Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mirror-Mirror On the Wall

The privacy of life are shrouded in secrecy, concealed, until there lies absolutely nothing to feel strange, weird and awkward about. Cautiousness in opening-up, or hiding in protective layers, until then. There goes a thin line of its very existence. Playing safe, or assuming unsafe is a presumed peculiar thoughtfulness that comes in randomly to its perceiver. Opening up in a much more visible state, is like letting it all out in one go! It's like you just erase all the boundaries of demarcated vagueness of illusions, that might have cluttered making there home to your conscious being. It comes to a rescue, rescuing one to an ease of overshadowed, piled set of bunched anonymity. Either its going to be this or, its going to be that, you just can't hung it somewhere/nowhere/there anymore. Let it pass by, & there shall be a state of peaceful phase that you shall find yourself in, avoiding the hassled confusion, confronting thy. - "Open Up".

I might lay low, rise high, play with a doll or a ball, while I take a stroll. I might look at myself through you, while talking to someone(on a call), I might be reluctant enough to look at you when I am shabby, I might. I might not even come in front of you in my full glory, when pain sicken & crappy or lost, I might be disguised by piles of things that would make me look nice, but I know deep in my heart, for there are times, I see the real me, growing old and wise! - Let;s roll a dice, and do head & tail, let's see who wins and who looses, at the end of the game. Promise, You! I will not hold you guilty & never ever shall I blame, no matter you may not utter my name' when I ask you - Who's the prettiest of all!. - I have learned, and witnessed ,there is much that matters to me, inside, rather being out. For never shall I be thoughtful(second thought), & on you have a doubt. Let me now go and get busy with other things, that don't keep me too self obsessed ,staying with you at all. See ya later, until I crawl-looking at you - I might see those dark circled patches, unkempt hairdo, wrinkled face, clothe less,clothed um-ironed fabrics of deceiving irony, that excessive unsettled fat ain't going flat,for too lazy am I too do any worthy. No matter of all the chaos n odds I shall embark my name in fame of hall. In circles going round viciously cycled.. please no matter what, to me, be nice. Whatever, whichever, however , its going to be one life at disposal, after all.

"Kaisey Kehdun Main Ab Aainey Sey, Mughko Main Ab, Dikhayi Nahin Doonga. Laakh Dekhna bhi Chaahey agar tu Mughko,Mumkin hai Kisi Cheez sey Dhaka Hounga!"

How do I explain thy Mirror, No more shall I see myself anymore.
as much would you want to see me, I might be covered with something. - Anonymous

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