Thursday, June 30, 2011


For the whole of my life, I've lived with my mum, dad, sister and my grandparents. My mum had a car crash at 18 and so my rich grandparents built a house on the end of theirs for us to live in. My grandmother has always hated my Dad, always at each others throat, it made everyone's life difficult until he died in November. she was always very mothering to me and my sister but recently me and my sister have taken the place of her hatred for my dad. I watch my mum sitting there watching TV everyday, doing nothing with her life and i feel so hopeless. I've felt detached from my friends for months now, I've lost motivation to go out, I've always smoked but now it makes me feel ill when I don't have one, same as when i do. I argue with her constantly because she gives away my dad's things as birthday presents to people when they come round or for Xmas. I used to be able to sit in my room for hours and feel ok, but now I feel so bored and depressed the whole time, even when I go out it is not as fun as it used to be. my sister is never home now she has a car and she is the only one i have now really. On the school front things aren't going well either, I used to get good grades but now I am in 11th grade and I'm failing because I missed out year 10 after falling into hospital with a kidney disease. before year 10, everything was normal. I was happy (to a certain extent) but now I live in a broken home, broken family, distant friends, a dull future. I go to an all boys school so I don't have many close girl friends who I can talk to about this and this is not the kinda thing you talk to boy friends about. the sun is shining outside but I'm inside, everyones hanging out in town but it seems pointless to go there. I've seen a counselor before but they just sit there at just repeat everything you've said before which is stupid and I cant go on depression pills because the bad side effects would ruin my upcoming exams! I just don't know what to do, is there any escape?

People judge me all the time but I know they are unenlightened. I keep on trying to get my ideas out there regardless. When the phone rings I feel like I don't even want to pick it up anymore because it just another blah blah blah conversation about petty things in life.

Where is the cooperative, sustainable society that I was looking for? Am I ahead of my time? I see know that I am not an alien but like I said I feel like one. There is only a little common sense in the world.

I get on here because I feel like I don't fit in. I put this under social issues because I believe many people on here feel this way. I get so disillusioned. I am going to explain in depth how I feel. I am posting this here because where else do you go when you feel like an alien in a very very strange world?

My sister and one of my friends is the only one who understands. I tried to talk to 3 of my friends about some of the issue going on like the shooter incident, dead birds and fishes but they just skip over that like I never said it. They start talking about really petty things like oh some person said this to me or whatever.

They will start talking about really petty things like oh some person said this to me or whatever.

I feel like most people would rather see someone suffer than equal out the imbalances in our society. I am just afraid that my fear of rejection from people leads to my apprehensiveness to be close to people and trust them and I might lose out on some great people.- Anonymous (Male)

Seeds of HOPE

Two weeks ago my boyfriend moved away and I didn't want to go with him because he said I needed to get a job, and I can't work because I'm too afraid of being around people. I feel like it's getting worse. When I go outside I get sweaty and I become confused about where I am, and I thought my boyfriend understood that.

I loved him the first year I met him, but the other two years I only stayed with him because I was so used to him. I'm a dependent person, and I know it's wrong to be that way but I can't help it. I don't know what to do. I feel so lost inside myself, and I tried to get help but I don't want to take those stupid drugs. I don't want to be transformed into a robot.

I have so much faith in God, but I guess not enough. I talk to him almost every night before I go to bed, and I start to cry because I don't want to be on earth any more. I want to go to heaven and be in peace. This may sound crazy but it's how I feel and no one understands me. I just want to be loved for who I am. - Anonymous (Male)

I felt SO LOST

I left my husband 3 years ago and when I left him I was 8 months pregnant. I left him b/c he did not want to work and he was doing drugs. Right after I left him he meets a girl. He also moved out his mom house and moved in with friends. His friends are always partying and drinking. Since these 3 years have went by so many things have happened. We have always been seeing each other and we still had sex with each other, but he has never ever been there for my daughter. My daughter does not even know her own father. So during these 3 years whenever he needed something I was there for him. I would drop all my plans just to spend time with him. The whole time he kept me a secret. He would see me whenever he needed something or just wanted to see me. He did not look for me for a good 9 months or so. Finally when he started to look for me was when I got my own house back in August 2010. When we finally saw each other again in September 2010. Once again was just for sex b/c right after he got lost again and did not see me till one month and a half later. Then once we saw each other again I told him that I still loved him and I wanted to be with him, he told me the same. He made me believe that I was the only person he was sleeping with. So I finally we said we were going to try to work things out. So he was still staying at his friends house. He would only look for me every like other week. But I always wanted to believe that I was his only one. Finally on November 2010 he gets put in jail. I did not know till one month later. Once I see him in jail he tells me that he loves me and that when we got out he wanted to be a family. And also that he wanted to marry me again b/c he wanted to start our life over. So I was like okay and I asked him time and time again if he was talking to any girl, or if anyone had wrote to him and he promised that no one has wrote to him or anything. So I believed him once again. I been their ever since, I visit him, I send him money; I try to help him and whatever I can. Recently I looked at his myspace and found comments that said… I miss you, I love you etc. then I look at his best friends myspace and I read a comment from a girl asking if he found my husband address. This girl was the girl he met while I was pregnant and he always promised me he had nothing to do with her. Not only that I find out that she has wrote to him. Then I look at her pictures on myspace and I see of pictures of her on my husband bed? And also found out this girl is pregnant. So when my husband called me I told him everything I found out. He was just left out of words. He did not know what to say or anything. He says he loves me. And he still says he had nothing to do with this girl. But why if she is pregnant and he so say she (has a bf) why would she be looking for him? I never knew at that point of time if I should have given him a chance or finally move on with my life? But yes I did what I felt I should have. - Anonymous

On a LEAVE of Absence

I'm going to try to not make this extremely long. But I just feel so lost lately and i imagine I'm not the only one in this type of situation but I just don't know how to stop feeling so bad.

I'm 26, almost 27. i graduated from a good college with honors in 2010 (BA in history). (majored in education for a little bit though). But I had no idea what I wanted to do - figured out I didn't want to be a teacher. when I graduated, that's when the economy started to worsen and it was hard to find a job. so I took an office job where i worked as a student at my college. the pay is fine for a first job. but it's not a career. I quickly got bored and looked for a way out. I applied and got into a MS program at another college for a degree in school counseling. I tried that out last semester (2011) and realized. no way, counseling not for me. I'm way too emotional and I don't want to work with students who have problems and i don't want to think about my own problems more then I need to and I don't want to go home thinking about depressed students, etc. I also think i really rushed into applying because I just was desperate.

so right now I am on a "leave of absence" from that grad program - I probably won't go back though. I am back to my job of working full time, and i like the job more than I used to, but still it's not a career. i did talk to someone about how i am interested in more responsibility, moving up, etc. but it's not a job with passion.

so, i don't know where to go from here. i feel like i am empty because i don't have something i am working toward or know what i want or anything. i mean at this point i know that i am very passionate about learning about history, i love reading fiction and historical fiction, and non fiction books. i do not like to write.

my boyfriend is following his dream in the film industry and he is finally getting somewhere - going to work on a show with a lot of interesting travel and he writes every day, it drives him. i don't have that and watching him have that makes me feel even more empty.

I have ideas of what to do but i feel frozen and scared to act. Taking non-credit classes to find out my interests or applying for other graduate programs. I could try to apply for jobs (open to all other ideas) I could just sit tight working here and try to move up where I am.

All of these are decent options i think, but even though i have them in my head i don't know how to stop feeling so bad.

I keep telling myself I'm so young i don't have to figure my life out now - but I want to. it's hard to live so vaguely. (side note, i do appreciate that i have had a job since I graduated and have been earning money steadily - i know others have not been so lucky.) - Anonymous

Friday, June 17, 2011

EXPERIMENTING'Sexual Curiosity

Yesterday someone asked me if I was straight/gay/bi and I said I was straight because I'm out with this girl which I do truly love with all my heart and alway will do. And he made me check up naked girls and naked guys on all the web images. I liked the naked guys. But this morning I now like the naked girls. And think the guys are sick. What the hell is going on to me? I always thought I was straight, always hoped I was. So can someone tell me what the hell is going on?Well,obviously confused.I don't think that human sexuality can easily be categorized into neat labels.Basically,you like what you like.Just because you've been aroused by naked men doesn't mean that you're gay or 'bi'... I suspect that this is fairly common amongst heterosexual males.Another things is that you're very young and you're probably beginning to become more aware of your sexuality.Try not to worry about labeling yourself-you're unique,just like anyone else as regard sexual preference/likes/ the words of Carlos Mencia " if u think that your gay then you are gay, thats his opinion but just be straight u won't get made fun of.Why does it have to only be straight/gay/bi? If you haven't had sex yet, you're a virgin. What's wrong with that option? Nothing. Heck it's the perfect answer for any age. Is it possible that you just admired those naked men? There's nothing wrong with that. Your eyes are blessed with sight and there's nothing wrong with noticing beauty. It could have been that the nakedness got you excited not the sexual identity of the people. There's nothing wrong with a naked body. What's wrong are the impure thoughts people have when they look at nakedness. The person who asked you to look at porn was in the wrong and sounds like they are looking at you with sex in mind. Run sweetheart. That's not a friend. If you wanna do a search on porn, search how many lives it is ruining.No matter whatever your age is, I say don't worry about your sexuality at your age. I was going through the same thing at your age, just don't let it get to you. Nobody is going to care if your gay or straight, ok some people might care, but those people are idiots who need to get a grip on life. The only thing you should be worrying about is your school work and your responsibilities. You have a girlfriend, and you truly love her. I had a girlfriend and I loved her too, but when it came down to it she fully accepted me for who I was and am today when I came out of the closet. Your true friends and family won't care weather you are gay, straight or bi. You have years before you even have to worry about having a sexual relationship. And its true; if you don't know, we don't either. And your probably just curious, so don't worry!At 14 your body is going through some heavy changes. It is releasing all sorts of hormones and things, simply put you are in puberty. I did it, my friends did it, it is very normal. You will find girls attractive, and you will find boys attractive. At this stage of the game it isn't am I gay or Straight, it is normal. Many guys do it, I've looked at the guys in the locker room, and online to see what the other guy has, it's curiosity. Some guys even get into sex with each other, it's experimenting. Sometimes called a circle jerk, guys will sit around and whip it out to see who was bigger who came first and how much. Just relax and enjoy life, maybe you will experiment? maybe not. Most of the times as the guy gets older and his hormones steady themselves he will realize that he wants women, sometimes he will decide he wants to be with guys. And even sometimes you just never make up your mind and sleep with whatever sex is handy at the time. Just right now don't sweat it. Being bi could have it's benefits. It increases your chance of a date on Saturday night.You are young, please don't be bothered about how you felt, it's normal. It's OK you are growing up and discovering your sexuality. You are normal, you maybe confused but I can guarantee 99% of people your age are feeling the same.Ur curious. doubt you are gay. people get aroused in many different ways and to be honest I get turned on by girl on girl. have tried it and liked it yet know i that i would only ever date a bloke. maybe the blokes turned u on for the fact that it was all to do with sex and at at some point, a lot get turned on by anything even more so when the thought of sex is involved so do not worry. look around the boys in your year would u like to take them on a date and when you answer that u answer your question. good luck.I have a lot of gay friends. They say they always knew they were straight. If you are worrying about what you are, odds are you are straight. You don't have to be gay or bi to appreciate a man's or a woman's body. You're full of hormones. Either way, you will be fine. Don't make others define you. Life is a journey and you're in the early stages of discovery. So don't freak out.just because you are sexually attracted to a naked males body doesn't mean that you are gay or bi, it just means that something in your brain is triggered that makes you sexually excited. screw what people say or think just do what makes you happy.At first, you have to know the fact that what is gay, bi or straight? Whether you are gay or straight or bisexual it depends on the sexual orientation. Not your general behaviors. Well is part of discovering. Don't worry a label isn't needed to fit into society. You'll find out as time goes by. - AnonymousYesterday someone asked me if I was straight/gay/bi and I said I was straight because I'm out with this girl which I do truly love with all my heart and alway will do. And he made me check up naked girls and naked guys on all the web images. I liked the naked guys. But this morning I now like the naked girls. And think the guys are sick. What the hell is going on to me? I always thought I was straight, always hoped I was. So can someone tell me what the hell is going on?

Well,obviously confused.I don't think that human sexuality can easily be categorized into neat labels.Basically,you like what you like.Just because you've been aroused by naked men doesn't mean that you're gay or 'bi'... I suspect that this is fairly common amongst heterosexual males.Another things is that you're very young and you're probably beginning to become more aware of your sexuality.Try not to worry about labeling yourself-you're unique,just like anyone else as regard sexual preference/likes/dislikes.

in the words of Carlos Mencia " if u think that your gay then you are gay, thats his opinion but just be straight u won't get made fun of.

Why does it have to only be straight/gay/bi? If you haven't had sex yet, you're a virgin. What's wrong with that option? Nothing. Heck it's the perfect answer for any age. Is it possible that you just admired those naked men? There's nothing wrong with that. Your eyes are blessed with sight and there's nothing wrong with noticing beauty. It could have been that the nakedness got you excited not the sexual identity of the people. There's nothing wrong with a naked body. What's wrong are the impure thoughts people have when they look at nakedness. The person who asked you to look at porn was in the wrong and sounds like they are looking at you with sex in mind. Run sweetheart. That's not a friend. If you wanna do a search on porn, search how many lives it is ruining.

No matter whatever your age is, I say don't worry about your sexuality at your age. I was going through the same thing at your age, just don't let it get to you. Nobody is going to care if your gay or straight, ok some people might care, but those people are idiots who need to get a grip on life. The only thing you should be worrying about is your school work and your responsibilities. You have a girlfriend, and you truly love her. I had a girlfriend and I loved her too, but when it came down to it she fully accepted me for who I was and am today when I came out of the closet. Your true friends and family won't care weather you are gay, straight or bi. You have years before you even have to worry about having a sexual relationship. And its true; if you don't know, we don't either. And your probably just curious, so don't worry!

At 14 your body is going through some heavy changes. It is releasing all sorts of hormones and things, simply put you are in puberty. I did it, my friends did it, it is very normal. You will find girls attractive, and you will find boys attractive. At this stage of the game it isn't am I gay or Straight, it is normal. Many guys do it, I've looked at the guys in the locker room, and online to see what the other guy has, it's curiosity. Some guys even get into sex with each other, it's experimenting. Sometimes called a circle jerk, guys will sit around and whip it out to see who was bigger who came first and how much. Just relax and enjoy life, maybe you will experiment? maybe not. Most of the times as the guy gets older and his hormones steady themselves he will realize that he wants women, sometimes he will decide he wants to be with guys. And even sometimes you just never make up your mind and sleep with whatever sex is handy at the time. Just right now don't sweat it. Being bi could have it's benefits. It increases your chance of a date on Saturday night.

You are young, please don't be bothered about how you felt, it's normal. It's OK you are growing up and discovering your sexuality. You are normal, you maybe confused but I can guarantee 99% of people your age are feeling the same.

Ur curious. doubt you are gay. people get aroused in many different ways and to be honest I get turned on by girl on girl. have tried it and liked it yet know i that i would only ever date a bloke. maybe the blokes turned u on for the fact that it was all to do with sex and at at some point, a lot get turned on by anything even more so when the thought of sex is involved so do not worry. look around the boys in your year would u like to take them on a date and when you answer that u answer your question. good luck.

I have a lot of gay friends. They say they always knew they were straight. If you are worrying about what you are, odds are you are straight. You don't have to be gay or bi to appreciate a man's or a woman's body. You're full of hormones. Either way, you will be fine. Don't make others define you. Life is a journey and you're in the early stages of discovery. So don't freak out.

just because you are sexually attracted to a naked males body doesn't mean that you are gay or bi, it just means that something in your brain is triggered that makes you sexually excited. screw what people say or think just do what makes you happy.

