Thursday, March 31, 2011


Located in Kolkatta, I am a 25 Yr. Old. Guy I never had sex with a Women until now! Well I am not very sure if I am interested in Girls much or not, I mean yea I had it with same gender though! Well I would not mind having stuff with a girl though! I happen to have some fun precisely cant mention what all with a Girl, almost same age (5 years younger to me). But yeah the sex never happened as precisely it was meant to be, other than the orals and stuff. So I am worried if I could do the anal part pretty well or not! It does not troubles me if I would be a good sex partner or not, I am not even in a mood to have a same sex marriage or any sort done! Its like I am not Gay, maybe a bisexual or curious enough! But would not miss a chance to do it with a girl certainly! - Anonymous


Located in Bangalore, I am a 70 Yr. Old. in Hyderabad I lead a very happy life (though not happy) but yes with all the content! U might understand how it is coping up with 2 different lifestyles, That's like every other house's story, mixing up and maintaining up with the in-law's and stuff,. Well they have no complaints,I did everything I could with patience and wisely! I was from Mumbai, and after Marriage had to settle in Hyderabad with my husband! A Engineer by Profession and me a house wife! He died some years back,& we have a child (now grown enough, in the age of getting marriage)! The issue is life does not work that good after your partner leaves you and you are all alone by yourself! trying to adjust with the society, whole politics, and drama.Despite all the odds, my husband left me and child enough to cherish all our lives! Still it's not the same being single, raising a Man alone and taking lot of decisions under several society pressures and keeping up with all the nuances of ill and even odds of life. You cant take a decision because we live in a society where when you are single, the taboo hits you from everywhere! Life is still going on, I am in my ill health at times and growing old, worried about how my son is going to cope up with the world! and the society and lif ahead, work wise and socially ,when he gets into marriage and other social norms and obligations! Well it worry's me thinking what if I am gone, what will happen next with him! how will he cope up being the only single child without no siblings and not still married! God give me strength and patience to work things out pretty soon! - Anonymous


Located in Mumbai, I am a 38 Yr. Old Media Person, belong to this Fashion/Glamour Industry! Well was kind of Emotionally MISS-USED by someone who wanted to climb up the ladder of success climbing it all through my shoulders! I was agitated, perturbed, and have lost all the faith on anyone now! I could smell it before, but thought maybe the person wanted me emotionally and cared for me as a family and this relationship would be a long lasting one! What I realized in course of time was, I was the one being a prey to (the new gen scenario - of use and throw), & had no idea in the starting that I was being emotionally ,mentally & physically being utilized! Thank God I did not invested much of my emotions and time and stuff in this person, else would have got a heck of a shit! Why we need someone these days, whom you want to climb up through - using them, making them a part of ones utility for achievement ! a stepping stone, a stepping ladder to climb on to wit all the emotional atyachaar(turmoil)! Very Weird ,blunt and the funny, but sad part is that the Generation now a days think this one to be the easiest way out ,to sleep and get done with it, either way. Emotionally or Physically, making sum one Emotionally engrossed, letting sum one fall for you & you easily becoming a prey to ones selfish motives! Sometime back I heard how a Model used a Journalist in the same way! The same incident of MISS-USE thingi has happened with me twice! and others just came and went, because I judged and intuted them before, and strongly got over with them! - Anonymous


I am a 22 Yr. Old Boy from Delhi,India, originally not from Delhi though, but now have shifted my base in here along with my parents! - The thing that I want to share is that I am GAY (that's what I would call myself, as of now, since I am more curious towards guys and less curious or not at all curious when it comes to girls!). My sibling has a hint about it that I might be curious and inclined towards the same sex, since I've told about it to ma sibling! But i have no idea on how to take it further! I mean as of now I know I am not going to get married to a girl, & since I am in a age right now, would be more or less concerned about studies and exams, rather on matrimonial accomplishments!. At times I do wonder (what if I had not been gay), and at times I feel good being one! Well have come across all odd and even amount of people in a little span of some months over the internet on social networking websites! Met a few people, not much explored Sex thought but still in the process of it! Well It's weird at times when I come across too mature guyz, and at times, when I get across same age guyz! All I feel is what would be the reaction of my parents when they come to know about it! and how would theykind of react on the whole issue. Well I know my sibling is there to support me and talk to them about it. But to an extent? right! From there ,that point ,I need to figure out my life and social norms, and traditional concerns and values & stuff! Well right now I guess would not want all these things to bother me, and Would rather let it go as it is! and see where life takes me, and how it takes me! welcomes me!, I feel much relieved, sigh! - Anonymous


I am a 29 Yr. Old Guy from Indiai, & I spend loving my parents my entire life till now, & would keep on loving the as long as I live. 

lately, I got to know through my mother itslef, that I was an adopted son. I heard it sometime back also but was not sure about it,never felt it that way! But when I was told this again on Feb 7th, 2011. though It came as an assurance the second time, from various sources (family,others).

I was told that My dad died in an accident and my mother expired too after giving me birth! (don't know how much is this real or fake).

The whole childhood as much I cud remember ,school/college days. & every bit of everything and anything just flashed in front of me. I was stunned ,shocked and surprised.

But all I know & It does not make any difference to me at the moment is the fact, that I have got all the love from my parents (the ones I have- real or unreal) & have no complaints, No matter what the reason would have been.But somewhere I feel I could have been told this much earlier, Well I am sure it would never had made any difference, because there has absolutely nothing that I was deprived of ever - may it be money, or education, or any damn thing!

The day it was told to me by a family member, it naturally came to me as a shock, but It passed away! and all was the same as ever! But still somewhere in my heart this fact remains,and It would be there! It's just FB(blah) that I have shared it with. & there has just been one close  person whom I shared this with face to face!. As much as I was told, and As much I was known to know.

Nothing more I was told, as if there was nothing more to it, I never enquired about it, since I could burst out in tears if I was to verbally question, get the information, or even discuss it further. With all the strength in my heart & brain, I was mum, since I did not wanted to react much on the whole issue, I was being told this maybe because, it was the riht time, right age, and it would have not been any better, if I would have got to know it later from others, and not from my own parents.

Despite not clear about the whole thingi, who , how, and what about the whole scenario - epic of my life! I was loved by everyone around, including whole of the family, despite now I knew why relatives were a little indifferent to me,& why I never mixed well with them socially!

With more to it, known now, to me and peopel around me, it's difficult to cope up with the so called stigma, and it has changed my emotional behaviour a bit, with not adjusting myself more socially aongst the relatives.

Though it has not made much difference, but whenever I hear the word 'Adoption or Adopted' from anywhere, everywhere, I feel It's me being talked about, & whenever I am addressed with issues pertaining to the same, I feel low and feel alienated from my parental & maternal relatives.

I have always been and would be a part of the family who form the very beginning brought me up, loved me, and dealt with me in a way, I could never ever believe, it could slightly have been deprived, or neglected.