Monday, June 22, 2015

Virtual Pony

I have always liked witty conversations and good grammar ,new words of wisdom. legendary vocab, from urban, turban, layman, geek, without spelling mistakes. Hate it when I see it being robbed, raped and drained & dumped. I am not a perfectionist ,but I am working my way up to match the qualitative and quantitative dictionary of my English ,Hindi and Other languages with Translator, and put in all the effort I could to understand, reciprocate and communicate likewise.. I can certainly walk and talk my way out with many. Hindi is on the other hand is a beautiful mother tongue of few, and admired, and so is Sanskrit, eventually little difficult though, if it was never your main subject in school days. Interesting to know Indian languages are now being a part of International education. All other languages are as much beautiful in there own way of expression. They sound more hep, more intellectual ,presuming a person to be quite a learner specially if its not from ones genre.  The mash up of the indie English all together calling it hinglish sounds even better and quite play full and interesting. But the ones who get confused relying high and low on as little they know and would end up regenerating there own inventive lingo, kill it absolutely big time.  If at all we have all the time in the world, why would not sit down peacefully and literate ourselves and the world around with wondrous internet to our disposal, teaching and guiding thy in a miraculous way! All we have learned is to watch porn, download stuff, search, but despite all the applications and sites existing at ones disposal, one wont utilize. Sigh.

I have no issues whatsoever with People posting selfies of there petted ones, (I am sure they to there masters mean lot more then anything in the world. I mean One could make a page for there Pet, and post anything, everything, . It's just that it gets little irritating when you would rather visit a profile, or get notifications on your home screen of thy petted ones selfie then anything that has to do with themselves.! Lately this happens to be the most in thing on the internet! Well a picture of you and your petted one is fine, but We don't need a slide show presentation of your pet.!

For not behind are the self obsessed ones who are blessed with what they think is the apt thing to do a selfie session and minute by minute update it online.! Guys don't you have anything else in the world to do! Social Networking was more on the communication terms, and less on the pictorial diagrammed geometrics! I mean its okay to be fond of something or someone, may it be, your own very self, and feel proud about it, but that does not mean that you hit everyone with such irritants and make others feel pissed.

We all love our families, friends, that does not give us right to bombard selfies of them, at so much ease. God this is internet, half of the world is yet undiscovered and unknown strangely among few friends and known. Why would we want to publicize the family hierarchy. Why can't it just be me, and us. Why it has to be they and that all. Seriously it feels like a attention seeking voluntary effort. Childhood pictures are even priceless and so are those memories of ones life. Since everything has come down on the internet, I guess our privacy has run half way down to nothingness in real, but a handful of Smiley's, likes, emoticons, picture posts. At times I know we keep finding ways to update new stuff on the social networking sites, and so we shall go to extremes of doing it, no matter how emotional that little thing might look, but it would have a more merrier meaning to the ever existed old glories and the new stories of thy human heart, all jumbled up in nostalgically meaningful, yet deprived state of attention seeking human behaviorism psychology addressed to our own doingness just for the sake of it.

When will we start implying all those quotations we share. No one is in a mood to read those posted shared sentiments quoted, We all Google it these days. though cartoons are fun - agreed, but no way I want to see a comic strip running down and up from the time you were born!

As they say! "Too much of everything is bad' I hope you know that!

I am so fed up! The weird pages, advertising maliciously way to much of publicity of things no one really wants! from physiotherapy sessions, massages, old age care takers, suggested pages, politics, religion, cricket etc and other more piled up nuances that will have more then a infinity number of hits and likes and comments full of chaos and untamed linguistic expressions of ones own frustrated throw-out. I understand it to the core, for this is the way you want it to be, that makes you happy, and seriously the ones who are in the list shall make it a well pampered effort to not to forget to post an awestruck comment or hit a  like or two .

Don't we have God living in our hearts anymore, that we have to get subscribed to the daily notifications of the Spiritual Page, religiously make it a habit to check it everyday, followed after there with the vicious cycle of sharing, liking and comment posting.  Why have we become so small, so racist? We don't need to publicize our faith or love or trust by such means! There is action that speaks about the highest of piousness and neither shall such pages, make a significant change in us, if we are not even one bit close to our realness of life. Its just a Page, yeah I do agree, but then why don't we sit and struggle to find God in us, near us, around us, why we have to console ourselves and fake out the whole world,proving that we actually are one soulful lot.

I am sure you are your own pet ,and want to get pampered' (I see this is the reason you are on social networking sites, lonely, with way to much time at your disposal to get virtual then real) " I get it now", when it comes to social networking, you got to feed your own self on the internet. Why can't we spend more time learning more ways in a brighter perspective about ourselves and fall in to a self realization of one human to another, understanding, catering to the real world, and not getting disillusioned in a big foolish way, with artificial "cherry on the top" served palette. Your basic info, and couple of pics, are fine for a post, but don't tell me you don't have better things to click and post, ways to express in words, or communicate even more then you actually spend hours and days on the net hitting friend requests, and wishing happy birthdays! (I guess I for once wanted to install the automatic birthday wish application, but then I found it to be rather annoying). What fun is it to wait for a simple thank you for your wishes/messages, never seen, or seen with no revert.

Don't get me wrong I am not taking out my frustrated dilemmas, it's just that I wanted to talk about it and I am doing, for I am sure there would be many like me, who would understand and respect the "right to speak and express gesture" 

Sometimes its one of the irritant when you sit and decide, figuring it out, what have you ended doing on the internet on such social networking sites, with all the time you had at your disposal. - "I guess you just understood what I mean".

"No way I am being mean. just being expressive."

The overwhelmed pictures of thy tours and exquisite food, luxurious shopaholics and poor jealous deprived less traveled and less fed souls sit on the domain of the virtual circumference and hit likes and pour in awestruck comments. Agreed, green is not greener on the other side, I ain't going to sit there and grumble looking at those updates, thinking "what the f**k", hitting a like and posting a comment, attention seeking, to the core, happily consoling thyself to get a revert, get acknowledged of the same. After all, I get it, its all about acknowledgements and virtual ness of the whole unreal life. Very few are in the list making it a precise habitual gesture of posting ,sharing sober antics of there experienced journey called all are just those who fall from somewhere to the core of there over expected tendencies of presumptuous stagnate doing and never reach the ground, they seem to be hung up somewhere invisible.

I guess there are more and more ways , people find ways to upload anything and everything that could fill in those blank spaces between there updated walls, and never even try to convince themselves to write a two liner.

I appreciate the ones, who stand by, in a respectful way and learn and share intricacies of there life as a whole, and move on, take pains to appreciate, criticize and accept what they get in return, and settle down without any egoistic approach to self esteemed selfish horrid outbreaks!.

Is it not enough. in simple ways to be simple, and still enjoy the pompous pampered serenity of petite little things.

For the ones who feel offended any how through this status update (expression) can un friend me and I would not say a word, would understand fully on your take on it.

Make Clever Simple, & Simple Clever! - "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us" -  Knowing is not enough,We must apply!

It's way much more and above of it everywhere else, around, beyond and inside.

& Please stop posting your butt and breast selfie in that fluorescent green, and glittery pink bra.

Life is Like Sanskrit Read to a Virtual Pony!

"ABRACADABRA" - Nope! You are still a Pony.
- Anonymous

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