At first, you have to know the fact that what is gay, bi or straight? Whether you are gay or straight or bisexual it depends on the sexual orientation. Not your general behaviors. Well is part of discovering. Don't worry a label isn't needed to fit into society. You'll find out as time goes by. - Anonymous

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am a 24 yr old guy from Kashmir. And all my life I have been complexed about how I looked, when compared to people I knew. I had an issue since when I was a kid. Felt like I am from the other planet. I was not handsome and tall like the other guys. I was cute though and fair enough but still had punchy belly and heavy chest (breasted like women). & this thing lead me deeper and deeper into self consciousness and complex nature. Well I thought about going for injections and height increase therapies and diets etc. But guess as the time passed from school to college and youth age, I was busy with so many things around me that I could not work on the things, & never had anyone with whom I could discuss all this and take it any further. I was short, little bulged . & If it would just had been my belly it would have just worked good for me, but the male breasts have made my hide inside my cocoon & has actually hampered my mixing with the world around me, socially and mentally hindering my very self to an extent of becoming one loner. No sports, no activities by and large. It made me so very self confined that I could not mix-up well with the so called classmates friends, and nor the relatives or society as it should have been. I have not given it any effort though, like thinking to go and consult a doctor and get some treatment done etc. Well I guess if you have a problem, you need a solution and you need to self it for yourself or ask someone to do that for you. If you could not discuss some issues with your folks, you would need to to that with someone at least. I guess I could not find anyone meanwhile being so busy with other chores of life. From schooling to college and then the life at present.This has made me loose interest in myself though I struggle hard to look good and carry myself well. Still the fact that I am short height-ed and little bulky makes me different from the rest of the lot. Well and we all know it don't we that looks matter. No matter what you say or do, what's your age or whosoever you are. If you got good decent average looks, and normal height and body structure you would be admired, and if not admired at least not look down upon. I don't know if I would be able to do something about it. Just need a way to work it all up. It effects my sexual life along with my mental,emotional and social life, pertaining to uncomfortable and complexes. - Anonymous

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Small Package-Big Ego

This past Christmas I had to go to dinner over at my in laws. Lately, my husband's sister and I have been getting close so I told her how I felt about having no regard towards my husband's sister in law who happens to be practically living with my in-laws. That's only because when my husband and I were still dating, she got on my case as to why was I always baking cookies or making cupcakes and bringing them over all the time. First of all, my boyfriend now husband and I, happen to be really great friends who lost contact with each other and when we met again, we got together. You bet I felt we were destined. I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy, I couldn't help but did all those spur of the moment, out-of-love, things. So as I was saying, I was telling my husband's sister about it and the unthinkable happened. During Christmas dinner, where the whole family and friends were over, my in laws were saying grace to the table and they just so innocently prayed that all daughter in laws and son in laws should be blessed to get a long. I was like WTF? This is a Christmas Dinner and they take on the roll like they're all righteous to judge something that they didn't even have the decency to ask??? I'm so mad.

Sorry if a loser like myself is bothering you right now, but if you don't mind I would like some advice. Now, I don't hate myself. I just hate my life and the people that exist in it. I just feel like God just tries his best to screw up my life. I remember a time when each morning as I woke up I'd think to myself:"Oh no! Not yet another day!"I'd prefer to fall back to sleep again and never wake up.Back.

Help! I hate my life. I can't get anything going right.- No - Anonymous , Female (Age: 26-30), Africa


I'm a big believer in quitting. I think it's a good thing. You should do more of it. Yes, I did say quitting and yes I did say you should do more of it!

Sound odd? I'm not surprised. Maybe it's that neat-o 'survival instinct' of yours kicking in. Or maybe after years and years of hearing the old saw 'A winner never quits and a quitter never wins' you came to believe it. After all, since we were very young, 'quitting' has been defined as something negative. Real life, however, shows us that quitting is very often a positive force in our lives.

Employ the power of positive quitting. Most of us view quitting as something negative, but it’s not. ‘Winners never quit,’ we’re told, when, in reality, winners quit all the time: choosing to stop doing things that aren’t creating the results they desire. When you quit all the things that aren’t working for you, when you quit tolerating all the negative things that hold you back, you’ll create a positive ‘charge’ in your life as well as create the space in your life for more positive experiences.

I like thinking of possibilities. At any time, an entirely new possibility is liable to come along and spin you off in an entirely new direction. The trick, I've learned, is to be awake to the moment.

Persons and societies do not submit passively to surroundings and events. They make choices as to the places where they live and the activities in which they engage -- choices based on what they want to be, to do and to become. Furthermore, persons and societies often change their goals and ways; they can even retrace their steps and start in a new direction if they believe they are on a wrong course. Thus, whereas animal life is prisoner of biological evolution which is essentially irreversible, human life has the wonderful freedom of social evolution which is rapidly reversible and creative. Wherever human beings are concerned, trend is not destiny.

If you can quit few things, you'll be creating positive action in your life. But you have to quit first. It's a simple idea most of us overlook: To really be a winner, you have to be able to stop doing stuff that's not good for you!

A story I wanted to share...

A man sat at a metro station in Washington, DC and started to play the violin; it was a cold January morning. He played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes.

During that time, since it was rush hour, it was calculated that thousands of people went through the station, most of them on their way to work.Three minutes went by and a middle aged man noticed there was musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds and then hurried up to meet his schedule.A minute later, the violinist received his first dollar tip: a woman threw the money in the till and without stopping continued to walk.

A few minutes later, someone leaned against the wall to listen to him, but the man looked at his watch and started to walk again. Clearly he was late for work.

The one who paid the most attention was a 3 year old boy. His mother tagged him along, hurried but the kid stopped to look at the violinist. Finally the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk turning his head all the time. This action was repeated by several other children. All the parents, without exception, forced them to move on.In the 45 minutes the musician played, only 6 people stopped and stayed for a while. About 20 gave him money but continued to walk their normal pace. He collected $32.

When he finished playing and silence took over, no one noticed it. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition.No one knew this but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the best musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written with a violin worth 3.5 million dollars.

Two days before his playing in the subway, Joshua Bell sold out at a theatre in Boston and the seats averaged $100.

This is a real story.

Joshua Bell playing incognito in the metro station was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and priorities of people.

The outlines were: in a commonplace environment at an inappropriate hour:

Do we perceive beauty? Do we stop to appreciate it? Do we recognize the talent in an unexpected context?

One of the possible conclusions from this experience could be:

If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world playing the best music ever written, how many other things are we missing?

Remember to listen, Remember to smell, Remember to see, Remember to feel, Remember to stop, Time goes so quickly.

May the days ahead bring magical moments, And may we be conscious enough to recognize them.

So quit waiting... and take action. - Anonymous,29, Female, Washington D.C

Monday, June 6, 2011


I remember myself experiencing a lot of resentment because I had not been the one to create the problem. It was not my fault this was happening. It was not my fault this was true. And of course it was not my fault. In truth, it is no one's fault. However, the inadequacies, anxieties and false beliefs had created many of my problems. Problems being of course my own and others as well. Finally a light bulb went off in my head. If I stopped blaming for everything, then I did not have to stay helpless for the rest of my life. I then and there realized, It doesn't matter how much of a mess someone else has created; you can clean up the mess in your world so you feel good. Emotional health is worth the effort. I was finally at ease,

There were those simple things, and the worse ones too (bigger lot). From stupid excuses, explanations to a high potency ones.

I could feel it happening around me and with me/against me occurring insidiously sometimes even without words when you sense depression or anxiety. Feeling resentments and regrets assuming you are the cause or vice-versa.

This thing has always happened with me and the other person I was addressed by, while being completely strangers or closely known. It happens all the time. The people who are your's would listen to you calmly, and never fight, on the contrary will talk about it in the best possible way to sort it all out.

I am trying to quit getting blamed and blaming other's and have been moderately successful at weaning it down to some extent myself. However, without much forethought, I still find myself picking it up at times when I am tired or feeling sorry for myself. The blame game is addictive.

It does not mean that one should let self be taken advantage of or accept things that one has the ability to change. It also does not mean that one accepts wrong actions or live with resignation. One should concede that other people, things, and events do not have control over you. You accept control and responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions—things that are under your control.

Implicit in this new-found power of control is that you may not be perfect and may, in some ways, need to change. Change is most often positive and what, on the surface, might seem to be failure, is actually an important step toward your success. To stop blaming means that you must judge others favorably. We do this by first empathizing, externalizing, and making excuses for others. Finally, try to view your problems as situations that you can explain, rather than complain and blame.

Some people blame because they just want to prove there self right, & some people don't want to even listen to what they are being told, cleared up the things. It's not alway that you are blaming them, but it's a circumstance that you might just be clearing out certain things, that would sound hard, rude and not acceptable on the other side. Whether or not there be any reason behind it, one does it (1) all because of ego ,attitude and self prestige at stake, Not accepting self guilt or fault (2) Clearing the misunderstanding and being back to normal. Emotionally and Mentally sorting it out for a beneficial peaceful result. Its when there two are face to face, it's like one is saying and other is listening, or both would be fighting. But the one who knows that whatever happened was for no good, despite knowing the fact that the other side(person) reacted exaggerated to it in a way, that one could not take it anymore. One would but an end to the blame game. One would be at peace with oneself situationally, but would know that the person who blamed and fought on a mere issue unworthy of such situation has drawn both far from each other emotionally and mentally.

Understanding reasons is one of the things that will help one deal with blamers. By drawing our/their attention to the real reasons behind our/their behavior most of them will realize they were wrong and will stop throwing the blame on others. Else if they have blame-game on there agenda on cards itself, it can solve no purpose.

People blame others because of several reasons: Loss of control: Some people panic when they lose control of a situation and so they try to restore the sense of being in control by blaming others!! So behind blame fear might exist!!
Controlling you: Some people try to control others by blaming them and making them feel that they are bad. If someone desperately wants you to do something he might use blame as one of the methods to change your behavior. Labeling you selfish, arrogant or snob by friends is one of the common methods for controlling others using blame. They learned it from their parents: Some parents have failed to teach their children how to take responsibility for their actions and so they grew up as adults who blame others whenever something bad happens. Refusing to admit that they are responsible: Some people can’t admit failures and mistakes so they blame others for them in order to escape the responsibility. One common example is saying "I was late because the streets were crowded" instead of admitting that you should have taken the traffic jam into account Unable to accept what happened: People blame others when they fail to accept something that happened. Had those people learned how to properly accept events they would have never blamed others

Blaming others and feelings helpless: People who blame others usually try to hide their feelings of helplessness. If they didn’t blame anyone they would admit that they are not in control and that there is nothing they can do. By blaming others the helpless person takes the position of the accuser and feels more in control.

In some situations its OK to blame others if they were really responsible and if blaming them was going to prevent similar mistakes in the future but in most cases you must learn how to take responsibility of your actions and be in control of your life so that you don’t blame innocent people.

Lots of relationships end with breakups and lots of fights happen between close friends just because of the blame game. People usually start to blame each other when problems arise or when they find themselves unable to deal with a certain challenge.

The problem with blaming others is that it removes away intimacy and provides a good environment for seeds of hatred to grow between people.

Understanding the blame game: You might be thinking that people blame each other because of the mistakes they do or the actions they take but the truth is very much different than this. People usually start to blame each other when they become afraid and when they find themselves losing control.

Its the fear of losing control that is behind the blame game. when someone finds himself facing a big problem that he can barely deal with he starts to become afraid of what might happen. This fear eventually turns into a powerful energy that can only be released through blaming others. Some people start to blame others more often when they have a bad day or when they are feeling bad and they usually blame people who are not responsible at all for what is happening to them.

Before you start blaming anyone for anything that happened ask yourself:
I) Is he/she the reason I am feeling bad? or is it just another unsolved problem am facing? II) Am I having a bad day? III) Am I afraid?

once you answer these questions you will know if you really have the right to blame that person or not, and what you will find in most cases is that the other person should not be blamed at all and that its just your bad mode that is making you feel that way.

If you are looking for someone to blame then its your bad mood that should be blamed. Its your fears, you lack of control and your worries that should be blamed. Its your life problems that caused you such emotions that should be blamed. Its your helplessness and lack of life skills that should be blamed and not the other people.

I am not asking you to stop blaming people but i am just asking you to find the real things that should be blamed and then deal with them.

Understanding Yourself and others: Long ago I had big self understanding issues nowadays it takes me less than ten minutes to know at least eight personality traits of a person i just met. The first impression someone forms of me may be something like, “he is a nice guy” or “I like his shirt” while my first impression about him is usually a deep understanding of his personality, to the extent that I might discover things about him that his close friends doesn't know.

The factors are: one's personality,background and values. If you were able to determine some of these variables at your first meeting with someone then you will not only be able to understand him but you will even be able to predict his next move. The music that you listen to, the way you walk, the way you talk, your body language, your face features, your doodling, your hand writing and everything else that is related to you reflects hidden parts of your personality. By learning how to look for those clues and how to interpret them you will get this superior self understanding of others and of yourself.

Knowing exactly what is bothering you instead of feeling bad without knowing why. This in turn will allow you to take the first step towards happiness. Not feeling lost because you will know exactly where you fit in life. Whether it’s a career or a relationship, you will be able to know where you should go. A solid understanding of others, the more you understand yourself the more will you understand others. For example if you understood where self confidence comes from you will know what lack of confidence feels like and you will be able to understand shyness even more. Fewer bad moods, I am not saying that self understanding will solve your problems but it will help you feel better instead of feeling that you are fighting an enemy that you don’t know

This list could have been much bigger but i didn't want to make the article any longer, i am sure you now know the benefits of self understanding, allowing you to have a solid self understanding.


Who do we blame?
Remember in school when you would be sitting in class and the teacher would be giving the lesson, when you and a friend would be talking with each other and the teacher stops and looks at the both of you and scolds you both? Most of the time your friend pointed his finger at you and would say, "He kept talking to me!" Wow! What a way to shift the blame so he wouldn't look bad.

Why do we blame others? We tend to blame others so that we do not look bad. We have a tendency to shift the blame when something hasn't gone quite right People don't realize they are acting the part of a hypocrite when they judge another person by pointing the finger.

I was at a function one time and there were a couple of men. One was in line behind me (we were in line for a buffet) and he was pointing his finger at another gentleman that was taking more than his share. He said, "Because of him there won't be anything left of the apple crisp!" I reminded him that he too had taken more than his share of cake at a function, and as a result a little girl get to have any cake.

"Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye." When it comes time to accept the blame don't try to shift the blame over to someone else, or don't, as it is more commonly said, "pass the buck to someone else."

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is a classic example of pointing the finger at the other person. Genesis 3:9-13 tells us this: "And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou? And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat? And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat. And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat." Now here in verse 12 you can picture Adam shifting his feet, moving his eyes, and starting to sweat bullets and probably swallowing really hard because he knows he messed up, that he dropped the ball. So what does he do? Let's look at verse 12 again, "the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat." Looks like Adam is trying to shift the blame onto one other besides the woman. Adam says, "The woman whom thou gavest to be with me." It's almost like he's saying, "You know God it's partly your fault because you gave me this woman." I don't think it would fly though. Continuing on to verse 13 we find: "And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat." Now it's her turn to point the finger as if to say, "Hey God the creepy little creature tricked me so don't go getting on me." Wow! What an example of shifting the blame.

Are we just trying to cover our sin by blaming others to make ourselves look good? When people try to hide the fact that they messed up by blame shifting, they only dig themselves a little deeper into an ugly situation.

Psalm 32:3-4 tells us that, "When I kept silence, my bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long. For day and night thy hand was heavy upon me: my moisture is turned into the drought of summer. Selah."

Meaning: When we try to hide our transgressions and shirt the blame to another, the conviction is quite heavy, "thy hand was heavy upon me." The Psalmist goes on to say in verse 5, "I acknowledge my sin unto thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid. I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the LORD; and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin. Selah." I remember my friend's son who ate a whole one pound bag of M&Ms. I believe they were the holiday kind. Anyway, he asks his son if he ate the candy and of course his son totally denied eating any of it. He then blamed it on the cat. Later, he came to his dad complaining of a stomachache and confessed to eating the bag of M&Ms.

We all regularly face the choice to remain stuck or to pursue happier alternatives. This is popularly known as the choice between "being right" and "being happy." This author most definitely recommends dropping the shoulds associated with "being right." For self-righteousness alienates others, is often a shaky unstable prop for one's ego, and leads to unhappiness whenever "wrong" ideas/ people/ actions are in view. If self-righteousness or blame or judgments of any sort persists, being stuck and being unhappy also persist. To summarize, temporary blame is often essential to the permanent release of trauma knots, whereas criticism that persists is clear evidence of being stuck in unhappiness."

Therefore, when you find yourself blaming the weather, society, mother, men or the frying pan for what you are experiencing, ask yourself if you want to stay helpless.

If you are helpless and not responsible for yourself then you are a victim(someone who does not have the power to help himself or herself). The only true victim in our world is a child. Children do not have the power to get new parents or free themselves from the situation they are in.The act of being responsible for yourself is the act of owning your own power over your own life. You can do what is necessary to create the life you want. You can move pass your feelings about people and things and their maladaptive conditioning. You can own your own strength, courage and ability to live life fully and freely.

You can keep on blaming, If anyone is to blame (and I do not think blaming helps at all) if it does not end up at a point of mutual understanding, forgetting the flaws and problems and bring about a comfort level.
The best emotional health relationship advice I can give you is to "Give up blame." Hope it helps you set your spirit free. - Anonymous (Practitioner-Psychologist/Counselor) 40, Goa, India

Sunday, June 5, 2011


The “buddy” question… How to be your child’s parent when you are allotted limited time with them is the million-dollar question. While it is more important to me than ever to have a warm loving relationship with Child, I fully intend to be a parent while enjoying every second we get together. The balance between permissive/enabling “Buddy” and role model/teaching/loving “Parent” will be a constant struggle in the years to come. I intend to be a parent, but the easy route will always be there. Better to be conscious of the issue than to close the eyes and walk the easy path.

