Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hebdomad - 7 Stories,Part(1)

A five minute walk (to and fro) to this Beetle Vendor for my tobacco, had 5 things, in ma thought process for each minute, until I landed back home. With a 2 more adding up to the list. Memorizing over what a weekend it had been. 7 Things that kept me busy for all these 7 days.

1.This White Balloon that came last night in its full glory, stood there, until now, though reduced in size, still strolling around my balcony walk-thru. storm thy brought in few bucketed particles of dust, and everything else that came along with it. from here there, no where. wee hours those passed by. listening and watching to some new songs and movies downloaded, spending much time on the internet, and actually doing no internet, it seemed as if Internet was doing me. The electricity out for few hours, and network connectivity lost in between, and the wee hours of those night day climaxed horizon'al phases. in between cleaning a bit here and there, sorting stuff out, calming myself with water showers, and drizzled raindrops, ice bar & cream delights, trying to adjust my audio cable that did not seem to work now, with my old tablet, that used to work pretty nice. mediating and praying ,spending time in thy corridors of my home temple, balcony cleaning and the plant life sorting. in hope for the anticipated disguised/concealed black clouds that would bring in the rain all day long,with sun peeping in, waiting all day long, and settling down with rain's - ten minute entrance and exist, making it a little cooler. music in its own peculiar way, assembling, resembling, dissembling thy whole euphoric dysphoria nostalgia of oneself, cleaning in the layered mud on the window glass to a cleaner see through. lying down,thinking on my priority list regeneration and bucket list wonders. sigh.

This Rain from no where, on a sunny,summery morning, coming to my rescue - calming up the whole situational hazards of panic attacks and nocturnal soul, tied down into thy mischief of so called challenged life, bringing in that cheerfulness on my face,glory to thy body, and peace to thy soul. in the midst of all the this and that,thy chores of life, besides few extra curricular activities, attending to thy neighbors call. simple, by & large tall, swept away, flattened or letting thy fall. trying to mend and bend the obliging stature,- i am just the same as everyone, with psyche traits of nomenclature, trying to adjust, blowing the dust, peeling the rust, keeping high the lazy bust - what is just & must. fingers crossed, begging sun not to shine too rash and harsh on thy planet earth, keep the mud wet, keep all problems at distance all let it all go well, let thy be a heaven of living hell. - here is a gist of, all said and done. now this little adulterated insanity needs to carry on with other tasks of quenching needy weeds, calm in thy needs, do thy needs, and plough in the seeds.

2. This Lizard seems to have been my new bathroom mate these days. every time I enter, I make this whistle sound, that makes him/her understand, that it does not have to be afraid, its me, and I wont do any harm to it. Still need to find out its sexual orientation, whether a male or female, need to google it.,though in the process I got to know a long list of omens related to it. It happily seems to be sitting sliding on the netted window pane, and on the tiled walls, searching for its prey(mosquitoes etc),. it is one exciting job to observe the whole process though, I make it a point, to check around before I enter.

Planned safe directions to keep the planted leafage (pots) under shade,afterall its getting hotter and there goes in too much water to the greener browner yellowish and colorful stemmed flora rooted in thy mud. they still seem to longing for more and more, despite my effort to water-logg them. Need some showers of rain on regular intervals to rehabilitate, reintegrate thy perennial verdure in the process of repatriation. The pots have been placed in a shady area, the day I was sorting them up. hugging them up, to my heart and shifting them here and there up and down, I noticed this lizard fall on from nowhere on this plant, with its eyes almost closed, as if it was sleeping and I disturbed thy sleep. later it vanished away/ with a sigh of relief. continuing my task, looking at thy plants, blooming, growing greener, with less of water intake, lesser sunlight(heat). i feel like a mom nurturing them up. the birds, butterflies and squirrels are enjoying the new placement too, I hear more noises, then before, and guess it brings a lot of positivity around. the playfulness of all the petite wondrous things around that exist, makes feel so lively. the cloudy sky, little wind, i wish it drizzled sooner & more often.

