Thursday, November 28, 2013


How Well - Intimate, Sexual Pleasures could Be-fool You! For it might just  lure your temporarily Infatuations!. Real People are Only the Real Friends with who you share much more then just Bed!, Half Of the Time We Think, Sex is the only Reason that binds us!, But its opposite, The More you could be Intimate in terms of Emotions, Values, Comfort, Care Understanding - All the more are your chances to grow and keep up with the Person in a Relationship/Friendship/Sex( I don't say it's bad - but there is a certain respect that one should abide by.

It's a mutual consent & admiration to get laid & It's not just 'Done away with & Forget Syndrome' - for Something that can make you so Naked (that you could shed your clothes & your soul - pouring on to for someone/ to someone! - For there is no place for any Artificial/Superficial longing & a selfish We' - It has to be more of Love, Soul Connect & a Craving to willingly understand someone so close that you could just be so Secure & So Emotionally Uplifted!

For Times these Sexual Agitations & Be-Fooling Games, make you loose your trust, faith & interest in Love/Relationship & Friendship, It should not be a Slutty Business, it should be more then that! - Desperation is one thing different, but keeping up with the mind body and soul,connecting to it beautifully is what matters the most! - With few of the Starting Love You's & Loads of things that you admit, & confess & are willing to do - to nothing of that sort after you are just finished up wrapping yourself_in_clothes - Getting done & over with Sex!

I wish if we could wrap our Soul's much more in Comfort in a way, that we never ever had to Cling & Hook on to Anything/Any One Else - being it just be one person! But i guess that's life, and everyone seems to be on a lookout for a new flesh & it hardly matter's how far and new you get, you forget the past and the real. & at a point when you realize that the past & the real was more/much better!, you realize you just got laid, and you just finished a useless but important business meeting, that just got over & somebody had to go back home! & maybe never return again & meet !

You crave for a person, in hope that someday - one fine day your love shall be admired & in return you shall get what you expect & get treated in the way you want, getting your expectations done with too - & not just the one sided Play!

"Either it be (Sex=Sex) or (Love=Love)", Ratio that I find solitude_in! It cant be an  Artificial Willingness to Keep that Fake Smiley on your Face & say all is well, Nothing is wrong!

Why don't we Connect with the soul's Why just get lured by the Physical - Outer Thy! - Anonymous


Yelling to the dogs on the street, & birds in the oddest of weird times, hours of midnight to the wee hours, possibly when you just want to concentrate on something, or wanna go to sleep, and they are the only ones u would be listening to crystal_clear, and with n rhyme or reason, I don't know what would they be conversing about talking to themselves or there fellow beings, Only wish I could understand there language, and possible end up having a conversation with them. I love them, for sure, but its irritating at times, when you just don't want to listen to yourself even and then you will have a company who purposely - as it seem like, shall be those not so invited guests, making noises, & you would wonder, you are yelling & shouting at them, wish they could understand what it meant' but yes' eventually suddenly I would hear no more noise, & would be glad that I made sense, and they understood! Tried all the best to finish of with my work in the wee hours around 6ish, &  sleep, and I could not, then decided shall take a hot water bath(there as I stood, pouring the warm water on to myself, I wished I could keep on doing that, but then I would end up heating up all the buckets of water, and enjoying the bath, with no sleep and late nap & late work or no work) & then sleep, & that was just perfect! the wee-hour munching and hogging to the night-dinner leftover's, with more then one glasses of cold coffee, & finally quenching the so called hunger & thirst, for I know shall be standing upright, not wanting to eat anything until dinner, sufficing on to the tea & coffee only! Next morning I went talking to the Dog's asking them what was there problem? & he they just wagged the tail, & made some sweet noises, and I smiled, and my anger vanished! Birds been chirping too, but did not fed them today, there was already the last bit-over kept, so they might hog on to it. Then a little late I was already, with my Cell drained battery, & decide to log On to my Laptop & Net, checking stuff, while charging my cell, for a little while as much it could, and getting ready, in between criticizing the Bad Hairdo that looked not so good, but interesting (& I had no time to take a bath once again, so soon, it was cold and had less time to get all the things on the list done over with, Changed and was almost ready to pick my Lazy Ass to do some work finally. Meanwhile trying to fit in the Ear-Phones on to my ear, listening to the Awesome-st Songs, I kind of looking myself in the Mirror, Danced - felt good, doing that, & then I was out on the street, fetching a RickShaw to take me to do all the chores, & there were exactly two rounds!, First one had the first half of the work done, and after 45 minutes had the later half to be p planned and done, which eventually did not materialize for some reasons, but then it was a RickShaw Ride, home to the market, and back home! - It was my Post-Noon "Rickshaw-Puller'Ride"! Now back online for a while, with again a thought on my taste buds, as to what shall I order to day & eat finally , Lets See. here I sit with the Menu & make decisions. while chatting in between here & there to old & strange new peeps, interesting multitasking goes on! lol. The Nite Went & the Day Passed. - Anonymous