Am I divorced in my mind or am I long gone… No excuses, I am not moving back. I went for the trial separation for two reasons. (1) Because Wife asked that we view this as a trial and not a permanent step, and I will walk a mile barefoot through broken glass to accommodate her if it means easing the pain-to-come for Child; and (2) I have learned through hard experience that not all decisions taken in the heat of emotion are decisions that stand up to scrutiny over time, and as such, the trial separation serves as a cooling off period in which I can test the assumptions and evaluate things with the perspective of distance. However, as time has gone by, I am more certain than ever that the marriage is over. I have scheduled another appointment with my divorce lawyer, this time to move into the formal separation process. Meeting with Lawyer is on Tuesday, next steps to be documented as we craft the end game strategy.

Wife dating on Saturday nights… Yes that will a fun one to deal with. Child care will be taken care of in the way it is done now – either me, one of the grandmothers, or the baby sitter will be with Child. I am not looking forward to having my nose rubbed in this though. What am I going to do when she says goodbye and starts dating for real? No idea other than deal with it as I have had to deal with lots of other unpleasant things in my life. Then go out and get drunk.

Busy week and progress is being made. Two major events this week and lots of musing. Visited with the Divorce Lawyer in the middle of the week. Had a serious conversation with Wife, that she instigated, about the future where we both approached the discussion like rational adults. And for the first time in months I feel like at some point in my life I may be able to really smile again.

To summarize the situation, Child still does not know about the split, I spend every Saturday and Sunday at home, sleeping over on Saturday night (awkward!), and visit for dinner one night per week. The rest of the week I live at the apartment a couple of towns away and pretend to be on business trips when talking with Child on the phone. All the fiction is done at the request of Wife, but truth be told there is value in it to me, which has been proven out this week. I had hoped that by agreeing to live this fiction for a while, Wife may be able to see things for how they really are, which is what finally happened. More on this in a bit.

Visited Divorce Lawyer earlier this week who smells my money like a piranha smells a bleeding cow in the water. His advice – file right away, you lose financially by waiting, time-is-a-wasting, and oh by the way, there is a $10,000 retainer and total fees will be between $25k and $35k unless things get really ugly and then sky is the limit. And 2x when adding Wife’s lawyer to the mix. OUCH. And to add to the pain, when filing for divorce, Lawyer tells me that I have to come up with reasons for the divorce when I file. Given our situation, I will have to petition based on “Excessive Cruelty”, which means I will have to chronicle a half dozen or so examples from our relationship when Wife acted outrageously and then let Lawyer insert them into the filings so he can create a narrative arc. Though I have no interest in being married to Wife for even another minute, I don’t harbor any particular animus towards her and frankly this part of the process turns my stomach. Kind of makes me feel scummy to have to chronicle things that should stay in the marriage (or in an anonymous blog!) but not go into legal briefs which become part of the public record (Jack Ryan learned the hard way that these filings don’t stay private). But this is the crazy law of our state and I have no choice but to comply.

Wife has been asking to have a conversation with me for a couple of days and finally this afternoon we were able to carve out a half hour when child was watching TV and there were no other distractions. The entire conversation was respectful, rational and calm, though many tears were shed and much emotion expressed. She opened by telling me that the current situation was untenable and not sustainable, and then said that is was becoming clear to her that I am not showing any signs of coming back or that the marriage can be fixed. She then asked me how I would set things up if it were all up to me. I told her that I agreed, it is unlikely that the marriage could be saved and if it was up to me I would buy a two or three bedroom apartment within one or two miles of home, have a close and loving relationship with Child and a friendly and amicable relationship with ex-Wife. After a lot of talk about us, and some trust building around our approach to money and other family assets, we then started talking about lawyers and the costs associated with divorce. We reached a decision that we would look into mediated divorce, a lower cost and lower stress approach to divorce that has been growing in popularity particularly among people who are committed to going through the process in a way that is designed to minimize pain on the children and maximize respect for the needs of each of the adults involved. I have done some reading about this and will look into it in greater depth this week.

Prior to the conversation with Wife, I had already set an appointment with a real estate broker to look at apartments to buy (under advice of counsel). After the conversation I went to look at real estate and saw some nice places that would fit in my budget. Called my mother, had a nice dinner with her, talked at length about the situation. And for the first time in months, I see a way to get to the other side of this process and find a way to smile again. I hope that happens soon.

“What would have been the one thing that could have convinced you to stay?”
To summarize the answer – If Wife had remained more or less the woman I married and not turned into a stranger after Child was born the marriage would still be alive and well. I loved that woman, wanted to spend my life with her. Everything she represented herself to be turned out to be the opposite of the reality when the chips were on the table and it was time to start living out the rest of our lives. I dislike the Stranger and miss my Wife. But Stranger was given the opportunity many times to change back to Wife and it never happened.

On a happier note, Happy Halloween! I had a great weekend with Child, out to costume parties, both of us dressed up, enjoying the Indian Summer weather and the leaves falling and the beauty of fall but most of all each others company. Trick-or-treated together until we almost dropped, then home to inspect the loot. Played some chess earlier today, went for a long walk together this morning ending at our favorite pizza joint. It would have been absolutely bucolic except that every few hours I had to bump into Wife. The good news is that I can see how the future will play out and parts of it look nice.

Wife and I had another talk about trying to keep things amicable. We are both still committed to making it work but we will see when it comes time to dividing the assets. But an encouraging sign today when she emailed me information on an apartment for sale. She seems invested in the process.

I have a date on Thursday night. Keep your fingers crossed.

We finally did it. Broke the news to Child. Sunday morning, sat Child down on the coach next to the favorite stuffed animal, and broke the news. The second worst day of my life, only bested (?) by the day my father died from an aggressive cancer at the ripe old age of 54, and a day that I am sure that will live in Childs memory in fine detail for decades to come.

Wife and I had scripted what we were going to say, with Wife wanting to do most of the talking. There was no finger pointing, expressed anger, talk of falling out of love; rather it was of the “daddy is going to be living in another apartment and we are going to be a different kind of family from now on” type of speech, all of which was refined by input from several specialists in family separation issues.

In the past few months, Child has developed a less than totally charming habit of expressing intense frustration by making a short animal like grunt when confronted with a confounding situation. Late morning, we ask Child to sit with us on the coach, Wife starts with the telling. Tears start streaming down her face and Child rolls face down into a pillow, grunting louder and louder, almost screaming but with an intense animal like sound, legs kicking wildly with Wife as the target, clearly an effort to make the words start coming. I see the image in my minds eye several times a day and my stomach drops each time the memory kicks.

Finally the telling stops, no questions from child, many assertions of love are made to Child by both parents, and then Wife asks Child about playing with some toys. I volunteer to play trains, and Child jumps off the coach, heads to the train tracks where we then spend a very busy hour disassembling and reassembling a complex set of tracks. Spend the rest of the day doing typical father-child activities, some bike riding, etc. Towards the end of the day, I tell Child I will be leaving soon, before dinner, and Child asks where I am going. My response was to ask whether Child remembered the conversation earlier that day, and after the affirmative response, I tell Child that I am going to my apartment and will be back in the morning to have breakfast with Child. I visit again on Wednesday night for dinner and will back on Saturday. The repeat visits certainly help me and I think are good for Child.

Now for the interesting part. Child starts processing the new horrible information and starts making connections. Asks Wife “Do you think Daddy was traveling so much lately to get us used to this?” Wow.

On Monday Child decides to write a book, dictated in a very precise manner to Wife and illustrated by Child called “The Daddy Separated Family Book by __” which consisted of a dozen pages of heartbreak and ending with several illustrated pages showing my apartment building next to the house with people representing each family person in the appropriate places. Wife told me that the making of this book, a time consuming project, was cathartic to Child and has allowed for the opening of a floodgate of questions. Child has asked and I have promised to give a tour of my apartment on Saturday. Child has asked whether we can still ride the train to work together and have office visits like we typically do several times per year (the answer of course yes). Child wants to know if I will get a dog or cat (the answer is no and is met with disappointment). Child explicitly expressing gratitude that teachers at school were told so that extra hugs could be asked for when needed. The new reality is being figured out; the boundaries of the new playing field are being determined.

Of course, now it is out in the open. When people at the school know, have to figure the whole community will know soon enough. Which is a relief on many levels, now I can stop sneaking around, lying to everybody I know, and start living my life.

Monday morning woke up exhausted and feeling like I was coming down with a cold. Spent the day feeling bedraggled. Towards the end of the day, cleaned out the calendar for the next couple of days, left early, got to the apartment and went to bed without setting the alarm clock. Woke up 9.5 hours later feeling like a human being.

Next step, starting the formal process of divorce. We are going to try to do a mediated divorce with minimal involvement by lawyers. We want the same things, agree on most major issues, and are both acting rationally. Why spend all that money and emotional capital if we can get through this in a civil and amicable manner? Even got an email from Wife, the text of which is as follows:

“Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your integrity and respect during this horrible time. As hard as it is, I do know that it could be a lot worse. I am grateful to you for acting so responsibly. And I do think that you are a great dad.”

For the record and to be fair, Wife is devastated, weepy all the time, not sleeping and not eating. But as bad as this is for all of us, it could be a lot lot worse. We are going to make it.

A remarkable thing happened about a week ago. Like a veil lifting from my eyes, the depression that had been laying on me for the past four years lifted. Just like that, the gray wet blanket that had been lying on my head was gone. What is left? Feelings of deep sadness and fatigue mostly, but also an ability to feel much more keenly than had been allowed to me over the past several years. The business I started with a partner five years ago has been doing well, remarkably so in some areas, but I have had no joy from seeing the results of my hard labor. Why? The depression sucked the life out of everything. And what caused this funk? Being with Wife.

The sadness is much sharper now. I felt myself seizing up with tears the other day, all from thinking about the end of the marriage. Not because I was missing Wife or anything, just from the fact of the ending. This was the first time I had felt this particular emotion in any kind of intensity. In a perverse way, the sharpness of it felt good.

And I am tired. I try to sleep as much as possible, clearing the morning calendar on weekdays, frequently not getting to work until ten, but I am just beat. It is going to take time to recharge the emotional batteries. I would love to go somewhere warm for a while and roast on a beach, but I don’t want to go by myself. And I don’t want to miss any time with Child right now.

BUT, and this is a big but, I am also feeling good about things. Starting to enjoy the fact of the professional success. Enjoying time spent with daughter. Enjoyed the long walk in the woods last Sunday. Enjoying the fact that I can feel sad.

Went to see the Therapist last Tuesday night and she basically tossed me out. I had started with her when Wife and I split just before Labor Day. The goal wasn’t deep Freudian analysis, rather just to help me through this period, learn things about myself, help me develop some tools so I can be better in future relationships, and help me get out from under the grinding depression.

She thought that I had gotten to a better place, and in that last session, I was wondering why I was there. The net of it all was that the Therapist was very helpful for which I am grateful, and best of all, intuitively knew when it was time for me to fly on my own.

On other fronts, Wife and I will meet with a Divorce Mediator right after Thanksgiving. So far, we are moving along, though there have been a lot of tears from Wife, particularly when she has to deal with the fact that I signed a contract to buy an apartment. But we are moving on, and so far, continuing to deal amicably and with respect.

A portion of a telephone conversation with Wife earlier today:

Wife: “I don’t want this to happen.” (this being divorce)

Me: “Let’s look at it realistically. Our marriage is broken.”

W: “I don’t agree. It has lots of problems but others have worse and they stick it out”.

M: “C’mon. We haven’t slept in the same bedroom for a year and a half. I tell that to people and to my therapist and they are shocked.”

W: “I tell that to my friends and they are jealous.”

M: “We barely had sex once a month! This is not normal”

W: “Other’s have worse and they keep trying.”

M: “Well I feel sorry for them”

Is it just me? This is crazy. Why would anybody want to stay in a marriage when their spouse has moved out of the marital bedroom and sex has basically ended? I am 41, not 81. It is not normal to stop having sex this soon. I just don’t understand why she thinks the situation was preferable to what the future offers, which is being on your own, with at least the potential to find somebody that is a better match.

Well it has been a long time and maybe I will pick it up again. Stopped because blogging about the day to day grind became a grind in itself; the hoped for relief from writing just disappeared and in itself turned into yet another required task at a time when there was too many tasks and not enough smiles.

But life has taken a very pleasant turn. Settled into an apartment I bought in January. Getting furnished, getting settled, really enjoying being on my own. Child is doing great, better than could have been expected. Been seeing a nice lady for the past few months. All in all, no need to blog because the days were full and progress is being made.

But, I hope to pick it up again, fill in the blanks, tell the tale, which is not finished but it looks like it has potential for a happy ending.

The only question of course is why didn’t I do this sooner? - Anonymous

Saturday, June 4, 2011


A 24 year old from Kalispell, Montana, USA is a University of Montana student. She's a painter and a carpenter, an artist and an athlete. She's a student of computer science. & she's a transgender woman. She lives and volunteers and studies in Missoula.

She grew up in Kalispell. Her body was male but she never felt like a man, and before she started to transition, she tried to take her own life six times. The last time, she used a .50-caliber pistol.

"I stuck it in my mouth and it misfired," She said. "I honestly believe there's a reason I'm still here."

She didn't always know how to understand her feelings about who she was.

When she was 17 years old, she came out as a gay man. She threw herself into her studies and earned an associate degree and two bachelor degrees, one in electrical technology and another in wiring practices.

"I was at a point where I didn't want to accept my need to transition," she said.

She was busy and didn't have time to think about herself. Then, she graduated. Then, she lost her job.

"Suddenly, I had a lot of free time to myself and all of these feelings I had hidden away and dismissed came back," she said.

The incident with the pistol awakened her, and Sutherland took it as a sign that she needed to face the future. That or become a statistic, and she said suicide rates for transgender people are high.

As a last resort, she met with a counselor who works with the transgender community. There, she learned she was not alone, and that a woman as beautiful and amazing as her counselor had transitioned, too.

"I knew what I felt, but I didn't realize other people felt the way I felt," she said.

Sutherland, who had made plans for herself in case life didn't look up, said she left the counselor's office practically skipping. She was nearly certain she would transition.

The first time she came out as Bree, she still lived in Kalispell. A friend had done her makeup for a drag show in Missoula, and Sutherland remembers looking in the mirror and being more shocked than she'd ever been in her life.

"For the first time, I saw myself," she said. "I saw the person I wanted to be, and I felt nothing but utmost happiness."

She cried so much her mascara ran and her friend had to redo her makeup. She began living as a woman full time the day she moved to Missoula and found an apartment. She knew people could tell, but she didn't care.

That was Jan. 15, 2009. On the 20th, she started hormone replacement. On April 8, 2009, she got her name legally changed.

A year later, Sutherland has established herself as a leader and advocate for transgender people. She wants other people to find support more readily than she did, and she delights in the responsibility.

"I also have found a lot of joy in being able to help other individuals," she said.

She's on the board of the Western Montana Gay and Lesbian Community Center. She's the director of the Missoula Transgender Day of Recognition. She's launched the UM Gender Identity and Expression Resource Center and hopes to find space on campus for one of the largest transgender libraries in Montana.

She wanted to share her story because there's a lot of fear about the trans community, and many things people need to learn. Like this: The community estimates some 750 transgender people live in Missoula.

And this: Discrimination publicly doesn't take place a lot, but she's heard of countless cases difficult to prove where people were offered jobs until they had to show a driver's license identifying them as a sex not consistent with their gender identity.

"At that point, those offers were withdrawn almost immediately," She said.

Even so, She doesn't have any harsh words for people who disagree with her.

"I don't know their story, so I'm not going to judge them," she said.

She said she hopes the same from them. Other communities sometimes sacrifice trans people in such policies, and she said she's glad Missoula's proposed non-discrimination ordinance is inclusive.

More than anything, Sutherland said it will help educate people about issues the LGBT community faces and ensure basic human rights and equality for everyone.

"It's going to set a positive example for the entire state," she said - Anonymous

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Virtually Your's-2 Boy'FRIENDS

There FB conversations,messages, Messenger/Web Cam chat's and few times on the gay social networking site where they first met each other, Sunshine approached Angel, & it all began! along with the phone calls, sms's! This chat/messages dates back to the month's of Dec 2010-Jan 2011! between two Gay guy's! One called the other his 'Angel' and the other called him his 'Sunshine'!

It all started with a fairytale story! Until one fine day or say that moment when things started to went all unsorted/sorted, with all the misunderstanding or say understanding each other pretty well & there was a end to it!