3. Water Melon after a real long time, though delivered via online shopping, was absolutely worth the effort and mess, cutting , sliding it down the throat with the seeds , n then spitting them away in a bowl ( was told, it cud b re-used ) How frutilicious it made my summery noon. By the time the late evening came, a fast sweep on thy floor, quickly watered my plants, ate dinner, drank ounces of water n milk, quenched thy hunger n thirst. shedding up thy clothes i stood there in washroom looking at the mirror, with scissor n comb, addressing thy hair cut experimentation, fed up with the whole bunch of hairdo in dis heat,decided to chop it all at once. Picking up the hair fallen everywhere to the cleaning part, a bath n back to thy love handles ,with my hands on the gadgetry ,editing couple of pictures and then this status update. Cold coffee via mixer still in the pipeline, and rest to follow. It's getting hotter by day. Even thy nights have no blowing winds.

& then, it was not a easy task, I ain't no designer, but I was on a tailor made fittings spree. Fitted & Filtered the Cooler with the home made pad, coming to my umbrage'd rescue, solving and resolving the temporary solution to the heat. (this guy, would not come and change my pads service the cooler, when ever i call him up, and they charge for nothing). in between the ongoing multifarious activities,having thy online shopped and delivered stuff to quench this heat. luckily my fridge has a whole lot of mouth watering and thirst annihilating, that could keep me busy most of the day. I am just a easy going person, petite, easy things suffice me, and I end up bargaining myself to whole lot of easy deals that come in handy and are practically decent. from enough sunlight to charge my solar panels, most of the day, to a minimalistic me, spending my time on the water cooler, from pads to filling up the water tank, and then cleaning the floor. I had a miraculous non-stop 14 hour sleep for the first time this summer, pampered by the wet drizzled damp wind throw hitting on to my face. though I have a habit to get up and get myself drenched in water, as soon as i feel all heated up. i tell you there is nothing more pleasing to get things work for you, and make yourself worked up. with few more months to go, I am still on a thought to call the service guy and get my air-conditioner serviced, for it has been 3 years or so, have got myself away form that habituated addicted delirium tremens syndrome, but yet at times, you feel so miserable when the heat does not let you sleep, and keeps you all tired and lazy, with headaches often that bring this hue n cry. keeping with the patience still, and not letting it bother thy. Besides lil devotion to the all mighty and prayers offered. Talk over whatsapp with cousin sista, remembering the old days, and how one enjoyed visiting naani ka ghar(maternal ancestral home), old fond memories of the departed and the content talking and sharing to the few ones who mattered and loved. Emotions never die, love remains the same, people change, people go. Settling down to the meal, after waiting for 3 hours of its delivery, wandering and waiting ,the hungry soul needed much instant one.

4. Washing Machine loaded with 21 clothes,collected and kept for over a week now, counted just now, can't run the machine with few ones in it & since they say Thursday you don't wash clothes, so its time to do it now before I went to sleep, just remind me i got to switch it off. just tried to google what a "fata hua doodh" was called in English (sour raw milk, that us what i came up with, still trying to find the exact term for it) and its uses. did pampered the garden with few cups of milk, and the rest kept to be applied to the skin,hair,etc one full bowl to the dog. much nocturnal wanderer that I have already become, as the day passes, its summer-some, deserted horrid petite winds( if there are any that is), or a no wind phase, hot enough to melt you down. Winding up the day with few of the chores at home and on work front. besides few telephonic calls, chats, and seeing a face or more. at times you feel good about relating to few, and to the others, you have to put an end to the useless communication that has no witty chance of involvement in for real, just virtual as much it could go, it could do justice to the willfulness of a skillful task of pampering and exchanging. - with a deep breath, at peace, heavy heart, a empty brain, and thoughtfulness Friday.

Cleaning the Fridge in summers - eating & drinking all that you see, and happily say ,I cleaned everything. From mouthwatering ice creams to sweet yogurts, chocolates, crushers ,flavored sweet lassi*curd mixed with water, adding sugar to it' & milk, meetha paan"sweet betel leaf" and its like the best air conditioner with a door that seldom quenches your heat inside out, treating you as the best host, in the best possible way. - now who wants to keep it closed. Reminds me of' when I was a kid' ,mom use to say don't stand n stare ,take what you want at once. - and I still have a habit of opening it up, and gulping down the col coffee, standing there, and looking at it while I take in the few things handy to quench thy.

