Sunday, April 26, 2015

Faded in my own Glory

An illusionist inventing what was unknown to the world. It was merely an existence that lost its worth. I might have been fake and secretive at times, only to understand the world around. I might have been strange to things that were not my world, I might have been presumptuous and assumptions, to figure how it was perceived. Piled underneath my comfortable illusion of anxious curiosities ,submissive to my emotional, mental and physical aspirations, trying to rationalize momentously my urge that was to unleash. I could hide, and let it all be undercover, but then I had no reason to socialize,if I was to sit with my plight. Until I confronted my true being. World is so big, and things pass by, Things and people ,they all come in closet,until they are out, they are thoughtless. Sit tight and louder my inner perspectives to the chore, when there could be a world out there, listening to what I had to roar. Instilled within me, there was a humane /inhumane self, for no agenda I was born with, to place it all on the shelves.Stigmatic life it be, unless harder we dwell.

I had a good company when I had parrots caged hung in the corridors of my home, as if I had a toy, caged, for my very entertained life, I still remember my dad ,how excited he felt, while bringing me into a conversation with his friends and relatives, provoking me to tell them, how I let that parrot flew out with its head turned, left and right, confirming if the door of the cage was really open,taking little baby steps to actually go out of sight in the blue open sky and how humorous it was for my mom to tell the story about the cockroach, that once was upside down, and I brought her out saying look, mama, the cockroach was doing yoga when I was a child.

Many miraculous,horrid events have happened from then to now! I would have a listed gist in near future, to brag about it hence.

Growing old, was still so indifferent, it was normal though, life was much more simpler in those good old days. no need there was to worry of any troublesome trails. Grass is not greener everywhere, on either side, as it would look to be, but then you have your choicest of flora to water on the little petite weeds.

I was hampered and pampered in the daily chores of life! No one to come to my rescue, family, relatives, friends, neighbors,street dog, mice,or even neighbors cat. Wish I had it all,or a wife. Less tortured my existence be, with all the walled troubles that I mend to survive.

Peculiar all wisdom is, when it is of no avail, a bit far my intellect crumbled on a lifeless trail. Spirituality is what I hide underneath to come to my rescue, Everything else seem to have lost its charm and glory, when I see I even don't have a story.

Now old in my ending thirties, at times, I still behave like a child, I can pose, sweet, intellectual, weird, stupid, sane, insane and wild.

Jokes apart, on a serious note" I have to rush. my coffee, in the kettle might just be jumping, pouring out,with nothing much left for me to drink. Forgot completely to switch it off". - Anonymous

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Lifeless Plundered Blunder

We find' ‪love‬ in strange places, from strange people and strange things No matter how strange it be, it is love, that is meant to be exchanged. irrespective of anything and everything, strangely, strange, ‪#‎strangers‬ and the love is all it takes to make them all ‪yours‬ and ‪there‬.

Leave aside the Hatred for a while, Do we actually Love? or it is just mere exchangeable transit approach to our infatuated intuitive perceptive requirement for our materialistic advantage for a longer run.

I would agree there have to have conditions and expectations, it all can't just go hay way. It has to fill up, that necessary spaces and hollowness in order to propagate practice, preach, breathe, exist and live. Every action has a reaction; as they say! There is always something for something, substituting & complimenting.

The only one problem is, for once, none of us, can be selfless, without expectations, without even deals of exchange, or a certain inclination towards our deepest urges to satisfy our never quenching Pandora of boxes. the day we realize , that we could fall in love just with anything and anyone, and not just for the heck of it, and selflessly welcome and propagate humanity without no considerations.

There are those who make friends to talk, and gossip, others are there to ask favors, rest of them are there to be appreciated and liked, rest fewer are those who communicate and spend time together, talk, meet. Even if we have to gossip, we shall have out stories to share, then hearing the other person out. We all are biased in approach to conclude and justify our own selves, and perceive others.