From everything happening in middle of nowhere from everything going good and bad at the same time!

Jan 9th 2011 they met, for a period of more than and hour or so, it took time to comfortize each other, and then came the I love you and a hug! They ate, Angel made Sunshine eat with his hands in the same plate! They listened to all sort of songs, talked, slept over, had all the romance, But that spark was missing that was there in the virtual, telephony world!

They never made out as such to be precise 'anal' part of the sex! but rest they did!
they sipped in bacardi breezer and vodka! that was the first time Angel went in his life to bring it himself! had never gone before ever himself to get his drinks, since he either got it through his servant or driver!

Angel gifted Sunshine a pack of Chocolates that early morning! yes Angel has a look on his face asking to himself and Sunshine 'You did not brought anything for me from Kolkatta?' sigh!

The next day Angel went to drop Sunshine at the metro station through rickshaw! Angel could feel that it was not worth since there was no expression on the face, and the heart could not speak up anything and neither did it showed any signs of love and even a bit of care,understanding and values on the other side (Sunshine)!and the also the 2nd time when they met Angel had him dropped in his car till the metro station, that time as well there was no obvious interaction that should have been. This time Angel knew it was the last time he was seeing Sunshine! but the sunshine had already dawn!

Angel on very one day wanted to meet Sunshine for a family get together on Festival of Lohri, but Sunshine had an excuse of not coming! After that they just once like strangers! and never met again, and never ever plan to as well!
Not in touch after that! From Kolkatta to Delhi and not to Mumbai is where Sunshine is settled as the work part goes, that all we know! & Angel is the same, where he was!

They did tried to communicate though, Angel wanting to meet up occasionally and spend time and share in all the moments, and Sunshine having no time at all, with all the lame excuses! Later Sunshine asking him for favors to get some contacts i the corporate world, about his job and placement a number of times from the day they started till the time they met and after that 2nd meet & so on! So Angel had to call this shit off! Angel had to blackmail Sunshine, if you not meet me this time,since its been ages, despite your excuses every time, I am going to ruin your life! this was just an effort to meet up and see Sunshine once again, staying that night together, Angel trying all the means to hug and kiss his Sunshine, forgetting the past, but that same spark was dead! Sunshine was least interested, guess he never was, all he wanted was to use and throw, and someone in Delhi who could be of any use and worth to him! With a heavy heart. It just finished then and there! Sunshine had the audacity to sms later asking that we are friends right, can you help me out with placements and stuff, you have so many contacts! gosh, how can people go so unrealistic in approach from starting it off from all family and love and relationship and ending it to just a give-and-take shit!

'Do we need such people in our life who are just available for all the virtual romance ,sympathizing with words called' relationship','family','love' and playing with ones emotions for there self-centered urges.'

I would certainly not want the details to be unleashed, so I would rather have everything here be anonymous! - Anonymous

There FB Conversations

Angel>hi baby,ma hairy baby! muawh! Gudnite, take care, sweet dreams, God Bless!

Sunshine>happy new yr to u
Angel>happy new year 2 u 2 babe...have a blast

Angel> Gud morning.! just got up half n hour back! had cold coffee! was-up with you?! what you doing, or had been doing, slept or not properly?

Sunshine> I am really upset anyways, you just be happy.thats all i want.i never want to irritate you. I am somewhat like happy go lucky,but as I cant read your mood I cant predict how to behave. Be happy bye take care! Dunno but will wait for you for ever!

Angel> Now why are you being sentimental, about what? I am there for you! mad boy! I love You! See if you want to go! you can! i am not asking u to go away from my life! That's your choice. That's what you are thinking, and its not in my head!

Angel> Good to see you out of my FB friend list! mate, that proves all of it.take care, see-ya goodbye!

Sunshine>There is nothing but an annoyance which made me do so which I never wanted.

Angel>Good for you then!

Sunshine> Angel is not being good to me.

Angel> Well your deleting me proved whole lot of things, and there ain't any good angel can do now! for sunshine is all set, and dawn has come! angel wants to disappear too!after all. if u would not have deleted me I would have, n now I am putting you on ignore on yahoo and blocking you on FB as well! take care, God bless, cheers. Enjoy life, all the best for everything!

Sunshine>Please don't be so harsh!
Angel> Mr. ass. you deleted me from FB, so now its my time, to do want I want too.

Sunshine> Sorry angel, i will cry now.What's wrong I have reasons of not deleting my profile in there. If you got to know, you will be also happy but then again you always get me wrong. Please talk to me once. I am waiting for your call

Angel> Go n sleep, dis is not a time to wake up, when u have a college tomorrow, unless you are not going! Go and sleep. its too late. Good Night!

Sunshine> Do you actually want me to accept your add request? and delete after some days?

Angel> Dude...You were the one who deleted me at first pace, so now your wish, got it?, I don't want to talk about all this nonsense, had it enough.

Sunshine> That's so rude of you. After that if at all you remember I had sent you an add request even.

Angel>Well goodbye dude.

Sunshine>See look at the way you speaking. I am just clearing out the things!

Angel>You are just trying to fill in the words in all the wrong odd places! Wont be of any use for both of us! So It's over!

Yahoo Chat

Sunshine: thr?
* (Link: Angel)Angel buzzes Sunshine!
Angel: yeah
Sunshine: hie babe
Sunshine: u r really a superstar 2 me
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: :P
Angel: yeha i am here
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: :-*
Angel: :x
Sunshine: watcha doin?
Sunshine: xoxo
Sunshine: ♥
Angel: trying to close all da website
Angel: FB
Angel: n that gay networking site thingi
Angel: n try to yahuuuu u
Angel: :P
Sunshine: frnz r never alone
Angel: i need to go n take abth also
Angel: cum
Angel: have it wid me
Sunshine: he tickles in my tummy it feels so yummy u shud have a best frn too i dnt want any1
Angel: :P
Sunshine: :p
Angel: :)
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: cam hain?
Angel: nahin baby not wokring da cam is a old one.
Angel: u get one for me :P
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: i m thr 4 u
Sunshine: dnt hve bath 2dy
Sunshine: life is shrt n u knw wat?
Sunshine: i wana end up wit u
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: thr?
Sunshine: or fled 2 have bath?
Angel: i am here baby
Angel: wana go for bath
Angel: but want u to cum n be wid me
Angel: tooo
Sunshine: yes i actually wont mind :p
Angel: cum i wana cuddle u n kiss u hug u n hae bath wid u
Angel: seriously
Sunshine: babe???
Sunshine: listen m very hairy bt plz dnt leave me evr plz
Angel: oh cum on
Angel: i need u r love
Sunshine: P.S. I LOVE U
Angel: dnt worry
Angel: P.S i love u 2
Angel: :)
Sunshine: more than any1 can do
Angel: acha chalo main kapdey utarta hun ab
Angel: :P
Sunshine: nahi :p
Angel: tumahrey bhi or apney bhi
Sunshine: aha
Sunshine: u knw aaj subha mere ek frn ka phn aaya tha he is 4m kol itslf
Angel: den?
Sunshine: he gt 2 knw m hre n told me 2 join him 4 fun
Sunshine: n i said a big NO 2 him
Sunshine: samjhe
Sunshine: n m so happy
Angel: yes samagh gaya
Angel: kapdey to utaaro aba
Sunshine: okie
Angel: ab*
Angel: :P
Sunshine: n thn
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: :P :p
Angel: are u alone right now
Angel: where
Angel: wat u dng
Sunshine: hmmmm
Sunshine: in my room
Sunshine: in blanket :p]
Angel: wat r u wearing?
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Fri Dec 31 13:46:51 2010.
Angel: (l)
Sunshine: hmmm hvent shved\
Angel: dntya worry
Angel: love u as u r
Angel: i wana a wet long smooch
Angel: :P
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: :_*
Sunshine: :-*
Angel: i am in my undy just here
Angel: :P
Sunshine: love u muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: kk
Angel: n i want u here
Angel: now
Angel: cummmm
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: m thr
Angel: acha
Angel: sachi main?
Angel: joootha
Sunshine: see u can see me bt i cant :(
Angel: awwww...i know...i need to buy a new cam, dis one i was using was sum ten - 15 years old
Angel: dnt work anymore
Angel: tried connecting it n installing it n shit dosent work
Angel: ammi tumakey bhaaalo bhaaashi :) ♥
Sunshine: nahi dnt buy coz i will nt b hre bt close 2 u
Sunshine: same hre
Angel: whos dat
Angel: ur bro?
Sunshine: my yunger motu bhai
Angel: k small one.
Angel: hmmmmm ok
Sunshine: hmmmm
Angel: i wana bite ur ear.
Sunshine: all urs
Angel: n a loybyte on ur neck
Angel: loads of lovebytes i will gic u....every place i can....wherever i cud
Angel: giv*
Sunshine: gt a lot of compliments by my frnzn thr bfs 4 my lips n dimples
Angel: hmmmm dats wat i am gona see in real and see how gud they are.
Angel: heheheheheheheheh
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: brb
Angel: how much time?
Sunshine: he dnt knw m chattin on cam he thot m recordin
Sunshine: a single min gettin charger 4 another room
Angel: k
Angel: :)

Angel: mera bf :)
Sunshine: hie m back
Sunshine: mera bhi bf hain
Sunshine: ?
Angel: main hun na
Sunshine: n tht 2 smarter n best thn urs
Angel: :P lol
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: who else uska naam kya hai u knw?
Angel: hahahahahah
Angel: i dnt know
Angel: tel me
Angel: tel me
Sunshine: angel
Angel: i love it when u smile so keep smiling
Sunshine: urf garry urf Angel
Angel: see my status on yahu msngr
Angel: dats only for u
Angel: falling in love wid u
Angel: :P
Sunshine: sacchi kaal raat ko kya bola tha babae?
Angel: kal ki baat choro
Angel: talk abt present
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: u knw ?
Angel: dnt dig the past when present is sweet
Angel: n we need to worry abt future
Sunshine: i loved u kaal aaj aur kaal
Angel: picture banalo is naam ki
Angel: love u kal aaj or kal
Angel: :P
Angel: u r cuming to delhi on 9th? 10 am
Angel: right
Sunshine: yes
Angel: then why u said that u have a class on 11th dumbo, when i said u will be wid me at the night of 9th n u can leave by tenth!
Angel: dumbo
Angel: mereyko thand lag rahi hai i am all nude, in my undy :P
Sunshine: its sunday babe 9th is a sunday c u calender
Sunshine: aha go have bath thn ok
Sunshine: okie
Angel: oh ho dats wat i am saying u said u will be here on 9th and dats wat i said u stay wid me 9th night n leave by 10th morning then why u said u have a class on 11th
Angel: ufff
Sunshine: nope i said i hve my class on 10th\
Angel: so wat u can stay wid me 9th night n u can catch a metro early morning by 6ish n leave for ur class honey on the 10th
Angel: samghey
Angel: got it
Sunshine: yes boss
Angel: merey ko potty ayi hai wait, karkey aata hun.hold on!!!!! :P lol
Angel: :D
Sunshine: n mera jo ek chutiya room mate hai?
Sunshine: okie:p
Angel: yeah tel me
Angel: abt ur chootiya roommate
Sunshine: aha
Sunshine: back so ssoonn
Angel: i do things pretty fast
Sunshine: acche se kiya na :p
Angel: yeah yeah
Angel: :P
Sunshine: okie
Angel: are u still on gay networking site?
Sunshine: nahi kyu?
Angel: i logged off frm there too
Angel: was jsut asking
Sunshine: jaab aap ne bola u r loggin out evn i did
Sunshine: m hre 4 u nly babe
Sunshine: kya karo gay networking site mein?
Angel: well da day we meet we se v r dere mean to be wid eachtoher dat day i will delete my gay networking site a/c
Angel: samghey
Sunshine: so will i
Sunshine: just 4 u babe
Angel: same here just for u honey
Sunshine: wana see my rabbit?
Sunshine: in cage :p
Sunshine: poor her
Angel: show me
Angel: sure
Sunshine: w8
Angel: :)
Sunshine: seen???
Angel: yup
Sunshine: so?
Angel: so....
Sunshine: hd ur lunch???
Angel: so 9th is final
Angel: u r gng to be wid me
Angel: all da time all da night too
Sunshine: just 4 u babe
Sunshine: okie had lunch baccha?
Angel: yeha kind of had breakfast kind of ,,,,brunch in a way
Angel: will have dinner now
Angel: wat abt u
Sunshine: nahi hungry since mornin mum is screamin
Angel: hahahahahahahahaha
Angel: eat me
Angel: then
Angel: and lemme eat u
Angel: :P
Sunshine: wud love 2
Sunshine: human eaterian :p
Angel: :P
Sunshine: m on cam n thr r so many chutiyas sendin me thr self invited invitation
Angel: hahahah i c
Angel: be invisble then
Sunshine: yes i will
Angel: i wish i cud have shown u myself :( on cam
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed off at Fri Dec 31 14:14:45 2010.
Sunshine: bolo just on 4 u
Sunshine: koi na
Angel: :)
Sunshine: love u na
Sunshine: :P
Sunshine: :-*
Angel: love u tooooo a lil too much
Angel: forever
Angel: muaaaaaaaaaaawh

Sunshine: babe u thr?
Angel: yeah i am i replied to u even
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: nahi jao thn pehle have bath warna thand lag jaegi babe
Angel: i am awrm here chating wid u
Sunshine: u booze or fag?
Angel: thand nahin lageygi
Sunshine: :p
Angel: i do both
Angel: :P
Sunshine: k
Sunshine: chain smooker
Angel: na na
Angel: wat abt u
Sunshine: had a trip?
Angel: wat?
Sunshine: mein aapne room se dusre floor mei aaya hoo lappi k saath
Sunshine: :p
Angel: acha ji
Angel: why why
Sunshine: 4 lunch
Angel: hmmmm i thought u r gng to show me urself more on cam
Angel: :P
Angel: hehehehhee
Sunshine: crap :p
Angel: :P
Angel: dnt u wana show?
Angel: wud love to see
Angel: :P
Sunshine: u heard the breakin news?
Angel: TOPIC
Sunshine: see m damn hairy nahi nahi nahi
Angel: wel well well so wat, when i accepted u da way u issues, in dat right...u dnt have to be shy or worried abt anything
Sunshine: ki korcho?
Angel: nothing
Angel: waiting for u to answer me
Angel: n may be i can see more of u
Angel: :P
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: i wana remove ur tshirt :P
Sunshine: m in love
Sunshine: yes b on hold leme eat my food
Angel: k
Sunshine: will go 2 my room thn
Angel: oh ho
Angel: kya rey
Angel: wana see u
Angel: when can i ?
Angel: tel me
Sunshine: thr?
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: ♥
Angel: ya always here
Angel: for u
Angel: came online on msgr
Sunshine: babe
* Sunshine buzzes you!
Angel: jsut for u
Angel: baby
Sunshine: k pakka
Sunshine: dnt get a heart attck thn
Sunshine: kk
Angel: why heartattack
Angel: oh ur cam is closed
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: on ur cam
Angel: buddhu
Angel: n giv me a heart attack
Angel: :P
Angel: i wana get one
Sunshine: i knw swtieeeeeee
Sunshine: falling in love wid u?
Angel: question mark kyn daala?
Sunshine: nahi mera kya hoga?
Angel: kya hoga boley to? why?
Sunshine: u said u want a heart attack
Angel: ufffff.babbbbbbba
Angel: dis heart attack is all of love
Sunshine: ques mark 2 askin fallin in love wit whm?
Angel: heart attack dis one wud be a heartfelt ,,,one, for sumone loves me and i love sumone too, this heart ache n attack wud be significant
Sunshine: u saw baand baaja baarat
Angel: nahin dekhi
Angel: gawd are u gng to cum on cam
Angel: n show me or sumthing or not
Angel: dnt keep changing
Angel: da ....baaat
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: wat
Sunshine: lolz
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: bbb
Sunshine: deekha?
Angel: ur cam is offf
Angel: i told u
Angel: dat
Angel: 3 times
Angel: dnt u get it once
Sunshine: u like watchin movie goin 2 disc n stuffies?>
Angel: u r changing da topic
Angel: sunshine
Angel: if u dnt want tel me
Angel: wont ask
Sunshine: kya?
Angel: why u taking so much of time to reply me
Sunshine buzzes you!
Angel: busy in sumthing kya?
Angel buzzes Sunshine!
Sunshine: accept
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: nahi mummy was makin me eat mujhe maan nahi tha n wen she went 2 talk over phn mei food trash kar diya
Sunshine: aab bolo
Angel: why trashed food?
Angel: why not had it
Angel buzzes Sunshine!
Sunshine: yes
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: dnt feel like havin :p
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: i wana gic u a smooch right now can i?
Angel: giv*
Sunshine: anytime
Angel: i will do it for hours,,,,u dnt tel me ab stop it, becos i will keep on doing it non stop
Sunshine: m all urs
Angel: muaaaaaawh
Sunshine: kk

Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: :x:-o
Sunshine: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Angel: .............................
Angel: i get those dots................... i understand them :P
Sunshine: holes :p
Angel: idiot :P
Angel: lol
Angel: paaagal
Sunshine: polo
Angel: a mint wid da hole
Angel: :P
Sunshine: oh yes !!!!!!!!!!!!111
Angel: i seriously wud want u to be on my bed....seeing u in ur eyes constantly while i touch u feel u naked .....talkgin to u whispersing to u.....hugging u,,,,smooching u,,,,,n all dat.
Sunshine: oops leme gt mah phn brb a min plz
Angel: k
Angel: :)
Sunshine: hmmmmm
Angel: wana smell u n taste u all over.
Angel: so u better taste gud n smell gud
Sunshine: ishhhhhhhhhhhh
Sunshine: nahi
Angel: kyon?
Sunshine: :p
Angel: uffff dnt u turn notty n talking to u all dis
Angel: :P
Sunshine: hahhahaa
Angel: i am serious? tel me
Angel: dnt u? or u dnt want too?
Angel: or u dnt like?
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: ♥
Sunshine: i love them
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: n trust me m just urs
Angel: i c
Angel: so are u gna show me ??? :P
Angel: :P
Sunshine: ishhhh
Angel: :P
Angel: :P
Angel: :P
Angel: :P
Angel: :P
Sunshine: :P
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: :)
Sunshine: :-*
Angel: WAT
Sunshine: love u 2 my angel
Sunshine: hmmmmm
Angel: show me i wana see u all
Sunshine: listen
Sunshine: ???
Sunshine: !!!
Angel: WAT
Sunshine: I LOVE SME!
Sunshine: SME1
Sunshine: *
Sunshine: leme b serious
Sunshine: bt again
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: thr?
Sunshine: angel
Sunshine: awa
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: :p
Angel: are u showing me wat i wana see or not
Sunshine: kya deekhna hai?
Sunshine: ki korcho????
Angel: i wana see u
Angel: more of u
Angel: more of u
Angel: show me na
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: i wana see u
Angel: cum on cam
Sunshine: m back
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: u r lost
Angel: u r back frm where
Angel: god knows?
Angel: cum on cam
Angel: n show me
Sunshine: wat u wana see?
Angel: as much i can
Angel: u widout clothes :P
Angel: n i am serious
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: isssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Angel: cum on show me plzzzzzzzz
Sunshine: w8 leme change the room
Angel: k sure!
Angel: ya
Sunshine: bolo
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: haaaan
Sunshine: bolo
Sunshine: had bath?
Angel: gawd
Sunshine: ki stil nude?
Angel: why u ask
Angel: stupid
Angel: thigns frm me
Angel: all da time
Angel: n keep repeating them
Angel: tel me
Angel: i am still nude
Angel: chating wid u
Angel: wanting to see u
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: cum on cam
Angel: show me
Sunshine: m hairy
Angel: how many times are u gna tel me dat, n how many times i will say its ok wid me
Angel: or sud i say
Angel: u r hairy then bye for ever
Angel: wat uw ana listen
Angel: tel me
Sunshine: 1st 1
Angel: i know u r hairy,,,,want to see, u ,,,told u it dosent matters to me,,,wana see u more,,,,,dats it,
Angel: if i feel u r mine and i am urs, dat why asking u to show me urself.
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: kk
Angel: wil i get a cam invite now or still will take an hour more for that u to invite me on it, for ten times wud i ask u for it? again n again.
Sunshine: sorry i never knew tht cam gt dc
Angel: told u dat more then once dat it was not on! but u r a dumbo
Angel: :(
Sunshine: :(
Angel: i wana climb on u....right now can i.
Sunshine: yes
Sunshine: :)
Angel: wat u thinking?
Angel: tel me
Angel: wats in ur head?
Sunshine: wana hug u tite
Angel: aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh gosh,,,,,,wana do that, n never leave dat hug!
Sunshine: streachin :p
Angel: feivol ka jod hojayega kabhi chooteyga nahin
Angel: me 2 steatching honey
Angel: keep smiling like dis forever
Angel: u r my sunshine
Angel: i am ur angel
Angel: love u
Sunshine: if u b tr in my life this smile will b on my face 4evr
Angel: i will be dere,,,,,promise..........aaaaaaaah i so wana climb on u right now.....
Angel: smooch u wet ,,,,,,lip lock.....aaaaaah
Sunshine: hmmm okie cme over
Angel: me in my red jockey undy,,,hmmm right now...:P
Angel: u knw wat i like u,,,,,,,i want u...
Angel: i wana hold ur hand n propose u, wud u marry me?
Sunshine: :p
Angel: yes or no?
Sunshine: hold my hand 1st
Angel: :P
Angel: i will hold all of u
Angel: :P
Sunshine: \okie
Sunshine: w8in
Sunshine: hold
Angel: sunshine my bf :)
Sunshine: me
Angel: sunshine (Angel's cast) :)
Sunshine: y nt Angel (Sunshine's cast) :p
Angel: hmmmmm woh bhi theek hai :)
Angel: but i am gng to be ur husband and u my wife :P
Sunshine: :;p
Sunshine: :p
Angel: are u showing me more of u
Sunshine: :p;
Angel: i am so nude damn!
Angel: i wana do sumthing seeing u
Angel: :P
Sunshine: ishhhhh
Sunshine: cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee\
Angel: cup
Angel: !
Angel: nothing to cheee in dat
Angel: :)
Sunshine: cup
Sunshine: ?
Angel: :P lol
Sunshine: wats cup?
Angel: oh ho
Angel: !
Sunshine: santa
Angel: enuf,,! show me now!
Angel: i wana see
Sunshine: kkk
Angel: dikhao na
Angel: who are u talking too? now
Sunshine: rohan
Angel: k
Angel: now where u went again?
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: why u whistling
Angel: room lock kardiya kya :P
Sunshine: u saw me whistlin?
Sunshine: yes sir
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: hehehehhe
Angel: now show me! all of u ,watever u can show me...
Sunshine: i guess u can see a lil hair of my body chest :p
Angel: was just wondering when i suck bite n lick ur niples, wats gna happen, how wud dat happend :P
Angel: :)
Sunshine: :(
Angel: now dnt be sad
Angel: cum on
Sunshine: i dnt have hairs on neck
Angel: ur neck is mine
Angel: all da love bytes there
Angel: :P
Angel: vampire
Angel: kisses
Angel: :P
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: mujhe college bhi jana hota babe
Angel: matlab? where did da college came frm?
Sunshine: mark ho jaega na ?
Sunshine: neck mein
Angel: na dnt worry
Sunshine: coz of bite n vampire kisses
Sunshine: :p
Angel: then will giv it at sum other place
Angel: :P
Sunshine: nahi m all urs
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: u hve the nly rite or monopoly on me
Sunshine: theek hain :;p
Sunshine: :p
Angel: k honey
Angel: ma bf :)
Sunshine: my bf
Angel: muawh
Angel: mera shona bacha
Angel: :P
Sunshine: uncle :p
Angel: mela paaaalu mela pagalu
Angel: :P
Sunshine: my sweet2 honey

Angel: cum on now
Angel: show me
Angel: i wam waiting
Angel: :P
Sunshine: kya dekhna hai
Angel: u know wat.....i just tuk off my underwear as well...
Angel: :P
Sunshine: ish
Angel: i wana shag wathcing u:P thinking of u being here wid me n me making love to u,,,
Angel: :P
Sunshine: n wat abt u?
Angel: wat abt u?
Sunshine: i want u :(
Angel: i am urs
Angel: all of me
Angel: i love u
Sunshine: love u 2
Angel: tshirt utaaaaaaro na.......................
Angel: pant bhi utaaarogey kya..... :P undy pehna hua hai na :P
Sunshine: nhi hehehehe
Sunshine: :p
Angel: hmmm why dnt u shag wid me
Angel: then
Sunshine: nahi yaar
Sunshine: will do 1ce i c u n hug u tite
Angel: hmmmm show me
Angel: i wana see
Sunshine: daar lag rha hain
Angel: wat for?
Sunshine: rejection
Angel: oh ho
Angel: cum on
Angel: shut up
Angel: i am not gna reject u for sure watever happens
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: ':(
Sunshine: :((
Angel: uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Angel: i said i am not gng to reject u
Angel: then why the hell u dng all dis drama
Sunshine: scared
Sunshine: hahahha drama
Sunshine: ?
Angel: gosh
Angel: iam urs
Angel: dnt be scared frm me
Angel: wish i had a cam
Angel: wud have show u myself all nude
Angel: shagin infrotn of u
Angel: seriously
Sunshine: ish
Angel: lemme arrnage a new cam by tomm then most probably if i cud
Sunshine: i believe in real n nt virtual sex babe
Sunshine: nahi i can w8
Angel: when u lvoe sumone, nothing is real n virtual all are the same
Angel: u jsut need to see sumone u love, watever u are being shown n wat ever u r showing sumone, virtually for u know things in real are there, but when far,,,,virtual workd makes u feel connected
Angel: right
Sunshine: yes babe
Angel: hey bhagwaaaan
Angel: kab tum mughey dikhaogey
Angel: kab main nahaney jaunga
Angel: kab main kaam karunga
Angel: kab kab kab
Sunshine: k
Sunshine: chalo
Sunshine: leme shw u the reality
Sunshine: sooner oor later
Angel: yeah honey,,and u have already told me, dat u r hairy so i dnt have a proble, wid it.
Sunshine: n gt the feedback
Angel: just wana see u....feel u,,,,,
Sunshine: m damn hairy nt just hairy
Sunshine: (123) 'my small bro' ufff 2minz
Angel: k
Sunshine: b on hold voke :p
Angel: k

Sunshine: babe

Sunshine: i love u
Angel: love u 2
Sunshine: wana see u
Sunshine: shw mein ur koi different pic
Angel: arey baba,,,,all da pics ar ein here, will see if i can get sumone will update on FB n u cud have a luk at them
Sunshine: y u cant update urslf?huh
Angel: matlab
Angel: i will be uploading myself only,
Angel: who is gna do it for me
Angel: well cant share on yahu, will do it on FB
Angel: n yeah had so many pics, but my card reader not working frm past 3 months or so
Angel: so cudnt update new ones
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: voke
Sunshine: w8 rohan is a big time nautanki
Angel: never mind
Angel: its ok
Sunshine: after all mera bhai hain na
Sunshine: ?
Angel: :P
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: i am tired of boling now
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: k ready
Sunshine: :P
Sunshine: 4 the shock?
Angel: dnt call it a shock cum on
Sunshine: :p
Angel: ab kya hua
Sunshine: aha
Sunshine: half opened
Angel: i like it
Angel: show me
Sunshine: hahhaha
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: seen?
Angel: remove it all
Sunshine: seen hw hairy i m
Angel: utardo na pooora tshirt
Angel: yeah i like it all of it, dnt worry i like it, i like it,,,,i like it ,,i like it,,,,seriously.
Angel: cum on remove da tshirt completely
Angel: i wana kiss ur chest n play wid ur chest nipples....hmmm
Sunshine: k
Sunshine: k
Angel: i want u on my bed,,in my life, forever
Angel: dnt make a issue of u being hairy n all, u r just fine, and i like it
Sunshine: liar
Sunshine: u knw its the 1st n last time m doing u n will do just 4 u okie
Angel: i am serious
Angel: u know wat
Angel: i wana play wid u now...can i?
Sunshine: kya?
Sunshine: hahahhaha
Angel: i am nude ,,n i wana shag.! seeing u,,,,
Sunshine: m all urs
Angel: i wana lick u all over
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmm
Angel: hows da weather there?
Sunshine: angel i love u
Sunshine: m all urs
Angel: kapdey pehenlo thand lag jayegi !
Sunshine: okie
Angel: sunshine i love u 2
Sunshine: nt so cold
Angel: i am all urs too
Angel: well its so cold here
Angel: n u knw wat
Sunshine: srry i kept u nide 4 long'
Angel: seriously ,,,,i am gona trimm ur hair when i met u, its not dat hairy why do u say its too hairy its not much
Angel: no worries
Sunshine: it is
Sunshine: baccha m plannin 2 go 4 laser
Angel: well its ok, normal, nothing weird abt it
Angel: u can still be like this
Angel: u dnt have ot go for laser thingi
Sunshine: i wana gt smooth
Sunshine: :(
Angel: hmmmm for me :P
Angel: i like u da way u r
Sunshine: who else
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: just 4 u
Sunshine: n may b 4 the profession
Angel: i like u da way u r ,dnt have to so anything for me...
Angel: for the profession boley to?
Sunshine: 'audio visual media
Sunshine: aacha wat u doin nw?
Angel: why u wana get smooth for ur profession i dnt get it
Angel: well nothing just planning to go for bath
Sunshine: pehle nah lo dhand lag jaegi
Sunshine: u r done wit ur shag?
Angel: i just shagged seeing u!
Angel: sweety
Sunshine: liar :p
Angel: sachi main
Angel: swear to god
Angel: i did
Angel: watching u
Sunshine: on me :P
Sunshine: swear on me
Angel: yeah i did
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: so wats ur plan for today wat u gna do?
Sunshine: mite go 2 lounge wit cousins
Angel: great
Angel: dats nice
Sunshine: wana go wit u
Angel: u n me will soon! dnt worry
Sunshine: pakka
Angel: yes
Sunshine: m proposin u
Angel: promise
Angel: i already proposed u
Angel: sweetypie
Sunshine: 2 b mine all time till i die
Angel: same here
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: :p
Angel: dnt talk abt dying n all
Angel: hang on a sec
Angel: just putting status on FB
Sunshine: wat?
Angel: nothing special
Sunshine: k
Sunshine: miisin u
Angel: awwwwwwwwwww
Angel: ma baby
Angel: muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawh
Sunshine: xoxoxooxx
Angel: still wanted to know
Angel: why u wana get smooth
Angel: for ur profession?
Sunshine: aare my profession req ppl 2 luk smart
Angel: god no one is gng to see u naked
Angel: topless
Sunshine: nahi re
Angel: den ?

Sunshine: love uuuuuuuuuuuuu
Angel: me2
Sunshine: babe
Angel: yo
Sunshine: m playin a game on fb?
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: thr?
Sunshine: hie
Sunshine: aare
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine buzzes you!
Sunshine: thr
Sunshine: ????
Sunshine: ??
Angel: :P
Angel: :D
Angel: :)
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: :-*
Angel: 2
Angel: 3
Angel: 4
Angel: 5
Angel: 6
Angel: 7
Angel: 8
Angel: 9
Sunshine: 100000000000000000000000
Sunshine: infinity
Angel: love ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove u
Angel: love ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove u

