Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hope - Now,Then & Forever

Amidst an atmosphere of uncertainty and animosity over rumored redundancies, finding myself embroiled in the way of life, trying to endure the hardships. ‪"Hope‬ Now"

Sometimes the ‪#‎days‬ go pass by, & there is so much that keeps you and your mind exhausted, busy & entertained, with chores, that take your breath away, willingly to your disposal of agreed interest, and a practice that is rather involved & evolved wholeheartedly. There are n number of things (people/emotions/things) that take space in your mind and heart simultaneously and no matter how far you are willingly to be a part of the agendas, there is something that holds you back. The thing line between' what you want and what happens is entirely a choice at disposal, at mercy of the destiny, no matter how willingly you could and want to be a participant. & then there is that stagnant pause, that stays until there be a something new that, would take you in circles again, & start a fresh.

Being ‪busy‬ is the best thing in the world - It's a choice, how wisely you choose, what you want to be busy with, and rest follows. Something come, whether you choose them or not, but that;s God sign of making you work. There is absolutely nothing that can keep you free from the chores of life - good or worse, you got to attend, & be busy.

We have ‪"Flown the Air‬ like Birds" and ‪"Swim the Sea‬" like Fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of ‪"Walking the Earth‬".

I shall practice the righteous that I assume and presume it to be,until it harms a thing or person. I shall not compete, keeping peace. Acknowledge obligingly, unless it upsets my conduct of soul. I shall do, until its proved wrong. I shall take guidance from thy heart and mind and surrender to petite little good and bad,or even worse. Until I surrender ,I shall not reconcile and subject thy. Nor shall I understand and experience it to its full fledged wholeness. They are not the ones telling me how and what to do about, I am my own master and a king that shall live by all the approachable means. I am a individual . They are not me and I am not them. My life, my rules, my way. I shall do away with,what upsets me. Let me deal with it., welcoming what makes me happy.

Thy self, body ,soul- laying, sitting,flying standing ,arrival and departure -appreciating the overwhelmed, curiosity of peaceful soul, nuances of a chaos mind. struggle some faith, mind and heart leading and settling down to a coincidence of unexpected seasonal phase, giving in and giving out much more. A journey of an unfolded told story, yet unseen, unheard and misunderstood. Near and far, sour and good., complaining in disguise to thy destined fate. Human nature, with contrast to its fruitful gate of irony and expectations of a materialistic fruitful urge. Rhyme or whine - loose or win - vicious consciousness, gathered and spilled. Burned,churned,experienced, illiterate and learned. ‪- "There,Now‬ and ‪Nowhere,Then‬". - Anonymous

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