Where is the unconditional approach left? don't we love our parents, siblings, other relations and God, no matter what. Do we barter a deal out of these relatively blood relationships or seek to confront with them, for just the sake of it. We see no God, but still we love him, maybe because we are afraid of him, and we are to to believe in him. if we wont , things could go wrong. but what about the righteous deeds? Why can't we fall in love with things we could see and hear.

Do we end up pampering every single dog we meet on the street, give them water to drink or even food for that matter, spend time playing with them. pamper a plant, and talk to birds? (Did you knew, talking and singing to a plant could make it grow even faster) Ever watched the playfulness of squirrels or the strength and determination of the petite marching ants those crawl carrying food,building houses, spiders webbing, birds nesting. Listening to the sounds they make.

There is this set principle set as an agenda, to uncover and unleash thy self centered inclinations of need. - why can't it just be love, for the sake of love and humanity. for all, to all. Our world can be precisely secluded to certain people, and a whole new world of strange anonymous creed, caste and orientation. "Human for Human"
phenomenon has made it all so Inhumane.

Eventually we only end up coming to our own very self, materialistic in approach and judgmental when it comes to others. It really does not matter how you are being perceived, or how you rationalize your perception and judgements on your self or others. ts experience, wisdom, knowledge, - a well whipped/equipped lifestyle that brings about this certain change, to figure our very own selves and everyone around.

Everyone is demarcated and distinguished on moral traits and characteristic assemblage.Strangely' the more near we have become to nothingness, the more closer we have come to everything else. Wish "there was more from a soul to a soul". - sigh!

"Look at you, you madman, screaming you are thirsty And are dying in a desert when all around you there is nothing but water! ~Kabir"

We have everything, and everyone we need, all we need to do is look around, open up to all the possibilities of certainties available to our disposal with or without labels. All we need to do is stop making a riot of & indulge in the chaos, coming out ,shouting loud, of the real ourselves and making a point, When shall we speak out loud, what lies in our heart, and when shall we do, what we want to, never weighing it on our brainy decisive perfections of practicalities and society sake. Afraid of our actions today. worried about the future, less fortunate we all live a merciful life, loosing a meaning, halved, cusp-ed ,loitering in a hollowness of our self esteemed existence.

It's like your life was being raped, a million times, and you got too used to it, caught up, that you started liking it evidently and fell prey to the mercy of it, and waited for it to happen again, you started liking being strangled and interrogated, ruled and dominated, over and over, until all flesh off your body was sinned and lost its charm, and your soul was the only thing, that you had ,that lost its warmth. Lying down as a frozen, dead, meat , you started hunting down to suffice for your very own self, meanwhile pondering on to what all you got, left over that was at your disposal - Stale,used & unworthy. - Anonymous

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hope - Now,Then & Forever

Amidst an atmosphere of uncertainty and animosity over rumored redundancies, finding myself embroiled in the way of life, trying to endure the hardships. ‪"Hope‬ Now"

Sometimes the ‪#‎days‬ go pass by, & there is so much that keeps you and your mind exhausted, busy & entertained, with chores, that take your breath away, willingly to your disposal of agreed interest, and a practice that is rather involved & evolved wholeheartedly. There are n number of things (people/emotions/things) that take space in your mind and heart simultaneously and no matter how far you are willingly to be a part of the agendas, there is something that holds you back. The thing line between' what you want and what happens is entirely a choice at disposal, at mercy of the destiny, no matter how willingly you could and want to be a participant. & then there is that stagnant pause, that stays until there be a something new that, would take you in circles again, & start a fresh.

Being ‪busy‬ is the best thing in the world - It's a choice, how wisely you choose, what you want to be busy with, and rest follows. Something come, whether you choose them or not, but that;s God sign of making you work. There is absolutely nothing that can keep you free from the chores of life - good or worse, you got to attend, & be busy.

We have ‪"Flown the Air‬ like Birds" and ‪"Swim the Sea‬" like Fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of ‪"Walking the Earth‬".