Sunshine: love ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove u garryAngel is typing... garryAngel: love ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove u garryAngel is typing... garryAngel: love ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulovev
Sunshine: love ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove u garryAngel is typing... garryAngel: love ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove u
Sunshine: love ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove u garryAngel is typing... garryAngel: love ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove ulove u
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: hieeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: potty master :p
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: oh ho
Angel: ya ya
Sunshine: okie peace ho
Angel: wat/
Sunshine: shanti se karo ur so called potty
Sunshine: :p
Angel: ho gayi
Angel: kab ki
Angel: :P
Sunshine: :-*
Angel: cum n wash it for me
Angel: :P
Sunshine: itni jaldi
Sunshine: ishhhhhhhhh
Sunshine: nahi
Sunshine: yucks
Sunshine: babe\
Sunshine: angel
Angel: wait on call hang on
Sunshine: voke
Angel: where where where
Sunshine: hie babe
Angel: wait
Sunshine: voke
Angel: i am feeling hungry wait let me get sumthing to eat n drink hold on
Angel: u had sumthing khana peena? solieyey?
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: missin u
Sunshine: i didnt had netin goin on diet
Sunshine: just 4 u
Angel: chup oyey
Sunshine: wt chup
Sunshine: gt ur food?
Angel: having gazar ka halwa
Angel: u dnt have to go on diet
Angel: i am more
Angel: fat
Angel: then u
Angel: :P
Angel: i have to go on one for u
Angel: not u for me
Angel: :P
Sunshine: nahi mujhe patla hona hai coz smooth hone mein kuch time lage ga
Sunshine: :p;
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Angel: my yahu msngr is fcuked
Sunshine: by?
Angel: gawd
Sunshine: :P
Angel: i am gna fuck u
Angel: :P
Sunshine: plz do plz
Angel: hey hang on dis msngr is acting shitty let me giv it sumtime.
Angel: will cya in a while
Angel: let me eat n drink sumthing
Angel: feeling hungry
Angel: wait karo
Sunshine: okie muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: cum n s--- me :P
Sunshine: open
Angel: pagala
Angel: acha or bolo
Angel: wats happening
Angel: 'ur small bro' kya kar raha hai
Angel: motu :P
Sunshine: kya bolu babe
Sunshine: i wana suck u :p
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: i am all yours honey
Sunshine: he is doin sme pandit giri
Angel: like wat?
Angel: tel me
Angel: :P
Sunshine: pravachan
Angel: hahahahah
Angel: gosh
Angel: i need to buy condoms too :P
Sunshine: y?
Angel: uffff
Sunshine: wat uff
Sunshine: ???
Angel: phulakar gubarey banakar tangunga unko
Angel: buddhu
Sunshine: nahi b serious kyu chaiye?
Angel: wat?
Angel: oh acha
Sunshine: y u need thm
Angel: to fuck obviously
Sunshine: ??
Angel: :P
Sunshine: okie u gonna use them rite?2 fuck me?
Angel: i have never liked wearing them n fucking,,,,:( never enjoyed it wid dem on
Angel: i dnt wana use them while i do it to u baby!
Sunshine: so do i
Sunshine: coz u r mine n so m i 2 u so wats the point
Angel: love u
Angel: waiting for the 9th
Sunshine: love u\
Angel: its a week almost
Angel: gosh
Sunshine: 2
Sunshine: babe
Angel: :)
Sunshine: hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: so where were we
Angel: yeah face to face
Angel: seeing eachtoher
Sunshine: hw?
Angel: u r a dumbo
Angel: nothing
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: maaaf karo please
Angel: forget it
Sunshine: nahi
Sunshine: hieee
Angel: bye
Sunshine: nahiiiiiiiiiiii
Sunshine: kyu
Angel: WAT
Angel: I AM HERE
Angel: BABES
Sunshine: accept babe
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Sat Jan 01 19:13:15 2011.
Angel: prob wid my fucking yahu shit
Angel: wait
Angel: send me again
Angel: will try
Sunshine: seeihn
Sunshine: ??
Sunshine: /
Angel: ya u luking too sweet
Angel: u r too sweet to be wid me, u deserve sumone more gud luking n close to ur age maybe,,,i dnt know, dats wat in my head right now
Angel: wat u drank?
Sunshine: i love u
Sunshine: babe
Angel: kya piya yeh to batao?
Sunshine: tum mera hai thts it
Sunshine: chai
Sunshine: like a cold derink yucks tha
Sunshine: :p
Angel: u luking too sexy cute in this blue tshirt sachi main
Angel: wanted to lick ur lips while u were drinking n finished it,,,,,
Angel: :)
Sunshine: muahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Sat Jan 01 19:22:07 2011.
Angel: i take u as amy small brother, lover, bf, family, and all of it!
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Sat Jan 01 19:22:10 2011.
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Sat Jan 01 19:22:12 2011.
Sunshine: nahi no bro wala scene
Angel: lo karlo baat
Angel: ek to rishta jod raha hun,,,bro wala usmain bhi prob hai
Angel: dnt worry we shall have sex:P
Sunshine: m in delhi ka famous tshirt superman
Angel: acha woh peehcye kya hai teddy bear brown wala kya?
Sunshine: haaaaaa
Angel: hang on lemme see kaun aya bell baji n mom is on call hang on a sec
Angel: click sum sweet pics in this blue superman tshirt n send me na
Sunshine: okie
Angel: hang on ata hun
Angel: :)
Angel: cam why closed?
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Sat Jan 01 19:24:27 2011.
Angel: ek orr baat bolun?
Sunshine: yes plz bolo
Angel: when i saw u moving wid ur lappy gng to the other room, and then when i saw u wid ur phone i knew u were calling me, and i was seeing my cell and knew ur call it was
Sunshine: awa :p
Angel: mereyko teddy bear dikhao na.....
Sunshine: its some crappy tweeety bakwas dirty sa
Sunshine: though i love stuffs
Angel: oh acha
Angel: fir rehney do
Angel: :P
Angel: i love dem too
Angel: damn!
Angel: :P
Sunshine: okie
Angel: whom u talking too
Sunshine: w8 need 2 complain mum abt my small bro' 1 sec babe
Angel: serious stuff
Angel: oh ok yeah i guesed dat already heheheh..
Angel: LOL
Angel: why were u peeping on the lappy :P
Sunshine: bolo bacchaaa
Sunshine: puttin charger
Angel: apney andar ya lappy key andar
Angel: :P
Angel: lol
Sunshine: mera charger del mei hain

Angel: now smile stupid...................dnt be so serious
Sunshine: :p
Angel: why u luk so serious?
Sunshine: missin u?
Sunshine: guess whch song m listenin
Angel: crook?
Sunshine: nahi babe
Sunshine: m nt havin my lappy its my bhais lasppy
Angel: oh acha! den which song how do i know
Angel: lol:P
Angel: main koi antaryaami thodi na hun
Sunshine: thts y asked
Sunshine: quit wit playin games wit my heart
Angel: but i am not playing any games!
Sunshine: come n hug me
Angel: u r making me senti u know, i am crying chating wid u
Angel: its like happy n sad all mixed....
Angel: wat abt the mumbai programe?
Angel: who u talking to ,,,,gosh, ,,, kahaan kho gayey
Sunshine: masi
Sunshine: beside me
Sunshine: nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii\
Angel: ok n wat else u dng on net?
Sunshine: i wana go 2 mumbai
Sunshine: restrt karna hoga brb hang hogya fb
Angel: k
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Sat Jan 01 19:38:02 2011.
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed off at Sat Jan 01 19:38:05 2011.
Sunshine: back yes
Angel: k
Sunshine: hode dasso
Angel: hor dasso :P
Sunshine: sollie mujhe punjabi seekhne hi
Angel: acha ji
Angel: :P
Sunshine: aur bolo gve me sme work
Sunshine: assignment ,ok i will!
Sunshine: okie deadline sir :p
Angel: oh ho
Angel: well wat i think is....
Sunshine: okie i will
Sunshine: fikar nt thnx 2 kill my vella panti sss :p
Angel: u dnt need ot thanks me
Angel: i am ur hubby now:
Angel: :P
Angel: love u
Angel: for ever
Angel: dnt leave me or i wil die!
Angel: kapdey utaaro na
Angel: :P
Angel: i wana feel u right now,,,smell u taste u!
Sunshine: hehehe
Sunshine: massin cousins around
Angel: well then open my zip
Sunshine: thy r still bside
Sunshine: sharam karo Angel (Sunshine's cast)
Angel: arey just feel sunshine (Angel's cast)
Angel: imagination:P)
Sunshine: ok
Sunshine: sunshine (Sunshine's cast) (Angel's cast)
Angel: Angel (Angel's cast) (Sunshine's cast)
Angel: :D
Sunshine: hehehhehe
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Sat Jan 01 20:00:52 2011.
Sunshine: babe
Angel: hang on
Angel: kapdey utarney do
Angel: wait
Angel: :P
Angel: kidding
Angel: wait
Sunshine: bolo
Sunshine: babe
Angel: i wana suck ur lips
Sunshine: sure its all urs
Angel: my dick is so soft? like dat of a baby :P
Angel: heheheheh
Sunshine: awa
Angel: haath rakhtey hain moog par ubaasi leytey huey, nahin to mooh main kuch chala hayega :P
Sunshine: size :p
Angel: not much aroudn 6 sumthing never measured :P
Angel: wat abt urs, tum bhi batado, (Sunshine's cast) mat :P
Sunshine: 7
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: dunno
Angel: we shall play bat ball soon :P
Angel: :D
Angel: "P
Sunshine: bat ball?
Angel: :P
Angel: arey baba ur dick n my dick wid da balls playing bat ball
Angel: :P
Angel: lol
Sunshine: ishhhhhhhhhhh
Angel: i wana suck ur ear lobes n bite ur ear
Sunshine: m all urs baccha
Angel: arey baba
Angel: itni neend aarahi hai tumko
Angel: uffff
Angel: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawning
Angel: gosh wathcing u yawn i too yawwwwwwwwwwned
Angel: :P
Angel: love u
Angel: forever
Angel: will die if u r not dere anymore in my life and never fall in love wid anyone....n i am serious
Sunshine: m serious 2 baccha
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmm
Angel: for watever happend wid me lately wud da goa guy in sep n ending up on october. i was kind of destroyed then met one more guy,,,,n things never worked, n dis time if they didnt,,,,will just be a sex seeker n never love n be wid anyone throughtout my life
Sunshine: m thr babe
Sunshine: dnt think all thse
Sunshine: babe tum pix kab upload karega
Sunshine: ?
Angel: pata nahin
Angel: will try to buy a new datacard reader by tomm
Angel: but again pics are 2 months old
Angel: cam hi kharaab ho gaay dnt know how will it work :(
Sunshine: nahi shw still
Angel: arey best is
Angel: i will buy a new cam only,
Angel: wat say
Angel: lets see
Angel: :P
Sunshine: nahi m thr na babe
Sunshine: mei aa rha hoon na
Angel: acha k
Angel: i know if i get cam then wud be showing all of me to everyone and gud i dnt do dat n not been dng it frm long,....becos cam not working, been years ages,,,,wats rohan and u discussing wat u talking abt,,,tel me tel me
Sunshine: its abc my masis son
Sunshine: mausi 's son
Angel: dey both luk almost same but are not
Angel: he is much slim den ur small bro!
Angel: :P
Sunshine: tum cam lo ge bhi toh just 4 me
Angel: i want u to cum to delhi and go wid me to market n get my cell n charged checked wats wrong wid it, i dnt wana go alone n get it dorted need sumone to go wid me
Angel: heheheheh
Angel: hey tel me one thing are u gna get married ever?
Sunshine: ys
Angel: shaadi karogey?
Sunshine: yes
Angel: wat we happen of our realtionshsip then :(
Sunshine: dunno it will flourish babe
Sunshine: will marry u
Angel: hey i am serious here
Angel: n u r kidding
Angel: will talk later
Angel: when u r serious
Sunshine: m serious 2
Sunshine: m serious baccha
Angel: arey asking u if u geting married to a girl u saying yes then?
Sunshine: nope no ways
Sunshine: i will just gt married 2 Angel (Angel's cast)
Angel: well if thats the scene then fine!
Angel: ok sunshine (Sunshine's cast) (Angel's cast) :)
Angel: u lazy bum
Angel: so the work I told you too
Angel: samghey,got it?
Angel: :P
Sunshine: yes hubby
Angel: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw mela bacha
Angel: my love
Angel: ma bf
Sunshine: my husband
Sunshine: dare u dumo me
Angel: dumo?
Angel: oh dumbo:P
Sunshine: y so?
Angel: KYA WHY SO?
Sunshine: husband bola n u called me bf nly
Angel: dare u dumo me
Sunshine: dump
Sunshine: srry
Angel: ok jaisa aap kahein :)
Angel: ur hubby is urs and only urs
Angel: :Pp
Angel: u know wat, ek secret ki baat bataun,
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: dnt isssssssssssssh or yuck yuck ok ? :P
Sunshine: abt?
Angel: my dick is out frm last half n hour while chatintg wid u :) heheheh :P
Angel: eheeheheehheheeheh
Angel: :D
Angel: ab andar kar liya :)
Sunshine: kyu bhar tha?
Angel: was playing wid it :P
Angel: acha wait
Sunshine: woh sirf mera hai
Angel: sussu karkey ata hun
Sunshine: only mera hai n i can play
Angel: love u
Angel: i am more serious wid u now
Angel: dnt knw how n why but yes
Angel: i am
Sunshine: so m i babe
Angel: kya hua
Angel: why are u geting irritated types
Sunshine: saw rohan
Angel: kaun tang kar raha hai
Angel: oh i guessed right
Sunshine: rohan tha buggin me
Sunshine: black mei
Angel: black mail?
Sunshine: male
Angel: kaala aadmi :P monkey man'kaala bandar '' to suna tha yeh kaala aadmi kya hota hai...
Sunshine: pata nahi wana me call him again?
Angel: kya bol rahey ho?
Angel: kya hua? why chup?

Sunshine: aare thr?
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Sat Jan 01 20:41:05 2011.
Angel: i am always here
Angel: u wer lost
Angel: sumwhere
Sunshine: masi thi n kids
Angel: k
Sunshine: goin 2 learn sme cookin
Angel: nice
Angel: :P
Sunshine: coz wha aake sikhna hain n moreovr sasural mei bhi banana hoga
Sunshine: :p
Angel: :D
Angel: pehley mereyko khila kaey test karvaleyna
Angel: if i approve
Angel: then sasural key lieyey u will be ready
Sunshine: okie pati dev
Angel: love u
Sunshine: love u 10000000000000000
Sunshine: leme log out ek baar call karo 2minz k liye plz
Angel: aaaogey to merey paas hi, or kahin jaanye htodi na dunga ab
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Angel: ok miss call me
Angel: will call u
Sunshine: k
Sunshine: m ogin out 4m hre
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed off at Sat Jan 01 20:44:52 2011.
Angel: muaaaaaaaaaaawh
Sunshine: babe ???
Sunshine: u thr janu?
Angel: i am nonu shonhu monu
Sunshine: such a big name?
Angel: :)
Angel: miss u love u so much
Angel: hang on a sec
Angel: updating sum work
Sunshine: had fud?
Sunshine: :(
Angel: kya hua
Angel: yeah had
Angel: babes
Angel: kheeer
Angel: aaalu pooori
Sunshine: haar time on hold
Angel: n cld cofee
Angel: aw mera bacha
Angel: main hun na
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: mujhe roona hai wana c u nw
Angel: dnt cry
Angel: will try to show u soon
Angel: its so thand in here
Angel: uffff
Angel: i wana feel u smeel u taset u too
Sunshine: :p
Angel: check the thingi i posted in fb m the thingi (on work front/related ot my work n stuff)
Angel: wat abt my assignment thingi, that you wanted to do! are u on it?
Sunshine: work front????
Angel: check my latest fb uplaoded link buddy
Sunshine: okie i m well ur assignment will work on tht 2nitw via my lappy
Angel: ok kewl
Sunshine: u wana me read tht?
Angel: na na ,,,,aisey hi bol raha tha
Angel: just gng to uplaod some stuff on FB - work related :)
Sunshine: i thought u gona upload ur pic
Sunshine: i wanted 2 c u
Sunshine: u r my model
Angel: baby u r mine
Angel: n wud love u to be forever mine a star :) my sunshine
Angel: always
Sunshine: angel
Angel: :)
Sunshine: i wana drink smethin say a freshin juice
Sunshine: really dnt feel like eatin netin
Sunshine: m eatin almost nothin
Angel: kha lo baba
Angel: not told u not to eat or anything na
Angel: cumon
Sunshine: tumhe ?
Angel: merey ko complex ho jayega will stop eating too now
Angel: :P
Angel: eat me
Sunshine: nhi re i wana drink smrtin
Sunshine: busy aunty
Sunshine: :(
Angel: drink me :P
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: x-(
Sunshine: #:-s
Angel: my net sucks
Angel: big time
Sunshine: potty babe
Angel: :P
Sunshine: no its me who gonna suck u deep hard
Angel: i might not want sex wid u ever, for one thing in my heart n mind for u always is n wud be n wud be, dat u giv me all ur love mind body n soul and take mine and keep it wid urs always safe ....
Angel: fly wid me, live wid me, die wid me
Angel: with no harm to either of us frm either of we. want love and just love and nothign but the love.
Angel: sex is a materialistic desperation, for love aint one,
Angel: u r my family and be mine always!
Angel: be ur family be mine and mine be urs always
Sunshine: yes babe
Sunshine: m alwys ur bacha
Angel: ABC also liked my comment on ur pics :P
Angel: hehehehe
Sunshine: lolz
Angel: gud na?
Angel: :D
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: ek leme see
Angel: bhaalo :P
Sunshine: okike
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: listen sky in the limit in terms of words
Angel: yes
Sunshine: wana do rjin :(
Angel: oh ho
Angel: chup
Angel: jo kaam diya hai
Angel: woh karo
Sunshine: :(
Angel: me gng to make msyelf green tea
Sunshine: byeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: will be back
Sunshine: busy beeeeeeeeeee
Angel: Angel (Angel's cast) (Sunshine's cast) yahin par hai
Angel: :P
Angel: see my workupdate on fb
Sunshine: :(
Angel: dnt be sad
Angel: sorrry
Angel: tel me na
Sunshine: kuch nahi
Angel: wana move my tongue inside ur mouth right now....
Angel: :P
Angel: tongue*
Sunshine: :(
Angel: waat
Angel: dnt do this
Angel: i will be sad also then
Sunshine: aapke list main so sexy/so cute guys hain!
Angel: yes jaanu
Angel: but i am gna sleep wid u
Angel: not them
Angel: sooon
Angel: :P
Sunshine: did i evr ask u 2 sleep wit them ?
Sunshine: :(
Angel: make my lps wet wid urs right now, cum here cum on1
Angel: :D
Angel: muaaaaaaaawh
Angel: lvoe u miss u baby
Sunshine: One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love."
Angel: hmmm yeh kahaan sey copy paste
Angel: kiya
Angel: :P
Sunshine: kyu bolu?
Sunshine: :P
Angel: :P
Sunshine: To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia.
Angel: lub u
Angel: aaaaaw :D
Angel: wah wah
Sunshine: lub?
Sunshine: bihari :p
Angel: nahin rey
Angel: its sweet chulbuli kiddo language
Angel: to call love lub
Angel: :P
Sunshine: mujhe aapke saath rehna hai
Angel: awww mera bacha.....if destined if god permits dat wiil happen
Angel: bacha
Sunshine: uncle
Sunshine: m hungry nw
Angel: ok
Angel: start eating me
Angel: let me undress
Angel: :P
Sunshine: i need 2 see u 4 tht
Angel: hehehehehehe
Angel: u got to meet me for dat actually
Sunshine: :p
Angel: go n eat sumthing
Sunshine: nah
Angel: i wana eat u up 2
Angel: wats ur problem
Angel: wahy are u not eating propoerly
Angel: u want me to be gussa wid u now
Sunshine: u
Angel: or wat
Sunshine: nhiiii plz
Angel: then go n eat
Sunshine: mood off hai maan nahi hai
Angel: oh ho
Angel: why why
Angel: baby when u shall eat moodd will be all right n mann bhi theek ho jaeyga,,,main hun na, dnt worry abt anything, i am dere wid u in ur life now na,,,go eat. be happy, n make me happy too
Sunshine: u
Sunshine: wat u r thr nw na
Sunshine: ?
Angel: oh ho
Angel: we r gng to meet on 9th
Angel: be happy thinking dat
Angel: its just a week
Angel: will pass just like dat
Angel: and just imagine all da fun and excitement n nervous ness and all dat love
Angel: its so kewl..
Angel: :)
Angel: please eat, plz plz plz plz plz!
Sunshine: kya khao
Angel: eat plz. for me...
Angel: anything
Angel: sandwich
Angel: maggi
Angel: kuch bhi
Angel: purani daal sabji on the bread ,,toast, heated up ,,eat it
Sunshine: i cant cook hre nw
Angel: if no rice or chapatis
Sunshine: rice is thr pulao bt 2 oily
Sunshine: ghee hai usmei
Angel: go n cut sum fruits or salad have it wid sum juice or tea or cofee plz...and wid it a price or 2 of bread, with anything on it.
Angel: for mysake
Angel: if u love me
Angel: peice*
Sunshine: Angel (Angel's cast) I LOVE U
Angel: sunshine (Sunshine's cast) i love u 2
Sunshine: MUJHE
Angel: TUGHE?
Angel: wil u stop sitting on dis net and go n eat sumthing n cum abck wid all of it n tel me all wat u got...khaaana and pena and then chat wid me, and then i will reply to u,until den no reply
Angel: listen now u r making me,.....watever
Angel: who cares
Angel: u dnt wana listen to me
Angel: ever
Angel: do watever u want
Angel: ur life
Angel: who am i
Angel: right?
Sunshine: SORRY THR?
Angel: i am not gng to have my dinner tonite aswell!
Angel: yes plz. n kasamsey please eat n drink n then tel me dat u did dat, and make me feel happy about it. lemme go n chek bell baji hai klaun ayea hai and u better eat n drink
Sunshine: HMMM BABE

