Saturday, September 20, 2014

Out There - Killing Time

I was out in the Backside Balcony, of the 2nd Floor, with my phone, while I waited for someone, who I had come across to meet, shelling out a sum of Rs.600 via Cab,for a meeting that lasted 10 minutes precisely. Reaching at 11, and leaving by 2, with a wait for more than hour. There was a person who was playing some game on his cellphone, waiting like me, killing time. With a little discussion over several issues, trying to communicate and kill out the torturous time, that we both waited for. It was quite friendly of him in a humble way to communicate.

Not keen on to playing games, & feeling sleepy at the same time, because I had not slept the whole night. I felt, if I had to sit there on the chair, I would certainly doze off, and beside the fact that the cab driver was waiting, with no clue to how much more time would it take. For once it came to my mind to flee away from there, but then I thought I had anyway to pay, so rather sit there and do what I came for.I thought to make it a little worthy of time & creativity. Now trying to kill my time, clicking few pictures.

I stood on the strange land, with a strange surrounding. Looking at the chores of few strange faces cleaning there house with the broom in hand, the other one sorting out the garden, and a guy standing on the water tank in his half pants, trying to do something. I wanted to peak on to what was exactly happening out there, I tried gathering myself up closer to the edge of the boundary walls of the balcony, and found that he was cleaning the water tank, mugging out all the dirty water out of it ,splashing it out of the tank. I did saw him noticing me, noticing him, but I kind of stood there imitating as I was busy with my cell, and cared nothing whatsoever. Later to my surprise, after like 15 minutes or so, when I saw, another guy coming out of the water tank, it was hilariously surprising, questioning myself on what on the earth was he doing inside the water tank.Later when these two men came off the tank, they took a bath, and fled away, there i realized I had no entertainment left to entertain me anymore, and with screeching heat on my head, I decided to come inside.

I wish I could have made a video of the same, and clicked some pics,but I did not, could not. I did not wanted to act strange pointing my phone on strange faces, in a strange way, that would leave them clueless on to what I was up to.. I certainly did not wanted to give them any ideas. - Anonymous

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