Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DAD thinks he is a "SUPER-MAN"

"As long as I am this or that, I am not all things."
-- Meister Eckhart

I thought one of the advantages of having an older guy was that I was going to be able to relax. But all of this swimming and running and rowing, it’s just like how some of my relatives got into this country!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, that's my dad, and I wouldn't have him any other way. - because my father is not afraid of anything no bulls, no heights, no helicopters, no fast cars.

I guess I could say that my dad is Superman, though I don't mean that in a Clark Kent, leap-tall-buildings in a single bound way. He doesn't have super strength, he can't melt things with his pupils, fly, or see through walls (though I'm pretty sure he has eyes in the back of his head). No, my dad is superhuman in ways much more amazing than that. He is a "SuperKid"

I reason I am writing this is because, recently, & many a times, I have seen him doing all the funny things just like a Kid, which were told not to. He would be extra vigilant on the pettiest of things, that he believes only need his attention, and no one other then him could do any good to.

He has been falling around here and there, From bed to the floor, in the Loo, Unbalancing himself a number of times. Recently he fell from the 2nd floor & straight on to the Car's Bumper. Just Imagine, what sight it would be - a mixed feeling, more of an emotional, worried sort & sarcastically humorous later. It all sounded like "Akshay Kumar(Actor)" doing a stunt in a Bollywood Movie, & making an attempt to Jump from high above to the Car's Bumper.

Damn. & then he was rushed to the hospital, with a Bone here and there raised & lowered, & a Blood Clot.

Doctor said it was a Miracle' how he was saved & still is decent enough to be saved & normal. & I cried deep down in my heart, realizing the very fact, that" if if does not stop's doing this once and for all" It would be no Miracle anymore.

As I walked down the corridors of the Hospital, I found this "Champak Book "(a bouquet of short stories, comic strips etc ), & I happily picked it up, & starting digging into it,& later I realized, was it this that I was being sent by God to collect, via all this, to the hospital.

Persistent on getting petite things done over with in fractions of second, & then going to check whether they were done, if not, shall happily go and get them sorted himself. Knowing this fact that his body does not allow him to take in all that

He's the constant rock in my life, along with my mother. I feel the pain when things happen to him. After a certain age" we all agree, that they all become "Kid". He's the man who'd bought me things, spent hours teaching, guiding me. The man who pick me up and carry me inside when I fell asleep, the man who'd point to all the petite good and bad things happening around, with him & his family.The man who would be more worried by the little petite things, as he was the only one who knew, given a chance, would sort it out & do it himself, no matter how much stress, pain, ill, weak his body was in. His body would no longer support him, he would end up falling here & there, bump into this and that all the time. Despite he shall stand & start doing all the necessarily unnecessary, which he had to. At a age when he should have some poise & peace, he is being one naughty kid, persistently engaging himself in this or that, & getting himself into trouble all the time, in odd ways, which are not even anywhere near him to leave him in a condition that he conquers, despite all the odds, & readily puts himself in - all the time.

My dad is my hero,like everyone. Looking at my dad, with his salt and pepper beard or cleaned shaved at times and smile & frown lines, I know most of the time what he means/feels.

I knew my dad had always wanted to give the best to me and my siblings. Throughout all the hardships, he's never given up and that reason, among many other, is why my dad is so important to me. I look at that old man, at my old man, and I see a reason to be all I can be and so much more.

I see cold hard proof that it doesn't matter where you came from, just matters where you're going. When it comes down to it, I guess I really do believe my dad is Superman. I can't think of anyone who can go through the things he did and still find something to genuinely smile about & still landing himself in a most worried state of dilemma, still being worried about" Did you ate", Did you finished that, Did that? and so on".

I hope others have their own SuperMan/SuperKid in their lives.

"you never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have."

The list of guests keeps approaching, & then there is family & relatives always pouring in, visiting him to check how he is doing. Sister's & there family, along with Me, ,My Mother. Brother giving company to Dad all the time. Yesterday I had made a cup of tea for dad, to give him along with the medicines that he was supposed to have, but this Visitor would not leave, & so I knew I had to Re-heat it again, & I waited. That's like one of the many of the everyday chores of my Life.

"He and I are from different generations, and I won't lie, it isn't always easy" - Anonymous

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