Angel: its fucking so cold
Angel: damn
Angel: dnt know
Angel: will have to go on yahu n check
Sunshine: :(
Angel: else go read newspaper
Angel: :P
Angel: baby i wana - u seriously
Sunshine: KK BOSS
Sunshine: SO DO I
Angel: kuch khaney peney ka hua?
Sunshine: U KNW HW 2 COOK???
Angel: well dnt knw how to cook chapatis
Angel: but can cook
Angel: rice
Angel: chicken
Angel: fish
Angel: bread pakodey
Angel: besan key laddu
Angel: kheer :)
Angel: maggi
Angel: sandwiches
Angel: pizza
Sunshine: WOW M VEGGIE
Angel: wat u know to cook ma sunshine
Sunshine: DAL
Angel: i never made daal :)
Angel: my hands are fucking so cold cant even type
Angel: cum n hold them
Angel: in ur hands
Angel: plz
Sunshine: KK
Angel: muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawh
Angel: want my tongue in ur mouth aaaah
Angel: badly
Angel: wana feel the earm breath
Angel: warm*
Sunshine: hmmmm
Angel: my feet on ur feet touching eachtohers....aaaaaah
Sunshine: my bussy legs
Angel: busy
Sunshine: bushy
Angel: na na its ok,,,,i like however they are.
Sunshine: hehehhe
Angel: theek hai next time show me ur legs n thighs on cam
Angel: wana see them also
Sunshine: nhi see them LIVE
Angel: khaam kha hi itna bushy hairy kartey rehtey ho itney nahin ho tum
Angel: :P
Sunshine: u will see them in real n knw
Angel: oh acha
Angel: lelmme keep my charger trimmer charged
Angel: :)
Sunshine: :P
Angel: hold me baby
Angel: touch me
Angel: feel me
Sunshine: wana see u mail ur pix plz
Angel: will see wat i can do
Angel: for sure
Sunshine: bye
Angel: why
Sunshine: will eat smetin
Angel: aisey rude bye kiya tha main dar gaya
Sunshine: janu aapka phn k connection kausna hai
Angel: aisey mat karna pyaar sey bye bye kehna or haan bye nahin cya kehtey hain
Sunshine: aha
Angel: vodafone baby
Angel: told u before also
Angel: go n eat n drink n then cum back to me
Sunshine: nahi
Angel: ok
Sunshine: i hve an airtel n reliance
Angel: k
Sunshine: in delhi n both sucks
Angel: :) i know
Angel: bigtime
Angel: acha now u go i will log off too n do sum work here n there
Sunshine: missin u maan nhi kar rha
Angel: missing u too
Angel: jsu tbe happy
Angel: dat we r toegther
Angel: we got eachtoher and u will have that smile in ur heart
Angel: n face
Angel: bacha
Sunshine: m loogin in fb
Angel: main hun ma
Angel: ok
Angel: chalo me loggin off now for a while wil catch u in sumtime then
Angel: will be bck soon
Sunshine: k m on fb 2 see ya
Angel: ok honey,,,chalo cya in a while then, me gng off the net for a while need to do sum work n stuff ok
Sunshine: u still hve long hairs?
Angel: no
Angel: medium
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed off at Sun Jan 02 17:11:32 2011.

Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: :(
Angel: wat happend now?
Angel: u didnt even told me u were gng back home
Angel: i was worried
Sunshine: aaare mum wasnt well as u knw she was coughing n papa came n typical screamin wala scene strted
Angel: oh k, is she better now?
Sunshine: nahi she tuk med
Angel: well ok if she aint better till tommorow
Sunshine: n went off 2 sleep abhi mein kya karunga pata hai
Angel: will suggest u n her to take sumstuff i will recomend n everyone is gng to be fine
Angel: ok
Angel: abhi tum kya karogey matlab?
Sunshine: guess kar
Angel: u will work on the ,,,assignment thingi :P
Sunshine: nope i will seee my bf pic acche se
Angel: ok jaanu
Angel: waisey did u liked da ones u saw abhi tak?
Angel: main bura to nahin laga na
Sunshine: bahut gande ho chi chi
Sunshine: shut babe tum mera aur sirf mera hain samjha
Angel: ok nona
Sunshine: nona?
Angel: i got a new card reader, to show u pics
Angel: i got a new cell charger to click n store in its memory card new pics n uplaod thru card reader
Angel: and i got a new web cam dat u can see me frm tomm
Angel: :P
Angel: only for u
Sunshine: janu thnq
Sunshine: shw nw
Angel: jiddi ho tum
Angel: i said na
Angel: kal
Angel: to kal
Sunshine: theek hai :(
Sunshine: watcha doin
Angel: jsut trying to check sum number in cell delete sum add new. deelete sms n all dat
Sunshine: okie
Angel: shifted sim back to y old samsung one na, frm the mummys nokia old set
Angel: dats wat
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: ya
Sunshine: i sent u the cam req
Sunshine: so tht can shw myslf
Angel: send again
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Mon Jan 03 00:14:02 2011.
Angel: kyon dhak liya
Angel: nangey
Sunshine: aare
Angel: LOL
Sunshine: :P
Angel: dere aint thand kya
Sunshine: nahi
Sunshine: a lil
Angel: chal fir sarey kapdey utar
Angel: :P
Angel: :)
Angel: :P
Angel: lol
Sunshine: batamiz
Angel: i wana climb on u right now..
Angel: naked
Angel: hmmm
Angel: under da blanket
Angel: n smooch u
Angel: and then dress up and leave
Angel: :P
Sunshine: shit
Sunshine: nw dnt disturb me leme see my bf
Angel: k
Sunshine: who is 123?
Angel: a hyderabad friend...straight, met him on orkut n then on facebk its beena long time, was there frm the time i got things going around in (up's n down's) in life n stuff and people came in my life, he knew al abt my bf's who were there n stuff, and he has been in touch ....likewise,not much though but still.
Sunshine: okie baccha
Angel: k
Sunshine: watcha doin?
Sunshine: had dnnr
Angel: had dinner ages back!
Angel: 9 only
Angel: well checking sum songs to be put in my phone and delete old ones etc
Angel: filtering stuff
Sunshine: okie wat u had
Sunshine: >?/
Angel: yellow daaal and roti
Sunshine: okie n cam band kar diya?
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: aunty haai diwali wali pic mei?
Sunshine: ut home is so sweet
Angel: yeah
Angel: thanks pics main acha lag raha hai:P
Angel: old house
Angel: acha listen
Angel: us aid na
Angel: asked
Angel: me
Angel: na why i clsoed ur cam
Angel: here is da answer.
Angel: --
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: u r in my heart in my eyes dat r closed and open, ur image is chiseled in my heart n barin,,,i can be stoned and dead or alive wud have u in my heart on my head always! i dnt need a mere pic or an image on cam dat cud move, for i see u in real or imagery of urs, all it matters is dat u r inscribed in my heart n on my mind - GK
Sunshine: kya?>
Sunshine: --
Sunshine: GK?
Angel: Angel (Angel's cast)
Angel: :)
Sunshine: copy paste hain previous texts se?
Sunshine: i knw baccha u mst strt signin it as Angel Sunshine (Sunshine's cast)
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: ?
Angel: yeah i am here

Angel: i see sumones number being replaced, sumones sms's being replaced wid sumone new.! old memories taking a u turn n da old one getting focused upon! i see it cuming back to me, the same scenarios of lovy dovy stuff, and i am often or most of the time intutively afraid to loose this one too, so i sit silently wid nothing to get excited about, for i dnt want the world to know i am happy and i have sumone again in my life! for i dnt know how to react wat to do ,n how to take it! for once bitten twice shy! its like, i dnt wana perceive,! i dnt want to deny either! for funny it seemed to be! love u make me happy but u make me cry more then u cud build dat enthusiasm in my orgasmic heartfelt emotionless heartbeats, and make me wonder n ponder again! for i feel a new breath of air , a new birth .for i for ever wished if this be not for real, it be no life! for wud love to end it all here! for it sud not happen again n again! sud be there for once and for ever!
Sunshine: Your previous message has not been sent. Reason: Maximum length (800) exceeded. You can recall the last message typed with Ctrl-Up or Up, depending on settings.

Sunshine: j wit ur mob
Angel: wat?
Sunshine: u r workin on ur mobile???
Sunshine: like filterin
Sunshine: ?
Angel: gowd nothing
Sunshine: hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: HI
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: cam
Angel: GO ON FB
Sunshine: sme suck is on in my fb w8
Angel: LOL :p
Angel: OK
Angel: khana peena ho gaya tumhra?
Sunshine: yes
Sunshine: aapka?
Angel: yes
Angel: done long time back
Angel: :P
Sunshine: sunshine Angel (Angel's cast)
Sunshine: :p
Angel: muaaaaaaawh
Sunshine: ]kaisa hai mera new name
Angel: perect ma sunshine
Sunshine: hmm angel
Angel: yeh stadel .kya hai?
Sunshine: its a lounge hre
Angel: k
Sunshine: cam
Angel: abey chup
Angel: pagala gaya hai kya
Angel: tu bhi
Sunshine: :(
Angel: ufff
Sunshine: itna ganda room rakhte hoo?
Angel: its a clean neat
Angel: room
Angel: nothing gand at all
Sunshine: i can see tht
Angel: i am serious...its a clean neat room
Sunshine: okie i love u n nt ur room
Sunshine: wow candles
Angel: :P u need to see my room, becos u r gng cum n live dere wid me most of the time :)
Angel: yeah i lvoe candles n inscense sticks
Angel: flowers
Angel: all in my room all da time
Sunshine: okie similarities
Angel: muaawh
Sunshine: cam
Angel: why are u after cam can i ask?
Angel: whya re u so fussy about things
Sunshine: u hve a pet?
Angel: no pet used ot have many earlier not now
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: thnks
Sunshine: huh
Sunshine: kya kar rha hain?
Angel: nothing just checking ur comments :)
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: :(
Angel: u logd off frm fb
Angel: kya
Angel: cud not see u, i logd off too
Sunshine: nahi

Angel: so wat u dng now
Sunshine: croppin my image
Angel: acha
Angel: i already cropped it n use it o my cell as ur caller image
Angel: :P
Sunshine: k upload tht
Angel: upload that or uplaoded dat wat r u trying to say ask or tell
Angel: ?
Sunshine: kuch nahi
Angel: :P
Angel: wat u dng
Sunshine: uploadin
Angel: uploading kisko:P
Sunshine: my ass
Sunshine: :P
Angel: yummmmy
Sunshine: wow i can see the cam option :p
Angel: :P
Sunshine: shall i ?
Angel: ek min
Angel: u know wat today i was feeling lil ill
Angel: tired n stuff
Angel: feeling cold n restless
Angel: well aisey hi
Angel: hota hai mereysaath kabhi kabhi
Angel: where?????????
Sunshine: aare\
Sunshine: kya hua ur healtrh\
Sunshine: babe\
Angel: just like dat,,,was lil down...
Angel: will sleep early today i guess
Angel: u say wat u dng
Sunshine: seein news on assignment cam dekhu?
Sunshine: 2minz rohan hain
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: ?
Angel: :)
Sunshine: head?
Sunshine: awa]
Sunshine: :-**
Angel: wat
Angel: :P
Sunshine: mera babe
Angel: :D
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: muaaaawh
Angel: seeets
Sunshine: seets
Sunshine: ?
Angel: sweets
Angel: :P
Sunshine: dhand nahi lag rahi aapko?
Sunshine: awa so cute
Angel: u r there to warm me up
Angel: na
Angel: islieyey nahin lag rahi
Sunshine: lolz :P
Sunshine: oye
Angel: wat
Sunshine: love u
Angel: love u2
Angel: u cum on cam tooo
Angel: buddhu
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Tue Jan 04 00:26:00 2011.
Angel: :)))))))))))
Angel: me blushing
Angel: u know
Angel: shying
Angel: :P
Sunshine: awa
Angel: so u r da only one to see me on cam, not even the other guy (my ex) saw me
Angel: :P
Sunshine: m blessed
Angel: wat u reading?
Angel: talking to urself?
Angel: :P
Sunshine: assignment ka ndtv neqws report
Angel: k shona :D
Sunshine: babe
Angel: ya
Sunshine: will read tht later leme see u pehle
Angel: k
Sunshine: copy cat
Angel: :P
Angel: wat u luking at
Angel: :P
Sunshine: my bf
Angel: ahm ahem
Angel: :)
Sunshine: lag gai thand?
Angel: no sweets
Angel: i got everythign dropped
Angel: for u
Angel: too see
Angel: :P
Angel: heheheh
Angel: so now since u see me on cam, main aapko kaisa laga?
Angel: hope u r not gng to reject me
Angel: :P
Sunshine: babe do i neeed 2 answer tht?
Angel: nahin
Angel: :)
Angel: wat u dng...beside seeing me n chating wid me
Angel: sunshine
Angel: :P
Sunshine: m just talkin 2 my chitya
Sunshine: so called xyz
Angel: oh acha
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: muahaaaaa
Angel: a big one 2 u 2
(null): Sunshine is trying to send you "emptiness official video song by Rohan Rathore iit student of guwahati .FLV [(Link:].3gp)].3gp".
Sunshine: nene aa rahi hain>???
Angel: me wud never sleep while u r beside me
Angel: i will even ask death to go ,,,,,whether it cums to u or me,,n tell death go away till we r together and mind it,
Angel: wat u dng rey
Sunshine: aare my rabbit was gettin notty'
Angel: like u and me :P
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: wana smoooch u
Angel: hug u
Angel: :(
Sunshine: plz do
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: u gonna b mine 4eva
Angel: dats a promise, i did to u on da very first day
Angel: dec 30th :)
Angel: its gna be da same always
Sunshine: cam k samne to aao can see half angel
Angel: ek min ruk need to adjust my coutch....n lie down there while i chat wid u,,,,sitting o nbed cant sti properly.
Sunshine: okie]
Angel: :P
Sunshine: see my pimple
Sunshine: :(
Angel: seeing dat only.
Angel: n da dimple
Angel: tooo
Angel: :P
Angel: i wana have dat tongue of urs in my mouth,,,,muaawh
Sunshine: nhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii\
Sunshine: :P
Angel: pagala
Angel: wat nahin?
Sunshine: nhi milega mera tongue\
Angel: acha dnt giv
Angel: wont ask for it again
Sunshine: babe
Angel: hey give me ten mins...need to adjust lappy ///feeling uncofy ,cant properly sit or liedwn chating wid u...
Angel: can u wait
Angel: and not log off plz
Sunshine: woh tumhara hi toh hai
Sunshine: okie
Angel: :P
Angel: mil gayi
Angel: happy now?
Sunshine: haha nhi
Sunshine: live
Angel: acha wait will be back asap
Sunshine: okie janu
Sunshine: You have been disconnected.

