman, Sane & Insane, the daily acts of discussions, chats, meetings, and responsiveness of thy communications made, with several attempts to harness my very own peculiar side of knowing & unknowing. Neighbor's, tenants, friends & foes, stalker's, hawker's & walker's by. living & dead, fauna & flora, happiness, fear, anguish, wisdom, rising & degrading faith in religion, relevance to the consciousness, dreams that had helicopters to people who were strangers & known, emotionally & sensuously luring on to them falling out for them, & making out. & all that, that had no relevance at all - unrelevant that is.   

Several repeated advises to follow & do something about it. One of them was to Read How to Win friends and Influence people, to which I denied having replied' For there was no reason or rhyme for me to get hold of the textual vocabulary of words that went in that piled set of book by Dale, for I have experienced and lived on with a purpose and my purpose had everything human & soulful, for I had a set of friends, & relatives & few people by my side or none coming for my rescue thereof. it did not matter, for I had no one to influence and no thought of giving a single thought to win any friends, for whosoever I ever had, & have by my-side is the most relevant thing in my life at this current phase.For all the ones I knew so far, and was told to keep with, have certainly kept how much I could have had by now, but I guess there is time now, for I don't see it coming from there side, & there comes an end to my side. I am sure the people who know me little or well or very well would agree, when I say' I have been influential and friendly enough leading to a win-win situation all the while, with sort of a person I am, i am sure they would have no offense. I hope the person who asked me to read this suggested and made it read to all others in his family too, because I did not see it coming from a very noble & wise way of someone lately. With due respect to that gentlemen, whom I admire and he stands a strong pillar in hope and will always will, as a family to me,  The Other One was to get Married(No comments as of now on that one, right now, but yes I am giving it a pondering), The third advice was to oblige people with a smile in a sweet way, listen to them, no matter you do your thing,give them a ear. - well I guess it came from someone who had no idea what it meant to oblige people who by no means would change there ill habitual acts of irritating and bothering people with vague uselessness and come to no real conclusive help, redeeming on to no ascertained practicalities of issues. There are only habitual of being in a self esteemed goodness of thinking themselves to be marvelously qualified, back-biting, bitching,with echoes of no self esteem and stubborn idiots is what I call them.

Led Zeppelin's - Stairway to Heaven, just leaded me to a conclusive realization of a guarantee that my place in there was kept safe & booked, for I have been a good boy.

I wont hesitate or be reluctant when it comes in tougher times to enact upon and take a decision, for sure.

"Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level."

Brightening me up, was this Paloma Faith's Black & Blue Song that brought some spirit in me, conjuring up to my very being and bringing me up to a little more pleasant nature of my thoughtfulness, despite the odds (of my earphones acting shitting, one side was playing and other had to be adjusted repeatedly, like my Laptop Charger that was being a useless freak, not letting me charge my Laptop in a continuity).

Well keeping aside all that.

This was one of those several Awakened Nights of the Night & Wee Hour Mornings, that made me subjected to a peculiar thoughtfulness of riding on to my horses & trying to get across to the other side of the world of riddance of the nuances that bothered me & quarrelsome self realizing with self.

Ending it up a quote "If you want to know your past life, look into your present condition; if you want to know your future life, look at your present actions." Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, to my ears, wanting to lay down on the bed and act if I was sleeping, until the early morning led me into a lazy & tired stillness. It ought to be a wonderful morning , in hope that it be, & bring me good pleasant news. - Anonymous

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