Friday, August 22, 2014

AWAKENED House of Night-2

Spectacles - where art though? Come On Stop Playing Games Now ! Phew, Now where did I landed up My Spectacles. Can't See a thing unlike the last nite I forgot my cellphone in the refrigerator , & when I got it, it was so chilled & foggy, I had to warm it up a bit to bring it back to life. I am sure I did not kept my spectacles in the fridge now, I just double checked it, since it would crack & no ways its going to be brought back to life. Finding it difficult to read & type & see much clear with the old frame, I have, trying to figure out and find it desperately. enough is enough!

A "fading garland" used as a metaphor for the evening of life or aging in general " Did she realize in a flash of prescience that there was no earthly future for our sweet Cecily? Not for her were to be the lengthening shadows or the fading garland. The end was to come while the rainbow still sparkled on her wine of life, ere a single petal had fallen from her rose of joy.

Reading "The Golden Road" by Lucy M. Montgomery(Novel), In-tuned to the Indian Summer by Doors and in the midst of all that, finding my way to the keyboard typing almost all about everything that passed by me & around.

Well' I am the most free person in the world, living by myself, eventually forcefully or by choice found reasons to keep my soul busy & body occupied in whatever I get to. One Life, Living it to the best possible or impossible way one could, Not wasting a bit of it. By all means sufficing to my interests or some random choices, plentiful of those little things that keep me Living.

Glad to have had found the Black Dog on my Streets again, who seem to have had fled away and disappeared for some time, during his time of agony & pain , and hidden somewhere, for I could not take care of him, & rescue him from his pain & restlessness, when he got hurt, with a bad wound, that followed his agony & he was looking for hands to cuddle him, and provide him shelter. For some or the other reasons I kind of let it go' & later realized could have done something about it - guilty over it as the time passes, looking at the much slimmer him now - the vein must have had lost his appetite and weight. - though not much long way back this dream that I had, about almost the same situation, I realized it was a indication of the things that were to happen around.

"Unseen, this colourless sky of folded showers,And folded winds; no blossom in the bowers; A poet's face asleep in this grey morn. Now in the midst of the old world forlorn. A mystic child is set in these still hours. I keep this time, even before the flowers, Sacred to all the young and the unborn. And to the future of my own young art, And, among all these things, to you, my sweet, My friend, to your calm face and the immortal. Child tarrying all your life-time in your heart". - Alice Meynell

No matter how outrageous are the souls that go through an emotional turmoil in the body we live in. From Panic attacks, Emotional ruined aspirations to outraged accustomed presumptuous & wisdomous approach to life. We all follow - the principle of let it go, no matter what , live, abiding by the accustomed principle of a perceptive lifestyle, falseness, and tendency to show off, what is not there in real. Smile on face, with all the materialistic comforts and little emotional pleasure seeking heart, that retains your courage back to try living a life.

No matter what, one could do nothing much, when it hits you harder, then you even think it could exist. That's the time, you get engrossed with all the chaos negates, & try to outreach your own self in ways that could help you out. We all stand there alone, as ourselves as decision makers to pull us out of the hell and stand up' as a hilarious comedian wanting to step on the heaven' kind and generous. We all live a fake life' for not there is one person who could have all, but be happy, and for the one who would have nothing, but still be happy. For tit-bit's of how, why, but and if's haunt us to an early grave, for lucky enough are those who live much more then they every thought they would, and lucky are the ones who resolute dissolving to an early death, with no more pain to bother there mind & heart.

We all just sit there, thinking what could possibly make our life worthy of a living; and we don't even get up of our asses, unconditionally doing the needful, (any thing for that matter - can be as simple as :planting watering plants, feeding animals & birds, trying to save water, electricity, food, & try to feed the less fortunate, making every thing worthy of its use & benefit - not so materialistically). Life is beyond facebook, sex, relationships, food. clothes, etc. the only thing that can make a life worthy is educating thyself to an intellect of spiritual awakening and self consciousness & trying to pass it on to as many as you can. One Life, One Soul, One Body & then a viscous circle of a Molecular Evolution of 8.4 Million Life Times to have this Human Body(Form), Therefore Make it worthy. Sit and think " Who Am I ? And Many Facets that compile of the deeds you did, past, present & the future". One of it's kind - worthy of just being true to your own self, breathing the piousness of a selfish existence.

I don't know what I would be sounding more of, a pessimistic, optimistic or negative - I guess its all in a fraction of time of mood swings that take you from one Pandora to another of a handful-set of emotional dialects of human phenomenon persona.

"Fursat Milti hai to Khwaabgah sey guzar jaati hain hasratein meri, kuch anmol hua karti thin, jo, aaj do kaudi ki ho chali hain, falsafon mein ulaghi qaayanaat-e-fidrat meri".


"Whenever I get chance, My desires often flee and pass by by this mysterious dreamland of mine. For all the more the merrier meaningful they were at times, seem to have gone worthless. - The busy life of nuances and chaos, I believe have made its way to the passage by in my life & around".- Anonymous

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