Saturday, September 15, 2012

SHOPPING ONLINE-The Box’Treasure Hunt’Shipment’

I got this Online Shopped Parcel delivered to me at my doorstep, Without checking the whole package out, I handed over the cash to the Delivery Boy. After unwrapping the packet, I realized ...that I was charged double of the amount for the original product/item mentioned price. I made several attempts to dig in to the packet ,but could not find anything other then one item, out of all 4. Yet to be figured about the whole issue, I mailed to the Online Shopping guys & I got several calls pertaining to the same, trying to figure out about the whereabouts of the other items-undelivered. I absolutely had no issue’s after I could find out the lost invisible package somewhere in the depths of it's own outer packing after 2 days. The Terrifically Insane, part of the thing is that the Cardboard Box, has been double packed, and then a 3rd layer of XYZ.Com ‘Branded’ Plastic Packing over it, & tapes everywhere. These guys should be specific about, how the Parcel was Packed, So that the Customer can really do a full Search! The Box was emptied, after this one product was found inside(A), and the rest other (B,C,D), were there down at the bottom of the parcel. I wonder I would have thrown down the box,(I kept it, thinking I would re-use the box for something or the other) & never found my rest of the Items(delivered) which were inside the glued, stuck and wrapped to the outer surface of the bottom of the Cardboard Box(Packed over in layers). I wish I could have clicked a picture of the same, and shared with you guys. Anyways! I wonder as a genius inside me, did this unwrapping of the Parceled Cardbox to the core, to have finally found the Nowhere Lost secretively hidden. Never in my dreams I could have thought it would be there. With my friend also there to witness the same, He said , He rather would have thrown the box, or dumped it , & never in his wildest of imaginations(dreams) thought there could be a Pilled Up/Layered/Packaged/Product at the bottom of the Card Box Cover - Treasure Hidden(Somewhere) like that... no way! Since the Box was emptied with one product taken out of it. The Packaging department should mention in with the details specified, in such cases, as to where the Parcel could be stuck and glued inside a Parcel along with a Tharmacol padding. I would have taken it as a Padded Packaging part if not had taken out every inch of the Card Board box, tearing down it into bits & pieces...Recalling it as - Dabbey main Dabba"Box in the Box) Thankfully to my Surprise - Finally have found it. (It's like' you get something from nowhere!, and you tend to get excited about it)... It’s like giving a child an Ice-cream, when he is expecting for something lesser or nothing at all. The Excitement & happiness of finding out something that was lost/out of sight, which you were looking forward too. I happened to have shared this incidence over the Blog on the Internet as well. :) I do appreciate the cooperation at there( end! & wanted to bring to there notice about the same ASAP. So that they did not panic any further with the delivery & charged amount issues. I at last await for the Left over item (E) Packet yet to be delivered, as I have been told it would be delivered to me soon for reasons. I have learned my lesson, next time, I would ask the box to be opened and checked fully before I pay in the COD Charges. Looking forward to Shop more at XYZ.Com, & hopefully no more tearing down packaging & finding my ways to the hidden treasure(item) inside. - Anonymous, 28, Delhi, India

