Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Rebellious Saint

We all have our set of Problems , and we all have misinterpreted sets of presumed diagnosis on to the other always handy, as if the other person was taken as a granted fool. It is the case with everyone around, everywhere. "The intellectuals understand it and keep it all piled up underneath there wisdomous approach ,knowing when to speak and what to, whom to and exactly when to"

We all have been often wrongly judged or righteously on the actions we do, or the things that happen in and around in our lives, surroundings, and so on. It goes on and on. As a piece indifferent flesh that exists in different to every individual, but with a soul we all share in common, a little pious , and a little cranky, there exists no priest in any one of thee & If it did, the world could not see with naked eye, it needed much of a self realization and revelation to a great extent that was not just as other easy means of mere online transactions that could be sold or bought. No matter how often we end up bitching, backbiting, mistrusting, talking about the other person, who we vaguely /falsely understand, pressurizing our opinions and dominant proposals on to thee, for forgetting that every individual was different and had his own lifestyle and issues etc.

Now its been like ages, that I have known thee, and vice versa. The ones who live close by, are the ones you cant keep yourself far, from all that happens in and out and around, in there lives and mine, I guess we are evidently no strangers to each others perspectives and illusions, lifestyle and habitual traits. I don't know how should I, If I should, should not - I mean, one would definitely know the other if one lived with thee, no matter how easy or difficult it be. & any other random person would know pretty much less of how and what thee is, But all you know is what is told to you, and all what that goes in a blindfold, not seeing the light in real scenario, that happens, and we all end up choosing fighting on it, rather settling down to a better eventful perspective approach, peacefully.

It is hard to trust, and keep up with few ill odds, ill deeds, ill talks, coming from certainly few people that surround you, No matter how much of it goes inattentive or is an attentive forgetful trash thrown in the bin, they say bygone is bygone, but it always haunts and surrounds you once in a while.

I am aware of every single thing, as much as the people near would be aware less or more, almost most of it, that happens in and around thee next door corridors, I guess the walls have ears, and have eyes too.

"It by no means gives anyone right to prompt on more of the negates then positives, and talk about it,. I guess I have been quite a talk of the town . Having a single parent ,deceased father, and the world pounced on us like an eagle as if we were its prey. It was more weirder specially after my mother expired. I have come a long way, its going to be years and few months passé. I guess I have become a saint now, things like these hardly matter to me, and I generally happen to over look and forget these tantrums that set there eyes and ears on my visible traits of existence.

This saint sometimes feels pretty perturbed, not with the things that happen bad, but knowing the fact, that people you least expected, have been making up - a pretty much intrigued biography of your personal life, and propagating it all this while to everyone that comes in handy." I am a saint' so I would not do the same, but eventually I guess if I turned out to be rebellious soon enough, I will do all that, I could to eventually throw all that was inside me ever, on to everyone, and everything I ever met that ever existed until my existence."

People change ,they say' but very few do' for good or bad, and the later ones have those characteristics that you just cant take out of them no way. Age matters, the older you get crankier you get, you loose much of it already, the younger you are, the peppiest you be , the sober you are the golden you are. I rather call 40's to be a sober age slot, it might not be with everyone though, I guess at a point when you have seen a lot happening in your life, you tend to adapt yourself to the circumstantial habitat, that engrosses you and you try to find peace, and let go off all thee that possibly bothers you, and you settle down on to the things that comfort you and keep you busy in a healthy way, and moves your thought process from those more ill odds to thee less positive ones.

"Taken for guaranteed are we all, are we not?, and we still manage to manage.

- "A Saint sees light' foresees future, sits crossing his fingers, whispers, prays, talks to thyself. tries to find peace, dream, adapting to thee minimalist approach to thee materialistic world, accepting what comes to him, adjusting thy."

That does not mean you can take him for guaranteed and harness his soft spot and engage him in a quarrelsome fight, of words, wrongly perceived thee and wrongful doing to the shall by no means shall make you any less of a coward. - Anonymous

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