Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grappling The Randomness

Chances are that very few understand the real you, Chances are that very rarely you understand your self.

I at times feel there is everything useless.but evidently to be done away with,until you live wondering why life was so conditional & expectantly accepted livable - why it could not be simple.

Randomness - if it's going to start, randomly in circles, is going to end up in a random way.

I am not here to amuse you or entertain & if I do so,I expect the same - depends on how intellectual or dumb you are to keep the conversation going & being in touch. - it takes more then much of it always to make

"If thy knew - what a friend was & how could one be,thee would never be lonesome."

No it's entirely not your fault to presume, assume, my answers to your questions because I talk in contextual reference to.the general.realizations. & logical practical experiences of a much lived life - I can very well conclude, based on my experienced, when I start to make judgements about certain things, when I start.too! Thought I am not being judgmental at all, its just that my very being with thy emotions, formalities, presumptions,perceptions,shall spin & churn either in a grinder or a washing machine, thereafter dried & then put off & laid on the platter to be served or worn. With thy very honest & true & faithful myself, based on the conversations, communications,meetings & knowing thy so far, come a little or long way & shall in the pure form with nothing kept in thy heart, expecting just as little as the same from.thy, in return doing away with the obligatory formalities taking you for what you made me think of you to be. I am what I am and I don't think I have to be what you think me to be.

If I don't know you,I don't know you. for I at times, intend to know you, as much as I would want you to know me - Else - we be strangers - simple.

"If we go far - there would be a reason, for there was a reason we came close."

It's not what it seems like to be, the way we presume,judge and assume - it shall be on the contrary different, from this fondness, craziness & all the tempted curious falling for's - its just a infatuated excited syndrome tendency to be over soon. I neither do say - it is a bad thing, on the contrary it's fine to adapt & enjoy to the core, what and how you feel irrespective of where it shall lead you.Nor do I say"it has to be the same monotonous every time with everyone.Give it a try and you shall learn and educate yourself of the choicest of certain things that shall enlighten you.

Heaven is not a place or a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness - how far.could one say that truly for hell as well.-'warning'-*condition's apply!

Grappling the life and anything that comes along with it is all the more wisest to the conscious mind and heart, no matter intentions might.warn you with contrary mismatch, you still let it come and go, & carry on with the flow - for never have we been able to hold on to anything for a lifetime other.then the.fond and soar memories of people and things and places.

For the only truest of thing is your very being, until you figure how true you are to your own self, you shall not figure out anything at all.

We grow old with wisdom,experience & much more and we loose on to our youth, vitality, potential,after almost addressing everything, learning from the mistakes, experiencing the ill odds & the even. - that's how we grow and there's no looking back , It's exactly where & how we started from & came back at the end. - Anonymous

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