CHATTING OVER-Un'Social Networking

I share in few chats that I had over this social Networking Portal & share it across.I logged in as usual to see my notifications, messages and friend requests. Interestingly I was online on chat, with ...few people online. I have a habit of saying hi to all the on liners. Chatter<.1.> After my hi, to this very person, a reply came hello, & so the communication started. There had been no communication previous ever with this person. So it was obvious that I was going to be inquired much more, with questions like, who are you and what you do. Then I was asked for my picture, I said they were in ma albums on my profile. I was told that baby please update your display picture. I replied ok sweetheart, I will do that darling, despite knowing that I wont, Since I was a little insecure, with reference to few problems I had been facing, So did not wanted to publicize myself on my display picture. Rather I had have whole lot pictures in my album, shared with all of my friends on my list. To my question asked from the other side, wassup?, Nothing much was the reply, to which I replied saying, Why nothing, There should certainly be something. Hmmmmm was the reply again. Later with a series of hmmmm's and smiley's, a message popped up, oh you are male, I thought you were a female,& I am sorry for talking to you like this, mistook you for a female. (I wondered, what if I was a female, at least a conversation would have reached to some heights (thoughtfully with a peculiar imagination) Thankfully, the other side was enlightened about my sex. & The conversation seemed to have come down to an end. Surprisingly, yet intuitively (where have we all lost, in the world of fake people, id's ,people irrespective of there sex), I mean it could have been a more conversational talk(chat), a conclusive one, (despite just a add on in the list of so called stranger the social working sites term as friends. Chatter<.2.> This one was a straight yet intriguingly fake & idiotic. The person on the other person was online, and with a couple of his and hello's and the questions being bombarded, like who you are what you do and where is your picture. (I am amazed on the idiotic-ness of social networking users, where they cant even have a look at the whole profile before going into a friend list and accepting the requests, and would never communicate, until you start poking, or take in an effort to communicate yourself. the next question I was asked, what do you like? my answer was everything(not exactly knowing what was I being asked in particular pertaining to what?,withought any specifications) After all a stranger asking you this thing for the first time, is little out of the box. I guess I had assumed what it meant, though I took it in a easy way, & replied everything. Then I was asked to be specific, in detail about my likes. I asked the same question to the person on the other side, to know what was it exactly, that was being enquired about. Reply form the other side came, first you tell me. I again said, everything, to which I was asked so what's your size? Holy Shit,(intutively though, but not that straight forward was I expecting I would have been barely asked such thing in few minutes of a first time chat. I kind of cleared in the specification of the thing I was being asked about, & message came with the other person's specified measurements. (I got you) was in my mind. As if I knew what and who of the whole personality on the other side with interests and looking for criteria(clear and loud), Then I was asked if I knew the other two mutual friends of our's who were in the friend list of both, & whether they do are of the same interest, & what did you had such chat's with them too?. My answer was no, not such talks with them, they are just friends, who are in my list, with no particular agenda form my side as of now(so it was just a general hi-hello, series of pokes, and a picture & status like-communication until now), i& i was not aware of there sexual orientation( & never had actually wanted/initiated to enquire, or was curious about-never had added them on that particular agenda on mind! After that in sometime noticed. I was befriended from the other side, and that was the next thing that was already on my mind. (Surprisingly though, I was irritating, and useless at the same time, to have had such people in the list, who actually were not clear about what they were looking for and who they knew, and how they want to communicate, (I mean why was I being added or my friend request being accepted in the first place, without basic intro and interest, orientation & sex derailing (specification despite being mentioned on the profile info(over this social networking site). For sure my pic’s were liked, that came as a sigh! to me knowing it. now I know I am not that bad looking. LOL Chatter<.3.> A decent looking person on the side accepted my friend request, that I had send across, & with no questions I was asked, I guess it was much clear on the other side what my sex was, and where my picture was. With couple of likes that I hit on the person's pictures. I kind of took the person to be cute and simpler a teenager, who seem keen to be friends, and increase there list of friends. Well after the little 3 minute conversation, that we had, I was asked, Which Mobile Service you use? my reply was XYZ. & to my surprise I message came, Can you please transfer Rs. 500 to my Cell, as a recharge. I never replied back. I guess I was in a stake of shock*in a funnier surprisingly sort of way). yes I later saw this person online after long, and we communicated, hi, wassup, smiley's & that's it. Good Lord, I was not asked for a re-charge to be done. I mean I need to be friends wit a person first or relatively known a person, to have actually do the needful, how can I do it for a complete stranger? - Anonymous, Male, 34 Delhi, India

Sunday, May 20, 2012



One day finally decided I needed a much awaited Vocation, So I with a friend decided to do so! Went to the Bus Stand via Auto Rickshaw. To our Notice, it was the wrong one, So we had to take in another Auto Rickshaw to go to the other one. Double the Cost, anyways! We made it to the Bus Stand. Not after much of a search, We got one Bus, taking us to our Destination. We boarded the Bus, & made ourselves comfortable for much time, since the bus was getting boarded and in the process of ready to leave (took half an hour to 45 minutes).

Taking the name of God. & Praying God to grant us a safe Journey! Me and my Friend were off to it. Wanted to capture some moments of the whole Journey Episode, so me and my friend decided that we will click pictures of the same, starting from the bus, bus stand itself! Crossing the fingers hoping that the weather could be cloudy & rainy, other then being so all heated up!
Starting from clicking the bus stand and the surroundings where our bus was parked, The Wall that had a Slogan or two, or something etched to it. The Bus Terminal Depot, the cloudy Skyline, The webbed wire on the huge adjoining wall, the birds that were flying across in the sky, far away, It was somewhere a 5 hour Journey! So we had to make the best of it! there were some people, I could not forget & decided I would pen down a story if I had to, & definitely put it across, if not pen down, share! for definite.

