Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Hue Blues

"Well one thing about this crunchy chicken wrap was, that it came in a neat printed thin cardboard wrap"  - foodie for life!

This Shadow of a four legged one that I saw around 2:30 am, through my window last night, as I peeked to witness something moving, Took my cam in the night sky, and with a flash on, shot this one, stalking by something, having a stroll on the tree. It was a matter of seconds, I would have missed on this one! Never seen a cat on tree  I am sure , she was hunting on to thee nest that laid there, trying to chicken in those poor baby birdies.

Despite exists, these empty spaces, hollow heart, too much you have eaten meanwhile, time to fart, irrespective of the most pleasing cuisines, despite of the odds.

So far is so near, so near is so far. It's just a matter of perspective at an excellence par. Reaching out to the world and letting them reach you is not much of a task its just that one could perceive intentionally being judgemental to thee so called mask. Let off go thee. There is nothing to be. Its just a pure thought of being the real you and me.

"Ask the Chicken' I am sure it would agree!" Why should Cat have all the fun?

Ever tried, short listing things up' that you would consider most important, accumulate all that that was necessary, cherish - that was important, needed. List seems to be never ending. I wish, could take whole world with me, on a second thought though' Well that's the art of living. Doing away with, and considering it not necessary. minimalist me trapped in a materialistic habitat.

"Ever tried letting the Art within you live Life?"

I have been sleeping in front of this spoilt ac, turning it on, waiting for that fortunate chill breeze, that gushes out for minutes, comforting me psychologically with a belief that, something magical shall happen and it would put me to sleep, no matter how pitiful this blast furnace be, I shall manage with what and how of thee patiently. the hot air balloon overhead, thee ceiling is traumatized by heated gushed ounces of air. I still manage to find ways of avoiding nuances, still being imprisoned to thy natural(weather) traits. This has been the tantrum for a while, and one day finally this water cooler that gave me my first undisturbed, peaceful sleep this season, ending this summer storm on this day of month of May. Not much of anything expected from thee, I cuddled to a sound plea, thy gave me a reason to let all the nuances flee.

"There you go!"

Dressed n tucked up in black and white in sizes tall and short, in shapes oval, rectangular, zero size figurines, that you pause and stare, others you pass by, some look promising, some lost, single eyed to a spectacled and glared mixed lot. friends, family and fellow ones, on a run, few matter, rest scatter, fingers crossed to thy whispered nuances, situations extreme to calm pretences.

Court room, corridors, canteen and loo, stuck on the glued furniture on Wednesday blues.
Tailor made, taught and sought exercising on your vocal cords parallel to thee fingers crossed, i sit anguished, perturbed and nostalgically bowled out to the half learned that already flew. stable though to a wilful mimicry of addressing thee to a forefront few. apprehensively putting along pieces through thee sew. - Anonymous

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