Off to Sky & On the Ground

"Let's fly, be high, let's fly, be high.Let's fly, our hearts flowing, together.Be high, it's rush will always last forever.Let's fly, be high.I will feel you in ecstasy.Let's fly, be high, let's fly. Unstoppable,Got me open, I'm falling dub,Raise thy toast, Oh yeah come on and let it fly.Let's go, let's let it fly.Get ready, let it fly"

Last Night' A friend said, come on let's fly & I said old on to me, hold my hand, and hug me tight, not let me slip or fall away' & yes blindly trusting you for no rhyme or reason, a blank mind but heart filled love, and I see nothing at all' for let's do it! Sometimes it's unconditional with condition's to love & respect the decision and needs that might be favorable or not so favorable for what the heck, no thinking, and just doing it, going for it. for as much virtual we could agree to most of the things and learn to say yes, and bend & change & go figure no why's and if's, & put but's and logical reasoning. At times u just want to go with the flow, with a blank head, peaceful heart, comforting just the moment. that you would be so content when you shall land on the ground,with a cheerful smile, & all the more lighter heart, knowing you just had a awesome flight, and you are really happy about it.

"I'm living just for the minute.You hoe... hold my attention,Your hug, you got me pumping for,dancing around, you would have thought. some alcohol & some slow music to top it up all. And I figured it all started with a smile and a wink." 

& thy friend asked me today where are you to which I replied "On the ground", since last night we were to fly, but then it was too clouded, so we decided we shall fly alter in the clear sky together holding each other, tight, & we shall wear some woolen's since its gonna be chilly, for yet sure I am that I wont need any warm clothes for your love heart & hug shall maketh it all worth. Sometimes the stranger's are you most trust on to, for the curiosity and excitement drives you crazy and weird, for no matter what and how it be' for if you let it go, and go with the flow, you know you can achieve and make the best worthwhile. for as Little pity things that you could rejoice and make you happy - with the good factor attached to it, for a emotional heart that shall find content and peace, and brain that shall not be busy working on the logistics of mathematical calculations of what not(if & but's), & that's how you shall live the moment. No matter what you tag the person as' what thy relationship you name, what difference does it make, if it was not real, and just virtual, for if it was fantabulously awesome, it was worth giving a try, as much as you loved it and felt good about it. Why do we all have to be limited to our emotions, perceptions, willingness to try stupid weird ,new things. irrespective of all the odds, why don't we just come out of the factors of so called good and bad, not sure, and unsure. For one life we all have, and we spend half of it, thinking way to much, and doing nothing worth, & then we waste other half in cribbing' loosing it badly!

"Today is the day to come and fly and baby don't worry, i'll be there to catch you if you fall 'Cause today, is the moment,for us to find it all. So Lets Fly, Lets Fly, Lets Fly,Till we find it all.So Lets Fly, Lets Fly, Lets Fly,Till we have it all. I need you to come up and fly with me,because I feel alive, when I have u beside me" - Anonymous

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hardly are people who would be curious to know what u ate. who cooked it & what's cooking? then what u like in bed, or it just finds it's way sorted and ended to what's'up and what you do, and how are you and so on! - rather if we had more topics to discuss about and had more merrier the conversations about much more then thy expected, we could certainly go a long way together.

For as they say way to thy heart is from stomach - I rather presume it to be willingly true, shall take thy to a newer perspective of dimensional interactive sessions, where no matter how good a cook you are, or don't no a thing to cook, you shall always be lured by several means of wider perspectives , rather sticking on to thy one. For the more topics of conversations thy strangers or friends have to share and talk about, the more friendly there relationships thy be, giving a way to a newer and healthier interactive sessions, it definitely can be calorie conscious or high in fat-never mind) - all it matter's is that we are talking and we are friends.

Discussing about how did your day passed & whats the plan for the coming one. What all did you got busy with, and what all is inside your head that makes you worry. from things that make you busy, and things that tell you how of worth and importance it is to share and take an advice of a friend, suggesting

for no matter we are far, & could not meet more often, or not at all in real, we still hang up with each other virtually, and its good to know, and share more then just everything and anything at times, for very rare are the chances of us opening to the other person willingly open heatedly, wanting to relate ,converse, and feel good.

How is the weather today, for anything or everything can just start up a conversation, for a list of things you are wanting to shop to a few people you are willing to meet, or kick!

therefore If I ask you what's cooking or share what I eat, don't presume assume or judge anything at all, for all I know and understand & abide by is - i am a person who shall keep y heart healthy for thy I keep my stomach full sufficing it with everything that's quenched and hogged on to!

you and me shall cook, dine, with all we could drink to and say cheers!. To Thy Friendship, Relationship, Sharing & Caring - Here I raise a Toast, and Live On. - Anonymous

Friday, November 8, 2013


I_Love_You & Kisses(Muawh's) lately sounds more like a punch_line everyone virtually & in real holds on too it as if they would die, if they wont get thy Love & as if there life would stop there & then if it ain't be thy!. How easy & random, weird & funny, miserably fake has one gone artificially saying it across border's in various version oriented dialects. For thy Terminology was always the same - the one and only, but everyone seems to have been using it lately for there personal gratification syndrome - mutual admiration & self centered gestured ways of luring thy - one more of thy way 'added on to ways of enacting thy fake logistics of a practically unreal, unhealthy, inhuman, self-centered - political dramatics. I wonder how far would one go, faking it , climbing up the ladder on to thy shoulder, getting all thy needs attended and personified, & still not finding a way to deal with the real Love. Sadly' Blurred Loved I see going into ashes, rising & falling apart - all foggy, all so disillusioned are thy hearts have become, for they all think with mind & they would never be a peaceful soul, grounded aloof one day all out of love - with no one to love thy, shall then they crave & mesmerized be remembering thy Love, they ditched & betrayed, for there self centered being.

