Friday, April 24, 2015

A Lifeless Plundered Blunder

We find' ‪love‬ in strange places, from strange people and strange things No matter how strange it be, it is love, that is meant to be exchanged. irrespective of anything and everything, strangely, strange, ‪#‎strangers‬ and the love is all it takes to make them all ‪yours‬ and ‪there‬.

Leave aside the Hatred for a while, Do we actually Love? or it is just mere exchangeable transit approach to our infatuated intuitive perceptive requirement for our materialistic advantage for a longer run.

I would agree there have to have conditions and expectations, it all can't just go hay way. It has to fill up, that necessary spaces and hollowness in order to propagate practice, preach, breathe, exist and live. Every action has a reaction; as they say! There is always something for something, substituting & complimenting.

The only one problem is, for once, none of us, can be selfless, without expectations, without even deals of exchange, or a certain inclination towards our deepest urges to satisfy our never quenching Pandora of boxes. the day we realize , that we could fall in love just with anything and anyone, and not just for the heck of it, and selflessly welcome and propagate humanity without no considerations.

There are those who make friends to talk, and gossip, others are there to ask favors, rest of them are there to be appreciated and liked, rest fewer are those who communicate and spend time together, talk, meet. Even if we have to gossip, we shall have out stories to share, then hearing the other person out. We all are biased in approach to conclude and justify our own selves, and perceive others.

Where is the unconditional approach left? don't we love our parents, siblings, other relations and God, no matter what. Do we barter a deal out of these relatively blood relationships or seek to confront with them, for just the sake of it. We see no God, but still we love him, maybe because we are afraid of him, and we are to to believe in him. if we wont , things could go wrong. but what about the righteous deeds? Why can't we fall in love with things we could see and hear.

Do we end up pampering every single dog we meet on the street, give them water to drink or even food for that matter, spend time playing with them. pamper a plant, and talk to birds? (Did you knew, talking and singing to a plant could make it grow even faster) Ever watched the playfulness of squirrels or the strength and determination of the petite marching ants those crawl carrying food,building houses, spiders webbing, birds nesting. Listening to the sounds they make.

There is this set principle set as an agenda, to uncover and unleash thy self centered inclinations of need. - why can't it just be love, for the sake of love and humanity. for all, to all. Our world can be precisely secluded to certain people, and a whole new world of strange anonymous creed, caste and orientation. "Human for Human"
phenomenon has made it all so Inhumane.

Eventually we only end up coming to our own very self, materialistic in approach and judgmental when it comes to others. It really does not matter how you are being perceived, or how you rationalize your perception and judgements on your self or others. ts experience, wisdom, knowledge, - a well whipped/equipped lifestyle that brings about this certain change, to figure our very own selves and everyone around.

Everyone is demarcated and distinguished on moral traits and characteristic assemblage.Strangely' the more near we have become to nothingness, the more closer we have come to everything else. Wish "there was more from a soul to a soul". - sigh!

"Look at you, you madman, screaming you are thirsty And are dying in a desert when all around you there is nothing but water! ~Kabir"

We have everything, and everyone we need, all we need to do is look around, open up to all the possibilities of certainties available to our disposal with or without labels. All we need to do is stop making a riot of & indulge in the chaos, coming out ,shouting loud, of the real ourselves and making a point, When shall we speak out loud, what lies in our heart, and when shall we do, what we want to, never weighing it on our brainy decisive perfections of practicalities and society sake. Afraid of our actions today. worried about the future, less fortunate we all live a merciful life, loosing a meaning, halved, cusp-ed ,loitering in a hollowness of our self esteemed existence.

It's like your life was being raped, a million times, and you got too used to it, caught up, that you started liking it evidently and fell prey to the mercy of it, and waited for it to happen again, you started liking being strangled and interrogated, ruled and dominated, over and over, until all flesh off your body was sinned and lost its charm, and your soul was the only thing, that you had ,that lost its warmth. Lying down as a frozen, dead, meat , you started hunting down to suffice for your very own self, meanwhile pondering on to what all you got, left over that was at your disposal - Stale,used & unworthy. - Anonymous

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