Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chair Lady - Frankly Nothing to Oblige

This Lady that comes over to Neighbors house almost thrice a week for playing cards. She would get dropped by her driver and then, would wait for her driver to come and pick her up every time.

Some days back, my door bell rang, while I was having a pretty sound sleep, & to my unconscious mind it came as a surprise when I noticed, finding that I forgot to latch up the door of my house, peeping up from the window, I saw, my chair from the room, taken away without my consent & these two lady figures sitting on each others lap on that plastic chair. Rather amused and having trouble to figure out what actually happened, and how did they manage to forcefully place themselves together on it, that was still alive holding itself and the seaters on its four legs. I went out rather laughing to this very weird instance, and looked un-bothered about what actually happened.

This almost repeatedly happened again.Yesterday door bell rang, & I was in a middle of having food with a friend. i saw these two lady's accompanied by one more lady from our neighborhood street. I was certain all they wanted was a chair to sit on to. I simply had to avoid them wit-fully. I never opened the door. I heard them talking to each other, I saw him, he saw us, but he never came out.

Dear Ladies, when you come to someones house, for whatever it be, don't you think it's righteous on the part of the host to make arrangements for your well being, no matter how petite it might be.From making arrangements for your butt to relax, while you waited for your pickup.

I fail to understand why would not the lady sit and wait in a well furnished house of the host, and wait for her pickup, and why would she sit and wait near the gate, and that too assuming that she would be obliged with a complimentary chair from third party, who had nothing to do anything with any of it.

P.S - I would rather suggest her one day to bring along a fold-able chair for her butt, every time she ventured in anyone's house, so she could peacefully place herself without bothering anyone else. Stop posing as a gate keeper for God sake.

I ain't at your disposal, rendering my services. I am tired of such free obligatory acts, and enough is enough.

With all due respect to there age and the fact that they are known to me from my childhood days. Some people never change and will never change, no matter what. As old as they grow, leaving behind there moral ethics and there traits of who and what they are to be remembered as and known for.

I have to put my foot down on certain obligations that I have been rendering to such people, because one needs to put an end to such obliging dilemmas after a limit.

You have not bought me, so stop expecting, assuming that you shall be entertained every single time, you feel you should be filled in with such sort of free obligations out of the box, from absolutely nowhere, all out of the blue. 

"Speaking obligingly is one thing I could follow, but acting obligingly would leave me in trouble -  I can't enact no more". - Anonymous

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