Here was a bunch of Lower Middle Class, Middle Class & Upper Middle Class & few down and up!- a deck of ethnicity & creed, colour, under the same bus roof, parallel-ed on the wheels, somewhere above the earth. From ground , & then off to the ground (boarding & un-boarding themselves & there lifestyle) - It's like you cant take out your character from yourself, no matter what, how, & if ,but's you might go through.

A fat guy in black t-shirt, Two kids (in there 20's) The Tech Savy Geeks' as they had there earphones plugged into the ears in the whole journey, and they were busy with there Cell or I-Pod whole while. Not to miss a guy who was definitely lost in himself with a self Obsessed notion & motion!
At a point somewhere in between the half journey, the policemen came in for a check for the security purpose. they asked couple of people about there luggage and moved there eyes here and there, a couple of enquiries, and to our surprise, they check this fat guy, making him stand.

My friend Looking outside the window and he did talked about a whole lot of things that he saw outside the window of the running bus. while we were on our way to our destination. He told me the names, & stories behind all the familiar places known to him (like an enthusiast essay contestant or an excited child, who wanted to speak & talk about his excitement, no matter what). However in the running bus it's little hard to understand half of the things, since you are not having a mouth much closer to the ear.

The cream Biscuit packet(the ones with lesser cream, though) melted down our throat, just to have something! Then later a packet of chips, and to our realization we had forgot to carry the cold drinks, so we decided for the home made food that was made for the journey itself, along with pickles, properly foiled and packed tight!.
(nothing like it)

There was this Gentleman (aged 50 somewhere)Dad & his son(in his 25-30), behind me & a couple on the opposite row(seat) in there 40's, who had no clue why they were having the conversation with each other. I guess just to talk something, There conversation started from the time this gentleman, kept listening loud music (put on speaker), and his wife telling him why don't you put something more religious then the usual bollywood songs, for a while, until I noticed, I thought it was the music in the bus, dat driver might have put on the stereo. Well later when the bus stopped for people to have something to eat and drink and pee, I noticed, this lady coming with the cell phone , with the religious music on - loud, on the speaker again, climbing the bus, (come to my retaliation, they might have either got a new cell phone which they had never ever used before, or it was there son's phone that was gifted to them. The conversation was like, where are you from, what you do, what business are you into, whats your job profile, why did you come here, and where you stay(going back too), what's your son's job profile, whether he was married or not, does he has his own flat, do you have your own house?, the other man was busy replying to all the queries being asked, half that contradicted, what he managed to said before, and what he told again, on the continuously being asked purposely to clear all the doubts. It was no less than a conversation done for a matrimonial alliance. Later few of the seats got vacant, since much on-boarders stepped out of the bus, to there destinations! This guy kept saying to this man, please come and sit with me, but the other one gave an excuse - no i cant i have my son with me, and he needs my shoulder to sleep. whatever! It was much peace, when they finally stepped down at a location, much before our destination. & for one moment I thought, at least a hand-shake, or a bye would was well deserved between those two men.

On way back!

The Rickshaw-Wallah(Rickshaw-Puller) took us to the Bus terminal! We boarded the Bus again! Melting down in the summery heat! Were hoping for some rain, and let the sunshine go away via magic wand- miracle! Glad we were happy to see the hawkers selling water bottles, ice-creams, and various other items outside-inside the bus! You know how it is, when you are boarding or de-boarding the bus, they will come in from everywhere,- from every possible door through & through the bus, and not one, but
a series of them, one after another!

Glad! we bought the Ice-Cream, were not very glad to have it, Since it tasted awful, but felt nice, since the ice made us feel less summery! Water bottle as usual sold to us was not that chilled (as we thought) and was not at all branded, though sealed and stuff! Anyways had to, since we had avoided carrying a bottle specially, and
had taken in consideration that we would have it on our way!
And when you almost don't have anything else to do, either you would listen on to some good music, or talk, or lie down with your head back or front, resting on your arms! We had been napping in between for some time, but its not much of a comfortable rest in a bus journey! So with all the jerks and breaks, and stoppage, we would get up straight and sit, as if we were not sleepy and did not slept!(wonder what other people would be thinking ,seeing sleepy people, in odd positions and jerky heads and bodies! I never liked someone seeing me while I am sleeping, specially in such odd circumstances, places, with odd facial expressions, body language and stuff!

