Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mouse Infested Pied Piper

(चूहा)'Mice it is'.Yesterday this:poor little new born breathed heavy, still does.I can see his heart pumping. Can see him move too. Tiny little soul laid right next to thee foot bed floor of my home temple, submerged & stuck on to thy mustard oil.

Jumping trying to flee away out and over the raised boundary, while I sat cleaning, scrubbing the mustard oil on thee floor. I had to constantly watch him and pat n clap to let it not come any closer to me. After few minutes of him struggling, I made him a cardboard runway. He kept slipping unable to climb. While I was still in the process of thinking to convert the runway into a staircase, I watched him climb and take a para glide jump & flee.

Its been three days and this tiny lil one has been enjoying to and fro in this house temple of mine. I have been feeding him with tiny piece of cucumber. He seems to be happy about it. He follows me , as if he either could smell my odor, hear and see my footsteps when I am there, and follows me every inch I move. I have to careful not to step on thee. He happily climbed on my feet yesterday and I had to shook him away. The first thing I do when I enter is to put all the lights on and check his placement before I make any moves. I often find him strolling by with his raised head, while I am chanting my prayers, and ringing my bells. He has mistakenly presumed me to be his parent/guardian/caretaker, no offence to that. Everything and everyone in the world seeks for a company to be with else thy shall be a lonely soul. Whatever this relationship be for how little is beautiful and unconditionally accepted. I did not see him this evening. Wondering where thee wandered.

I guess all the petite little things surround me, in-sync , tuned to my big hollow brilliance in disguised overweight n heavy burdened piled nuances of life. This so called habitat-ed Hamlin is my world now. Hell or heaven thy be.

I am not sure if you could callme a "Mouse Infested Pied Piper" I seldom live in and overrun to an unwanted degree of a troublesome state of affairs now and then. Thank God there are no Sharks that infested the coastline. There ain't no coastline either. Else I would have been in deep trouble. Would be difficult to flee thee. No natter how numerous everything & anything undesirable or troublesome it might be or not. You see I am a soft hearten one, caring that infests the day & night. Getting harassed n harnessing thee, finding company - Anonynous

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