Sunday, April 26, 2015

Faded in my own Glory

An illusionist inventing what was unknown to the world. It was merely an existence that lost its worth. I might have been fake and secretive at times, only to understand the world around. I might have been strange to things that were not my world, I might have been presumptuous and assumptions, to figure how it was perceived. Piled underneath my comfortable illusion of anxious curiosities ,submissive to my emotional, mental and physical aspirations, trying to rationalize momentously my urge that was to unleash. I could hide, and let it all be undercover, but then I had no reason to socialize,if I was to sit with my plight. Until I confronted my true being. World is so big, and things pass by, Things and people ,they all come in closet,until they are out, they are thoughtless. Sit tight and louder my inner perspectives to the chore, when there could be a world out there, listening to what I had to roar. Instilled within me, there was a humane /inhumane self, for no agenda I was born with, to place it all on the shelves.Stigmatic life it be, unless harder we dwell.

I had a good company when I had parrots caged hung in the corridors of my home, as if I had a toy, caged, for my very entertained life, I still remember my dad ,how excited he felt, while bringing me into a conversation with his friends and relatives, provoking me to tell them, how I let that parrot flew out with its head turned, left and right, confirming if the door of the cage was really open,taking little baby steps to actually go out of sight in the blue open sky and how humorous it was for my mom to tell the story about the cockroach, that once was upside down, and I brought her out saying look, mama, the cockroach was doing yoga when I was a child.

Many miraculous,horrid events have happened from then to now! I would have a listed gist in near future, to brag about it hence.

Growing old, was still so indifferent, it was normal though, life was much more simpler in those good old days. no need there was to worry of any troublesome trails. Grass is not greener everywhere, on either side, as it would look to be, but then you have your choicest of flora to water on the little petite weeds.

I was hampered and pampered in the daily chores of life! No one to come to my rescue, family, relatives, friends, neighbors,street dog, mice,or even neighbors cat. Wish I had it all,or a wife. Less tortured my existence be, with all the walled troubles that I mend to survive.

Peculiar all wisdom is, when it is of no avail, a bit far my intellect crumbled on a lifeless trail. Spirituality is what I hide underneath to come to my rescue, Everything else seem to have lost its charm and glory, when I see I even don't have a story.

Now old in my ending thirties, at times, I still behave like a child, I can pose, sweet, intellectual, weird, stupid, sane, insane and wild.

Jokes apart, on a serious note" I have to rush. my coffee, in the kettle might just be jumping, pouring out,with nothing much left for me to drink. Forgot completely to switch it off". - Anonymous

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