5. I took this Pipe,not long though' fitting it up knotting it up with the a piece of cloth string, to the tap, as it would not hold on to it, and slip, taking it to the next and then the next room to wash thy rooms. I swept the floor with the wiper, after all the soap and all the dirt, and all the corners were wet, quenched I should rather say, have been the spirits & souls, the seen/unseen, for it was after years that I decided to do this, then the normal usual broom & cleaning. the leftover thirsty, dusty, (souls) places shall follow the same process soon. I/It felt all cleaned up, at peace. I & the floors had a good bath.

6. In tints of Shades of Grey, I see thy world through my glares on, fully clothed in grey allen solley checkered trouser,a black wrangler tee, footed black converse, thanking god, i wore no socks on, else i would have drained with the perspiring me in this sunny noon. walking down the isle, with music to my ears, hooked on to thy gadgetry called phone, some kilometers away, those seemed never to end. reaching to the stubborn objective of it to be done, pleased with the meritorious effort of making it so far on foot. I decided to walk few more steps until this rickshaw puller passed by, i called him and sat with a breath of relief, trying to re-collect my enthusiasm for this destination of work. half clouded ,i felt , feeling a bit lost, my self with a varied thoughtfulness of everything that barged my head and heart and seldom came down to a sigh of peace, still making it to thy. getting this work through, and then to the next one, forgetting to tell him where to take a turn, and then immediately guiding him so. everything seemed nothingness and meaningful at the same time, completing my third destined work, miraculously, inhaling & exhaling, saying to myself. please do take me back home now. sitting there on the rickshaw, looking and admiring the rickshaw puller's hard working, tall, toned physique figuratively and literally, telling to myself, why don't i posses the same. thinking next, how hard working this chap is like, every other, who in this heated season over exercised the paddles to earn his daily bread, should i ask him for water, if i was hungry, he sure must be. reaching down to the directive indications of home sweet home, and asking him, how much do i owe you?, to which he said, give me what you pleased, and can i ask you for a favor he said? can you please fill this water bottle of mine,on your way back when you bring thy change to give me. I said, certainly, and awestruck in the intuitive telepathy of the game of human psyche, i smiled when he made his way back. rushing in, to the refrigerator to drink anything, quenching my thirst, and shedding and loosening on to all the branded piled clothed ensembles and accessories ,taking a breath of relief. so what if i am a piece of padded flab, I still have right to look into the mirror, and be naked. and i rushed down connecting my internet to update thy.

7. After burning one fourth of the Match Box, to no avail, had to use the tiny brainy cells, in this heated weather, being more stubborn to bring about(ignite) the so called fire in the squared copper container, that had all the daily ritual left overs of a week or so,with some purification essential add-ons to it - to smoke away the evil and smoke in the pure bliss in and around house. after a while, had to shut down the doors of the room i was in for some time. not to get my self too much exhausted by smoke, until this tenant of mine called, saying, what is it , that you are burning, there is too much of this smoke, to which i replied, it was almost over. - sometimes i guess, there is no answer that could satisfy some people, and there is absolutely nothing that needs much of a detailed explanation to thy. we all have our part of excuses, for our actions, & what we listen to or speak/reply. - it's my house, my wish, i burn the whole house down into ash,with or without me in it. or i fire my floors or walls,to a complete black out. after all you are not the one coming to rescue, with water barrels ( you only talk, bring about no action, there is just a weird reaction) - absolutely no reason, to poke you nose into, what i do, and how i do it.

Spunky spirited me, on tides, low and high, neutral, with creeping determinism ,curiously anxious, timid me,trying to settle down, experimenting a connection with the immortal and the mortal. Bringing in my belief to a stronger foresighted vision, from the hindsight experience on a lookout for a tantalizing exchange. On a less deserted island, in hope for the rains and blossoms to bloom. I find the shinning light and I praise in glory of thy. Coming to an infinity of nothingness to everything, I bow down, beg for thy mercy,plead for forgiveness for myself, ancestral forefathers as a whole. Remedies that I possibly seek out for, to calm myself in totality and please thy. Dreams that come in disguise to guide, to my rescue, experiencing the other world through thy, and trying to understand the nuance of the chased chaos. I fear at times, sleep humming to the spiritual hymns. Undergoing a shallow, fitful, restless tossing, turning on the bed, last but not the least,finding my way to a restorative sleep later like a baby.

Those Wind Chimes, hung up high on the neighbors house, opposite my house, makes me feel high. They keep silent most of them time, only sing when the winds blow by - sigh! - Anonymous

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