Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well where to start from. It seems regardless ,pointless and yet very peculiar & unsorted. One realizes certain things,as one grows up all together. Parents will be always the same, if they differ, lucky would be the kids. School going, or a College kid, unmarried, married, single, no matter how old - for parents you are all the same all the time. They need to know where to draw a line and to what extent they can, and they should, and should not. Are the lines only for the kids. What about the parents. Why every day or an alternative day has to be a problem for Parents and kids? Why it cant go smooth.

It's not about being a single parent or a single child, it happens with everyone everywhere, all the time. You try to be over protective and at times much curious with one's perceptions and misunderstandings in a misguided way.- May be it's also the generation gap, and the peer pressure, society ,relatives and the surroundings, upbringing, and other pros and cons which add fuel to the whole episode drama.

Why do parents always think there child is a kid , and will always be the same. Until unless you get married and give them a kid, you wont be a man in there eyes. Once you are married you will be facing a whole new set of different dramatized version of issues.

We grow up with certain norms and conditions and we not always abide by them, but yes we often at times try to abide by. & anything that is a burden is unwillingly appreciated and done over with (no choice). No matter how hard you work on yourself and try to be the way your parents want you to be, doing things what they want you to, and the way they want it to be precisely. With several no's to what they tell you, to the most of the yes' and still deprived of appreciation and locked in self with no one coming to ones rescue. trapped in a body and mind, heart all conjured and restless and seeking help from the inner soul and God. With the one life you have, we still have to ought to, share it with the society, relatives, and people around the known and the strangers. Why it just cant be about you and me, us, why it has to be about everyone.

Why is it all the time about, grow up, be like others, why cant one be like the way one is, accept it or reject it, the way one is, why one needs to change one, and bring about change, certainly change is good if it is for good, one understand that, but if it is leading you to an emotional imbalance , with other things in ones mind, and one needs to break free- break - out with all of it, where would one go. If one could not confide with ones parents ,one would only confide in oneself all the time, leading to explore into a emotional outburst. With all the positive feelings and the negative ones in ones mind,one cant curse on to ones parents. One can only curse him/her self. No matter, how much we grow , we will be a kid. & shall always be filtered and balanced and compete, compared with the other kids.

Who are you being friends with, why do your friends come and stay at ur place, Why do you spent a night out with friends? What does your friend do, Handover your friends number and address of your so called friend. Do you drink, smoke, grass? Are you normal? or is there any problem with you? Are you sexually fit? Is your orientation normal? These are some of the major issues that you will always see on your parents face? asking you for more every time, and digging on to you with a annoying face, curious and perturbed attitude. Well Far better are those who stay away from family and live there life independently and are spoilt doing whatever they want too, whenever they want too. Unaware are the parents ,unsure of what company there child is surrounded in. Getting up and sleeping the time they want, eating whatever, doing any damn thing there way. with no obligations and restrictions to be imposed upon or questioned. Why one has to be friends with relatives (the ones you dont like and never want to be friends with) & why cant one be friends with the friends we choose.Why you have to be a sweet face to everyone you are told you have to be with, and you cant be the real you, the way you are or want too be with anyone, everyone you want.

One at times feel better to end ones life in such a misery, if one cant confide and clear out the misunderstandings with ones parents despite being a genuinely decent good child . Is this world full of formalities that one needs to show off, and make it so obviously fake to there parents, instead of being true. Why would parents believe when you tell them a lie, and why would they not believe you when you would be true to them and speak up. I strongly believe parents need a counseling at times more then the kids. But why would one need a third person to tell them about it, and why would it not be parent and child face to face sorting the issues, and clearing the doubts, but what good it would be if one would not even believe and trust all the genuine stories you tell them, and you would be the one always pointed a finger upon, no matter how good you be, and they would take you to be bad always. You are also told change your hairstyle, wear this, wear that.God let the kid grow, if you keep telling him what he/she needs to he/she will never grow. Let the kid be the way one has too, you cant take out a characteristic feature of a human soul .One will be the way one is and you cant help it by any means. We all understand grow up into a good and bad person by constantly being told how to and what to do, but too much of pointing on on almost everything, would let one go away and cause more despair and chaos. Parents grow up please.- Anonymous

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