A Punjabi young couple or bro-sister with a kid (unsure, what they were, could not make out much) boarded the bus little later from somewhere in between. This was going to be interesting - I never knew! The girl kept on feeding him continuously with milk, water, banana, chips, and what not and it was like both of them were busy throughout the journey taking care of the little kid, Poor kid, as if he was being fed on by force, & was crying much of the time! I still remember the name of the kid, though never saw his face properly(though I tried looking back), but that's bad manner's you never knew if people would think I was eyeing the girl/guy! The girl
was a pretty broad minded and bold one, assumed from her loud pitch talks and straight forward and not to worry attitude! The guy was a cut-surd, that I could assume,from the way he was communicating and carrying himself! they also got down few locations before the destination! The last time I heard there voice was when he called someone saying we would be there in some time, have already landed!

There was nothing much to our excitement though, so we decided to have the bread & butter/jam, that we had carried along, and finished quenching down our hungry stomach with a cold drink to top it all off!

The last but not the least (definitely to be mentioned) we were never returned with the extra money that we had given to the bus conductor for the ticket! & never had the odacity of asking the change from him! (for the next time, it's a lesson, to always carry extra change, though).

It’s always with me, must be with others too, That once you witness such a destination where you had a nice time, you feel that sense where you kind of get attached to a place, and feel little sad while leaving it, and at the same time, you are excited with a relief to reach back to your home place! With thoughts of going back here again soon or later! it was like me and my friend hold lots of memories to talk to our children (if we do have them soon or later in life, or sharing it with others)!
We kept wishing that it should rain, since it was all heated-up, and it wasn't a AC Bus coach! hoping to land on to a cooler sexier relaxed weather. and to our surprise as we landed to our destination where had boarded from for the trip, we were glad to witness some showers of drizzle!
We again had to take an auto-rickshaw to come back to our home, & after much quaralleling with these guys we finally did got one! it took a little more then the actual time to reach though, since he took a different route.
There could have been a whole book on the same, I could have wrote as much I could and never stopped, but I guess I will finish it with a gist!
That's was our small Destination in-route. Glad it happened, and it was well - a memory to cherish forever, moments that added into minds and hearts, a never forgetting one!

- Anonymous,25,Male,(India)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Pink Bucket-THAT BROKE

One of the days, from general chores of life.

I happened to use my mom's Loo for shampooing my head, I lifted the bucket
& kept it on the Pot, so as to make it nearer to the basin, where I could
rinse my hair thoroughly, without much of an effort of filling the bucket
with mug  again and again, since it was much of an effort, and quite time
consuming. & Once you are all soapy, you don't want the soap to enter your
eyes, hurting you. At the same time you don't want to wet the whole area.

Very first water filled Mug went to wash my head, & then as I was about to
down my mug to fill more water from the bucket, the bucket kind of slipped
down from the pot, & 90 % of the water drained. With the leftover I
managed to wash myself. finally done with the wash, I could feel pressure
being built in my stomach(fecal incontinence) I needed to shit. Sitting on
the pot, I opened my tap, so as to fill in the bucket with water, to wash
myself after I was done. Meanwhile I was in the process of evacuating the
fecal matter, I noticed that the bucket was not being filled with the
speed it used to everyday. I adjusted the bucket, gave it a clear sight of
vision, making it sure if it was placed properly under the tap. Ok! done
with that, I still could not see much of water being filled, all I could
see was water on da ground. Constipated, holding myself up, reaching my
hand to the switch on the light, & taking out my spectacles, seeing if I
could see better without them, and cleaning it & adjusting them again, I
pulled my bucket up to check what was wrong (with a thought, that it might
have had got a leak, after a fall) I could not hold myself giggling
murmuring the Nursery Rhyme "Humpty Dumpty sat on a Pot' Humpty Dumpty had
a great Fall" Who was the Humpty & which one was the Dumpty-Still Not
decided though.
I had the two white buckets in my bath-room, from where my friend brought
one & now the White Bucket had the Pink One placed inside it. "Sad though,
that the White-Twin Bucket's had enough time together as friends, but
needed space from each other, likewise the Pink One now has a company!

