Monday, May 9, 2016

Games Kids Play

Audrey Hepburn, Marlyin Manoroe & RajniKant had a hard face to face. Had to tell you, Had to post it, Had to. This was the best of Kanchakein ever on the last day of NavRatri & RamNvami Day), that I had till date. Though less of a spirituality ritualistic approach to the whole modern scenario take on the festivity, but one overwhelming playful one, interestingly that lasted for approx. 3 hours or so. After the Ice Cream distribution and handing the kids with money, while they scooped up the spoon to the delicious cold one in this summery weather. Backdrop had Durga Saptashati & Ashtakam and others playing. Counting the heads of the ones who were present, and handing them with the already kept disposable container of this Kaju Draksh Ice Cream in the refrigerator prior. to my surprise, there was a lot of fun that went in here this day. The Kids played parsing the parcel with the cushions(Hepburn, Monroe & Rajnikant covers) that were couched, and they sang, they told jokes, stories, danced, and so on. There was a camera recording by one of the kids - an eye witness to there acts of the day. There suddenly I realized, that my refrigerator had no stored and kept water, I had all 12 bottles filled. Water bottles parcelled from one head to other, quenching there thirst. One of the smallest one(girl) brought a bottle of orange cold drink, & she stood there with it, saying to her self, "Oh my hand broke" - this just won't open! ,maybe trying to get acknowledged of her state and get help. I said, let me open it for you, and she was happy, and gulped down her favourite flavour. While others decided they shall start hiding and play hide and seek, in the nook and corners of all the rooms of my house, even the washroom. Forget my privacy, I was not thinking about myself at all, all this while, all I was in content with was, that these kids were having the best of there times. The kids from here and there, neighbour and so on, bashed each other with cushions, and when complained to me, that it was being done, I remarked, bash them harder, and they giggled, and continued there playful acts of childhood. Later everywhere I went in between after finishing my on going mantras and chants for a while, leaving the kids on there own to enjoy, I saw someone or the other hiding, with finger on there lips, asking me to stay mum, and not tell anyone that this one was hiding here and there. Later More bottles of water were asked for, and my refrigerator kept opening more then the usual. Even the kids by now knew where the bottles were, so they would themselves peek up, opening the fridge and take and keep back themselves the water supply. The little girl, who I helped to open the orange bottle, came asking me to keep in it the fridge so it became more cold, and happily went back to her kindergarten world of playfulness with folks who were of all ages, sizes and colours. Well I did not wanted to disturb them so I kept myself busy cleaning utensils, and sorting some stuff meanwhile all this underwent a jump, run, slide, noises-louder and whispers-low. I could have clicked it all, and captured those reserved shyness & facelift glows, those posed brows, and selfie rows. But then, missed it, I was just going along with the flow. There is always a next time.

I heard one kid saying, the floor seems to be dusty, look at your feet's, they are all in shades of grey. Well & I did noticed one patch of my feet engrossed, fossil'ed on to the floor, which I had tried to clean in a jiffy last night, and stumped on while I did that. Well yes, I had done this hawan last night' known as Sandhi Pooja (its done in the conjunction of Ashtami & Navami" So it was between 11;30 to 12;30, that I was making it happen. Besides, almost everyday or once a week doing this hawan, and other incense sticks and lighted diyas, makes it a little dusky, grey and black, & Its little difficult to clean every time. But yes I have decided to clean sweep the floor soon. I had been busy with other things, so I had been a little reluctant performing the tasks that are not necessary ,focusing on the necessary ones, trying the minimalistic approach. I heard someone commenting, there might be ghosts coming at night in here, followed by few ghost story tellers who shared there views. I am not sure, if it was my footprint, since by the time I tried to check it out, I could not see any later. Well I thought I could measure mine with the one that was imprinted, but it had already faded away in the dusky glorified playful ritual acts of child play folklore. You would, if you could know or never, who it was? Was it me, or? Was it the Goddess herself who might have just come over. Well often seldom stuff that I have heard & perceived in shadowed illusions, could actually be a progress in imagination or process in real.

Meanwhile, the games continued, I was even asked to join them. There was a demand for more ice-cream, and demand to turn on the TV too, while few sat on the floor, others, laid on the couch, others stood here and there. Well this playfulness came to my house after ages. I was happy, and I knew it, It was God's divine grace that had witnessed its blessing on me in this way. In-between the righteousness and wrongful doing and mislead, misunderstood, misguided, heartfelt & blessed, it all went better then planned. Bless thee Lord, Goddess in all glory and forgive me.

What was delightful the next afternoon was so priceless- I was waived by the yesterday mates. Some I saw, some I didn't. The kid who had been staying next to my house, who I always saw playing cricket, repairing cycle, with his other two brothers(one big and one smaller), often. He would get ready for school, do a bit of gardening, clean utensils, sweep the floor & do all those chores, that would made his day. it was once sometime back, that he asked me for the ball that had jumped its way to my balcony, and we had never interacted before or after that ever. In fact other of his siblings, or parents and others, never did. Never initiated a talk, & I stayed put too, though could not blindfold myself observing the chores next door. He was the new entry to this circle of friends who joined this festivity too for the first time. While I watered my plants, I saw him washing something, and he noticed me too, & he paused for a while with that big smile(I could see his teeth) thrilled me to the core. It felt as, The kid in me could melt down to thousands of tears of joy, & run down and hug a new friend neighbour he made all out of the blue. It had been a while, all of us glued on to the nuances of life's hectic schedule, and not often do we see a smile on someone's face looking straight into your face, and admitting and appreciating, that connection, that spark(soul connect). Some vibes are positive and they connect to the core so heartfelt, that you don't actually need a conversation to understand nothingness. He carried with his bath, and I carried with my gardening skills, pretending to be a well versed gardener, in the screeching heat, as if had nothing else to do. I came back in myself after noticing that he wore his clothes, collected his clothes, and went inside. I am sure there is going to be more of such positive vibes and smiles, that could rejoice the cheerful mate in me, and thee would follow the lead to the soul connect, once it is pampered so well, understands, shall return the favour in return. I took that mug of water and threw little water up in the sky, keeping my face down, so it fell on me, rejoicing to this mini rainfall. Landed on to thy emoted happiness, at 40' you can surely be of 14. As they say, age does not matter, you can be who ever you want to be and whatever welcoming likewise. You fall in love with yourself and others all the time, its like a little of it comes to you, the more of it goes from you in reciprocation, as it grows and multiplies, take turns, reaches a high' until it settles down to the faded excitement, killed overrated curiosity of thee heart, in the process, until you try to find ways to keep it alive as long you could.

Some days passed, and that little girl(the smallest one of all, that I helped open her orange drink bottle), says hellow bhaiya, standing on top of the 3 story flat, and waiving at me, as I waived back at her with a smile. Some moments are so heartfelt as and when they happen that they leave you with all the love, and nothing but love, that's priceless.

HaHaHa This fool in me so fucking gets carried away every time! & it can't even keep it to himself, "I wonder why he has a bigmouth" blah!- Anonymous

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