I shall practice the righteous that I assume and presume it to be,until it harms a thing or person. I shall not compete, keeping peace. Acknowledge obligingly, unless it upsets my conduct of soul. I shall do, until its proved wrong. I shall take guidance from thy heart and mind and surrender to petite little good and bad,or even worse. Until I surrender ,I shall not reconcile and subject thy. Nor shall I understand and experience it to its full fledged wholeness. They are not the ones telling me how and what to do about, I am my own master and a king that shall live by all the approachable means. I am a individual . They are not me and I am not them. My life, my rules, my way. I shall do away with,what upsets me. Let me deal with it., welcoming what makes me happy.

Thy self, body ,soul- laying, sitting,flying standing ,arrival and departure -appreciating the overwhelmed, curiosity of peaceful soul, nuances of a chaos mind. struggle some faith, mind and heart leading and settling down to a coincidence of unexpected seasonal phase, giving in and giving out much more. A journey of an unfolded told story, yet unseen, unheard and misunderstood. Near and far, sour and good., complaining in disguise to thy destined fate. Human nature, with contrast to its fruitful gate of irony and expectations of a materialistic fruitful urge. Rhyme or whine - loose or win - vicious consciousness, gathered and spilled. Burned,churned,experienced, illiterate and learned. ‪- "There,Now‬ and ‪Nowhere,Then‬". - Anonymous

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mirror-Mirror On the Wall

The privacy of life are shrouded in secrecy, concealed, until there lies absolutely nothing to feel strange, weird and awkward about. Cautiousness in opening-up, or hiding in protective layers, until then. There goes a thin line of its very existence. Playing safe, or assuming unsafe is a presumed peculiar thoughtfulness that comes in randomly to its perceiver. Opening up in a much more visible state, is like letting it all out in one go! It's like you just erase all the boundaries of demarcated vagueness of illusions, that might have cluttered making there home to your conscious being. It comes to a rescue, rescuing one to an ease of overshadowed, piled set of bunched anonymity. Either its going to be this or, its going to be that, you just can't hung it somewhere/nowhere/there anymore. Let it pass by, & there shall be a state of peaceful phase that you shall find yourself in, avoiding the hassled confusion, confronting thy. - "Open Up".

I might lay low, rise high, play with a doll or a ball, while I take a stroll. I might look at myself through you, while talking to someone(on a call), I might be reluctant enough to look at you when I am shabby, I might. I might not even come in front of you in my full glory, when pain sicken & crappy or lost, I might be disguised by piles of things that would make me look nice, but I know deep in my heart, for there are times, I see the real me, growing old and wise! - Let;s roll a dice, and do head & tail, let's see who wins and who looses, at the end of the game. Promise, You! I will not hold you guilty & never ever shall I blame, no matter you may not utter my name' when I ask you - Who's the prettiest of all!. - I have learned, and witnessed ,there is much that matters to me, inside, rather being out. For never shall I be thoughtful(second thought), & on you have a doubt. Let me now go and get busy with other things, that don't keep me too self obsessed ,staying with you at all. See ya later, until I crawl-looking at you - I might see those dark circled patches, unkempt hairdo, wrinkled face, clothe less,clothed um-ironed fabrics of deceiving irony, that excessive unsettled fat ain't going flat,for too lazy am I too do any worthy. No matter of all the chaos n odds I shall embark my name in fame of hall. In circles going round viciously cycled.. please no matter what, to me, be nice. Whatever, whichever, however , its going to be one life at disposal, after all.

"Kaisey Kehdun Main Ab Aainey Sey, Mughko Main Ab, Dikhayi Nahin Doonga. Laakh Dekhna bhi Chaahey agar tu Mughko,Mumkin hai Kisi Cheez sey Dhaka Hounga!"

How do I explain thy Mirror, No more shall I see myself anymore.
as much would you want to see me, I might be covered with something. - Anonymous