For experienced tell you, & your intuition guides you and makes you learn, warn about thy fake & thy real Love. I so wish there be a institution which could teach the realities of true love, and standing by it no matter what. - For everyone seems like taking it for granted and enacting upon as if they hardly care about it; faking they were the only ones who loved you truly & thy game they play, is much sought out and understood by the experienced heart & soul, for still not wanting to believe on to thy falseness - often judgmental based on presumptions & assumptions, the game be on, until one fine day, it all be wrong! - one fine day ,shall there be no one' singing to u lullabies & love song.

I wish Love never had a Tag with thy names' for all be blind' & love thee' irrespective of anything thy be!

if it matter's to you the most' let it matter in real' for one life one has' for less time we all got' to rejoice, love, be at peace, suffice & acknowledge thee. - Anonymous


I Don't want bother u much! its just like, i feel secure sharing what's in ma heart n mind, with a stranger i call a friend, for unknown and at distance - my curiosity n excitement uplifts me & drains me at the same time , pouring ma feelings - out-bursting into utter surprised state of mind, that's emotional expecting and seeking a refuge in thy acceptance - full of love, and only love and with no limits, unleashing thy for wanting to surrender to sum one honestly for one more time, for loving sum one, like one of those romantic tender care comforting zones where u tend to loose yourself and the very u and just snuggle down with a hug, resting on thy chest n shoulders, with a tight never loosening hug & eyes that stare u , like u stare thy, and talking silently almost everything to nothing at all.

Don't permit me, such things, that shall make myself difficult to explain and thy be not reachable, from me, when I really want it badly in real, other then the virtual one.

For once I would ask u to love me, for my love is honest true irrespective of anything n everything, pure virtually and real, for it's no reel life dilemma dramatic theatrical acts, for I am the way I am, looking for all the love , for all the love and nothing but love, is all I have to give.1

I feel so comforting confronting you - saying i love you for no rhyme or reason! - I just love you, meaninglessly and unconditionally for all the communication so far that has been between us, has step by step brought me more closer to my feelings and clearer vision, speaking out to you my mind and soul, my heart & me!

I might crave for more, but it has to be mutual, I could follow my heart, and it could go on and on! - Anonymous


We ain't here to amuse thy or entertain for free & if We do it, We expect the same from the other side. Depends on how well equipped intellectual or dumb we are to.keep the conversation going. It takes more then much of it always to make it going. Willing to spend time, energy, money, interacting - emotions,comfort,sharing & caring,longing,distanced outbursts, turmoils & smiles, excitement and curiosities. As much as I give you all, I expect the same, for there is nothing that is single handed, single sided. For with a span of time, we all understand the worth,value,usage,conditional behaviorism of thy human soul & flesh,needs,cravings,aspirations,expectations and urges. 

No it's entirely not your or my fault to presume,assume,judge each other. My answers in reactions to your so called queries of questions & vice-verse are just based on the talks those are contextual reference to thy built up - generalized realizations & logical,practical approached experiences of a lived life. we can very well conclude, based on our judgements, when we start too.

My very being with thy emotions,formalities,presumptions,judgements,perceptions shall spin & churned either in a grinder or a washing machine.dried & then put off hence forth laid on the platter to be served & worn with thy very honest & true faithful myself, being based on all the prior,present & future conversations & communications we had until, figuring out & knowing thy so far have we come a long way .& hopefully shall in a pure form with nothing kept in thy heart & mind(blank be it) for expecting just as little as the same (humanity) from thy in return, doing away with the obligatory formalities.considering and taking you as a friend and more.

for all i know - if i was not me i would not have had you, like we do now, in anticipation that you shall be yourself too.

Either you got to be a soul that's divine doing a free service to thy world(one's choice), we possibly could be one, though,irrespective of the odds, there shall always be a difference between the holy & the human, thy let us set a barter system, that shall prevail from now on, & then shall we learn how it works- giving and taking the same from each other respectively. - Anonymous


#Encounter - When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you see him/her, you will see yourself, for in him/her you will find yourself or lose yourself.

It doesn't matter how long we may have been stuck in a sense of our limitations. If we go into a darkened room and turn on the light, it doesn't matter if the room has been dark for a day, a week, or ten thousand years -- we turn on the light and it is illuminated. Once we control our capacity for love and happiness, the light has been turned on.