Friday, October 17, 2014

Curious Approach - A Less Easier

I could go on and on falling in for the infatuated me, for thy someone' risking my dignity, offended by rejection, but eventually ' at least I could say' i tried, made a move. so what if it did not worked. At least the desirous me' shall not be kept 'haunting chasing thy. (I at times fail to understand, how difficult it has become to tell someone that I am fond of you' & I like you & could fall in love with)' emotional(rationale & logical statements being considering flirtatious) like these' now a days no matter how much un-tabooed they get' they still fall into the category of in the closet shy & reserved syndrome, still living with thy self perception of "on a look out for someone other then the one who just approached", satisfying themselves with a preliminary sufficed satisfactory "they are better off alone" syndrome. 'No matter how hard it all gets, in such a easy to go phenomenon, that could have been', you could just no longer perform right to speak or do without thinking twice. Being Straightforward has only kept itself restricted to words in writing' & if it comes into practice verbally' it is labeled a repulsive/violent act.

For example. Why can't we just not say to someone (known/stranger) that you really look hot & sexy(in the dress you are wearing, or I would like to see you without anything on) & I desire for more then just being with you, other then staring at you, and feeling infatuated to the core, imagining things you & me could do. This could possibly be inventive on a curious experimental rationale of a human behaviorism by choice of actions.

I still can't erase the thought of the glimpse of that someone that I saw, I am sure I will be seeing again, and I guess I need to be courageous enough if not to talk face to face leave a note saying how & what all I feel, & hand it over saying' Excuse me this is for you), & run away, vanish completely, leaving my contact details. Can give it a try. Thinking exactly how would I face thy, next time, face to face, if things did not work in the apt way? - A curious anticipation, left to my emotional, mental, sensual, & physical state of attributes, running down from the mind, to the heart, through the blood vessels, leaving me all the more asexual or the moment. - Anonymous

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