As If: Pink Bucket was like a Mother, with White Bucket as it's child in
her lap, filled with water(joy & love), with the Mug on the layer(a toy in
hand of the child, being played with, while sitting on his mom's lap)

Simple yet Emotional "On the Pot" (In the Loo) Realization / Thought.

Last but not the least. In continuation with the later part of the
rhyme"All the king's horses and all the king's men, Couldn't put Humpty
together again" referring to my Mother's Pink Bucket as Humpty, which no
matter what, could not have hold the water, & had to be done away with! -
It's still kept in the washroom, & still being hugged with the White One!,
along with the Pink Mug!

Monday, April 9, 2012


I am a Night Lover, You can keep me awake all night! I can make all da plans through night, (yet difficult when it comes to practising it, becos they have to be done in da mornings), Many things dat I cud create, thin...k & learn, & do - are all da ones which only the darkness of then night, the peace & being my own very self, in an un-disturbed environment! I cud have been more of a hard-worker if there was just the night!, I totally admire the calmness of the wee-hours! Until the noises & disturbances from everywhere seem to disturb your calm peaceful mind, if you are not sleeping that is! & if you by any chance are slept in night, you dont tend to put ur thoughts into actions, simply becos, you would love to do many of the things when you were never asked why. what. how? and so on! I wish If there wud be certain palces that cud be made open 24 hours! I wish everything cud be done through da internet! & I wish There was more of the world doing much stuff in da night, not waiting for the mornings! If I aint sleeping you will always find me online, beside doing something or the other - ( a big list that is). May be I am adapted to the so called night life! & the other part (day)is not my cup of tea! I still cud be myself, alone, busy wid da chores of my thoughts & at peace, wid loads of things in ma head! But yes I am a Night Lover & I wish I cud even enjoy more of it in all possible ways! From troubled to unsorted to many portions of psyche in ur head to the most serene, calm, spritual & at peace - ME, loving and living every it of Night! - Dreams if I sleep, make me wonder, guide me at times, disturb me at other, bring smile on ma face, & da nap is all I cud take to live a life! I dont see any point wasting many hours sleeping! I cud sleep all day long, & wait for the night to come! Wto go off to sleep, & there I rise & shine! - With no noises, but da inner voice! I still am awake, & I wish I cud be more! - AnonymousSee More

Monday, March 12, 2012

My 6 Year Old DAD

<My 6 Year Old DAD>

This story is sort of inspired by the mum run story written earlier on this page.

I lost my mom 6 months ago and I live with my dad and have no kids. My dad is much like a kid himself...(my formula is over 60=6) says the wrong things to the right people (colleagues) and then chuckles like a naughty boy. It used to bother me for years and years until I realised that I ended u...
p either apologising to people or arguing with him after each episode. This made things awkward and unpleasant between us and with my colleagues who were victims for many years. I tried avoiding going out with him completely (which my sister is usually very good at)...but think that may not be good for him.

At the same time, he needs some company, so I have to go along with him or sometimes take him along when my friends (who he is very popular with) invite him. For a long time I wondered whether there was any other way to handle the situation. I finally had my AH HA moment last evening, on our way back from a friend's place. It was the realisation that I don't have to take him seriously. If he offends anyone in the process, its his thing to handle, not mine. I may as well enjoy the ride and get some laughs out of it myself!

This takes a lot of stress of me and I can actually get on with doing what I need to do....restructure my life and live with a lighter mind after my mum is gone...

- Anonymous, Mumbai (India)

All Fake-Dirty Picture,Dirty Publicity

With no offence on a personal front! I wud like to address to anyone ! Vidya Baalan - Why on the Earth u need to be Pregnent on the Shows just to promote ur films! - Stuffing urself just to get dat feel, makeup done, I wonder why are u so excited & inspired to create da whole drama/stunt-that too a promotional one, (just for a film). or is it that you love so much being Pregnent. & hosting shows like (Lost-Family Members) (which one wud wonder how scripted or unscripted they be) & then roaming around with a photograph ,asking, whereabouts of ur so called husband on da screen)? Dat's above th head - promotional gimmick- dont you think its too much! I mean, till Silk it was fine, I mean Thanks to you 'Silk" (the real actress) was highlighted once again! but the very fact that "Silk" was being too much addressed & mocked about in da so called Ekta Kapoor's "Dirty Picture"!- becoming an iconic (by and large) image! I am sure, People would remember for much time to come these to characters-namely (1) Dirty Vidya & (2) Pregnant Vidya! & some days back it was the Dabboo Ratnani (Photographer) Shoot where it was hyped dat u absolutely wore nothing - Dat's a (3) Nude Vidya! Well whats all this Lady? Please explain!

I am sure there are many who would agree, its been a too much of self promotion for the silver screen! It's getting on the nerves now! Cant handle. With all the scripted , unrealistic approach to propogating an imaginary-artifical, fake and not so real character reaching out to millions! If one would have ever done something much worth for anything else (eg.a social cause) ,We would have had achieved much in less time! and resulted in wonders!

One more thing I wanted to ask you. From Saree's by Sabyasachi Mukherjee too the typical same look alike (dat we have seen before). Isint it getting too much. absolutely loosing its importance!

On the other hand "Ra-One"- sounds more like a brand, like some 'G-I-Jo' or like the "F-1 Series" I mean If it could not have been "Raavan" or "Raavan-2" - just plain & simple. Why? Sharukh Khan - You are getting old, and the characters ( in the advertisments & on the silver screen) you do, make you look more negatively older! You dont need to show the audience, that you are any younger amongst your co-stars! This One, That One - Ra-One, What the heck! We had enough of all that already! Before it was "Don" all around! I meant dont you guyz have better new stories & characters to work upon, other than repeating the story - in the same way or a little twist! & Please spare us from the revised Editions & Series of the same film. We are damn tired, watching the same star-cast , else with some twist & turn, replacements, the same stories, the same characters, the same acting style, & the same promotional propogandas & that is like one would want to sink in! - in the whole Hooh-hallah(Hype) created.

Somebody please "Spare Me" - with this Trauma!

We even have half of the Reality Shows, or say all of them - scripted. Wheres the reality, Wheres the truth? We have already seen much of the much better versions before! These one really kill the time - & are a waste of time! & ideologically they are of no help! When you even are real, & when it's not going to benefit the audience who watches it, Other than for the hosts, & the crew. models who get publicity, because they have nothign else to do, & good for them if they are earning enuf with such shows! But no body would want to be remembered via such shows! Give me a break!

Dont lure the audience with Fake code of conduct! - Anomynous, 34 - Mumbai, India

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dare to Be VIRGIN


Are We Unrealistic? We set the bar high…This is a movement that one must dare to join simply because it is such a high standard which many people, including Christians, deem as unrealistic and irrational. Are we unrealistic to say that purity is possible? Attainable? To believe that masturbation is actually sin and can be overcome? To commit ourselves to not even inwardly lust ...for women? To think that God will bring a pure and godly virgin across our path? After all… masturbation is part of growing up. God gave us those feelings. And God doesn’t care who you marry.

Don’t think so.

If you are questioning the extremity and fanaticism of being a virgin, then imagine this:

Today is your wedding. The most special day of your life. You are about to marry the most wonderful woman in the world. You’ve sold your heart to her. You stand at the altar anxiously waiting for those doors to open and see your bride. Nervous. Giddy. So excited. Finally the music begins. The doors open. There she is… walking down the aisle toward, looking at you. The most beautiful woman you have even seen. Imagine that day, that bride, and ask yourself:

Which do you prefer? That she have had sex with men before you? or that she have waited to have sex with you alone?

What if she didn’t have sex… yet other men gained the pleasure of seeing her naked or close to it? Which would you prefer? That she have allowed other men to see her intimately before you? or that she have even reserved the sight of her body for you alone?

Let’s say not even that happened… but she’s kissed other men before you. Which would you prefer? that she have kissed other men before you? or to have saved her first kiss, yes all of her kisses, for you alone?\

What if she didn’t even kiss anyone… but you were given a video of the thoughts she had for other men? Which would you prefer? that she have imagined and daydreamed pervertedly about other men? or would YOU want to be the centerpiece of her thought-life as well?

You’re not asked “What has already been done (whether by you or by her)?” Simply… what would you prefer? Ask anyone, whether sinner or Christian, and you will find that every single person would honestly prefer and ultimately desire purity–to be the one, and only one, outwardly and inwardly, who experiences every form of intimacy from the person we love.

So go ahead… fornicate. Have fun. Watch porn. Masturbate. Give your heart away. But when all is said and done, you will wish that your wife had ALL of her heart to give you. So why not do what you prefer from her?

Sounds pretty realistic to me…. and something worth fighting for.

Dare to join the movement.

Dare to be a Virgin. - Anonymous