Sunshine: thr?
Angel: ya
Angel: just came
Sunshine: kya hua?
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Tue Jan 04 00:57:32 2011.
Angel: nothing honey
Sunshine: adjust??
Sunshine: missin u
Angel: :P
Sunshine: y :p
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
* Sunshine buzzes you!
Angel: yaya
Sunshine: babe
Angel: yo
Sunshine: watcha doin??
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: cam freeze ho gya?
Angel: main hi freeze
Angel: hogaya
Angel: ma system is old
Angel: sucks
Angel: bigtime
Angel: gawd
Sunshine: :P
Angel: hang on
Angel: for u trying to adjsut n all
Angel: so i can nicely talk to u while i rela n show u cam
Angel: wat u dng
Angel: ?
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: okie m tryin 2 get in u :p
Angel: :)
Sunshine: hug u baccha
Sunshine: 2 jism 1 jaan types :p
Angel: acha ji
Sunshine: hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: uffff
Angel: pyar main kya kyaa karna padta hai
Angel: gosh
Angel: cum on cam
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Tue Jan 04 01:08:44 2011.
Sunshine: babe
Angel: ya
Angel: wat
Sunshine: cute baccha
Angel: awwww u r cute baby i aint
Angel: u r my sweet bacha
Angel: :P
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Tue Jan 04 01:11:22 2011.
Sunshine: u r
Sunshine: w8
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: kya jaan
Angel: ab kya hua tumahrey cam ko
Sunshine: love u
Angel: :P
Angel: me2
Angel: cho much lub u
Angel: ami tumakey bhaalo bhashi
Angel: haaaaalo
Sunshine: accha
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Tue Jan 04 01:12:49 2011.
Sunshine: w8 nw smetin wrong wit my lappy
Angel: :D
Sunshine: restrt karna hoga
Angel: awww
Sunshine: gosh\
Angel: do pyaa rkarney waalon ko theek sey cam par chat bhi nahin karney dey raha zamaana aaj
Angel: wasioey sara din lagey rehtey hain ufff
Angel: gosh
Angel: theek hai tum restart karo
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Tue Jan 04 01:14:11 2011.
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed off at Tue Jan 04 01:14:14 2011.
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed on at Tue Jan 04 01:23:53 2011.
Angel: ya
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "sunshine (Sunshine's cast) (Angel's cast)" on Tue Jan 04 01:24:01 2011.
Sunshine: yaar '
Sunshine: uska curser kaam nahi kar rha
Angel: wait
Angel: wat is da eact thing it says when u switch on the lappy
Angel: tel me
Sunshine: kuch nahi it shwed ur touch pad is uninstalled n stuffie
Angel: u r now on difrnt lappy right
Sunshine: yes
Angel: woh lappy on hai?
Sunshine: hmm
Angel: wat hmm
Angel: yes or no
Angel: ?
Sunshine: yes
Angel: go to settings n click on da control dat lappy
Angel: do u knw where in ur styem is the touch pad software installed?
Sunshine: nahi :(
Angel: click on add/remove hardware
Angel: then tel me wat window comes and i will keep guiding u,
Angel: hope it works
Sunshine: kis mein hain :(
Angel: oh ho
Angel: jahaan window shutdown kartey ho na left start button
Angel: wahaan
Angel: settings
Angel: par click karo
Angel: then click add remove hardware thingi
Angel: settings>control panel
Angel: then add or remove harware waley ko click karo
Angel: mila>kiya?
Sunshine: kiya ctrl pannel
Angel: add harware ko click karo control panel main jaakar
Angel: window khuli>
Angel: welcome to add hardware wizard
Sunshine: nahi mera dimag is off i hve restrtd it gain
Angel: ohk
Sunshine: bunk it nahi hua thn i will shw my bro nw leme see u hre
Angel: pagala
Angel: let me try to repair it na
Angel: u can always luk at me anytime
Sunshine: abhi
Angel: kya abhi
Angel: :)
Angel: lappy to on karo woh wala restart hua
Sunshine: shw
Angel: cursor chala?
Sunshine: nhi
Angel: can u see the touch pad icon on the etreme right down on ur lappy sattus bar
Angel: ?
Sunshine: its says ur touchpad has been disabeled?
Angel: now do
Angel: wat i was telling u too
Angel: giv it a try
Sunshine: kya settins?
Angel: settings>control panel
Angel: add hardware
Sunshine: i hve gt cntrl pannel nly no settings
Angel: control panel
Angel: main jaakar
Angel: add harware clic karo
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: window khuleygi
Angel: tel me wat it says
Angel: welcome to add hardware
Angel: wat it says tell me?
Sunshine: nahi hai aaisa kuch add n stuffs
Angel: add harware hoga
Angel: bacha
Angel: search karo
Angel: control panel main,,,,,
Angel: acha nahin to go n click on the 'system' which wud be there inside...control panel window
Angel: if u dnt get add harware
Sunshine: hmm thn system?
Angel: syatem click kiya
Angel: wat it shows?
Angel: usmain click on the hardware tab!
Sunshine: view basic info abt ur comp
Angel: click on system properties
Angel: and there wud be a device manager
Angel: click on dat
Sunshine: nothin as hardware
Angel: device manager
Sunshine: nahi ho rha hain hunnnnnnnnnnnnn
Sunshine: i will die
Angel: oh ho
Sunshine: nw
Angel: buddu
Angel: ho
Angel: keep patience
Angel: wait
Angel: let me call u up
Sunshine: nhi
Angel: yes
Sunshine: love u

* Sunshine buzzes you!
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaa
* Sunshine buzzes you!
* (Link: Angel)Angel buzzes Sunshine!
Angel: muahaaaaaaaa
* Sunshine buzzes you!
Sunshine: 6ru78dhtrrrrrrr
Angel: fuk u
Sunshine: ''\cme 2 me
Sunshine: plkz fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: :)
Sunshine: cme 2 ur rite
Angel: lol
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
* Sunshine buzzes you!
Angel: :)
Angel: hmmmm
Angel: muaaaawh
Sunshine: muscles huh
Angel: :P
Angel: heheheh
Angel: lol
Sunshine: :p
Angel: hmmm
Angel: wherre ur cam
Sunshine: wat was tht
Angel: show me show me
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Tue Jan 04 02:07:19 2011.
Angel: baal theek hain merey or sud i go for military cut
Angel: :)
Sunshine: w8 mere bhai ka lappi hai it sucks
Sunshine: nahi hair style shi hai
Angel: k babes
Angel: i need to go n shop for undy:P
Angel: jsut have one new one
Angel: :P
Sunshine: so
Angel: n da one i am wearing is da red tommy wid loads of holes in it
Angel: :)
Angel: lol
Sunshine: ????
Sunshine: lol
Angel: dikhaun?
Angel: :P
Angel: heheheh
Angel: :D
Sunshine: muscles huh hehhehhehehehehe
Angel: did dat lappy run?
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: cursor chala ya nahin
Sunshine: nahi it sucks
Angel: arey baba wat i was asking u u never replied to it.
Angel: hmmm
Sunshine: seen the useless lappy?
Angel: oh cum on dnt cribb now
Angel: shut it down
Angel: kal subah tak
Angel: cursor
Angel: chal jayega
Angel: :P
Sunshine: kaise?
Sunshine: magic?
Angel: do watever uw ant
Sunshine: pakka
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: kya hai
Angel: u seem to be busy
Angel: wid ur lappy
Angel: why u asked
Angel: me to cum on cam
Angel: then
Angel: tell me
Angel: ?
Sunshine: 2 see ur muscles
Sunshine: :p
Angel: well take ur time
Angel: i am here
Angel: den
Sunshine: maine shut dwn kar diya babe
Angel: k
Sunshine: bolo
Sunshine: arreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: wat
Sunshine: kha gya tha?
Angel: sussu karney
Angel: :P
Sunshine: AAKELE?
Angel: tum bhi aajao
Angel: kathey kareyngey susu potty
Angel: ab yuk cheee chee mat karna
Angel: :P
Sunshine: no chee chee
Sunshine: :p
Angel: muaawh
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: 'rahega na mera?
Angel: yes
Sunshine: pakka?
Angel: god swear
Angel: heheheh me dancing
Sunshine: dancin?????
Angel: yo baby
Sunshine: y
Sunshine: ;;;;?
Angel: aisey hi
Sunshine: u hve a bike?
Angel: no
Angel: acha see my
Angel: cell
Angel: ka
Angel: wallpaper
Sunshine: cant see
Angel: dats simpson
Angel: :P
Sunshine: bahut brite hain\okie
Sunshine: kk wow
Sunshine: ukkkkkkkkkkkk
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Tue Jan 04 02:19:45 2011.
Sunshine: resend
Angel: :x
(null): Sunshine has received D:\New Folder\u1.jpg.
Sunshine: lolzzzzzzzzz
Sunshine: babe
Angel: :">
Sunshine: i love u cme 2 me na
Angel: i am all urs for ever
Angel: cum to me fast
Sunshine: distance sucks
Angel: dats why i never believe in distan relationshsip they never work if they work for a while then they end
Angel: :(
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: nw u shut up tum mera hai
Sunshine: thts it
Angel: ok
Sunshine: dhandu lag rha hain na???
Angel: not really
Angel: i can be all nude for u
Angel: :P
Angel: why u closed ur cam uff
Sunshine: nahi
Sunshine: aare dark hai u cant see anytim
Sunshine: stripe
Sunshine: "p
Angel: wat?
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "love is makin me mad angel" on Tue Jan 04 02:25:03 2011.
Sunshine: strip
Angel: u wana see my red tomy :P
Sunshine: hehehhehee\ love 2 c the holes
Sunshine: :p
Angel: kya bol rahey ho
Angel: i dnt get it
Sunshine: red undies mei hi hole hai na u said?
Angel: holes nahin dikhaunga
Angel: dhoondney padeyngey kidhar kidhar hain
Angel: :P
Angel: undy dekhni hai to bolo
Sunshine: okie
Angel: dikhata hun
Angel: i dnt have naything to hide frm u
Angel: i am urs
Angel: u r mine
Angel: :D
Sunshine: hehehhee
Angel: i need to get hard to show u my undy :)
Angel: aisey maja nahin ayega
Sunshine: ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Angel: cum on
Angel: dnt be a spolt sport
Sunshine: notty'
Angel: i am serious
Angel: why not
Angel: we dn thave anyone else ot be notty wid now just u n me
Sunshine: take off ur clothes
Angel: sure honey....make me hard na
Sunshine: wow
Sunshine: arre
Angel: wat
Sunshine: umahmmmmmmmm
Sunshine: stop playin wit chota Angel :p
Sunshine: awa
Sunshine: u r soo smooth :p
Sunshine: wow
Angel: like it?
Angel: wana touch it?
Sunshine: love it
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Angel: i got a dark dick :)
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: wana suck da lollypop
Angel: ?
Sunshine: stop teasin me
Sunshine: yes'
Sunshine: mera hai wo
Angel: all urs take wont go to anyone else
Sunshine: pakka?
Angel: god promise
Angel: it wants to go insde u baby
Angel: always
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: wow its rock hard
Sunshine: :P
Angel: semi hard hai abhi
Angel: u make it hard na
Angel: do sumthing wid it
Sunshine: shw :p
Sunshine: my toungue on thm '
Sunshine: teasin it
Angel: smoooch me
Angel: while u hold ma dick
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: n u rub it wid ur hand on my undies
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: kk
Angel: make it hard na
Angel: so dat it cums out of undy
Sunshine: babe i want it all
Sunshine: m likin ur lips wit my finguers playin softly wit chota Angel
Angel: yeah do it
Angel: plz
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: suck me n blow me up
Sunshine: ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: m goin mad angel
Angel: i want it in u
Angel: i wana feel u deep and i want u to feel me deep inside u
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: can see it seein me
Sunshine: hidin n teasin me
Angel: i wana shag now can i?
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: wat?
Angel: yes or no?
Sunshine: yes
Sunshine: yes
Angel: u wana see it?
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: badly
Angel: ok here it is, semi hard thought, enjoy....
Angel: dikhaun?
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sunshine: yes
Angel: ok dekho....
Sunshine: ????????????
Sunshine: aare
Angel: wait
Sunshine: :P
Angel: saw na
Angel: ???? dekha nahin theek sey
Angel: ?
Sunshine: seen
Angel: like
Sunshine: love it
Angel: gosh
Angel: ahm ahem
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Angel: :D
Sunshine: ki hoya?
Angel: u knw wat was watching ur pic
Angel: n dng it
Angel: yes done
Angel: babes
Sunshine: cuteyyyyyyyyy
Angel: i am ugly
Angel: dats wat people say :(
Sunshine: wat?
Sunshine: do u count me in them
Sunshine: ?
Angel: no
Sunshine: thn
Angel: i so feel connected to u now,,,,
Angel: showing u myself
Angel: oh gawd
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmm\
Angel: n seeing u da other day,,,
Angel: dats wat love is all about
Angel: when u r ready to strip and show all of u
Sunshine: f2f
Angel: face to face
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmm
Angel: yeah honey!
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: salman khan
Angel: hahahah
Angel: paagal
Sunshine: wats ur waist size ?
Sunshine: chest?
Angel: i am fat
Angel: :P
Angel: wid a ponch
Sunshine: :p aare so
Sunshine: shw shw
Angel: heheheh
Angel: paagal
Angel: milkar
Angel: dikahunga
Angel: :P
Angel: ab
Sunshine: nhi abhi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Angel: sab kuch thodi na dikhaunga
Angel: main cheez dikhadi
Angel: :P
Angel: paagal
Angel: u r
Sunshine: tu cheese badi hai mast mast nw shw
Angel: hey bhaggu
Sunshine: :p
Angel: uff
Sunshine: babe
Angel: thappad padeyga
Angel: wat
Angel: sona nahin hai tereyko aaj
Sunshine: shw
Angel: gosh
Angel: wat
Sunshine: belly :p
Sunshine: chest
Sunshine: side stand

Angel: oh ho
Angel: will kill u
Angel: ab kal
Angel: dikhaunga
Angel: when i will se eu more
Angel: promise
Angel: :)
Sunshine: mera lappi
Sunshine: :*
Sunshine: :(
Angel: ek baar
Angel: or restart
Angel: kar
Angel: lappy
Sunshine: 'nenu aa rha hain
Sunshine: stop beggin
Angel: restart
Angel: it na
Angel: once
Sunshine: doin
Angel: tomorow cum online wid cam, wana see u more babes...before we meet....
Angel: i hope u wont be shy
Sunshine: m damn bushyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Angel: oh babyyyyyy no issues na i told u before
Angel: all i knw i love u
Angel: and u love me
Angel: samghey
Angel: i dnt wana repeat this again
Angel: and i dnt want u 2 repeat all dis again ever hairyn bushy
Angel: now i am ur husband! u got to do wat i say
Angel: as i showed u
Angel: wanting to show u
Angel: samghey
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: nahi hua sahi
Angel: it has net connected
Angel: in it na
Angel: now
Sunshine: nhi
Angel: oh ok
Sunshine: its in this lappi
Angel: else u cud run n windows/microsoft update (dats on the start thingi itself )and it wud hopefully work
Angel: do u love me?
Sunshine: no
Angel: i dnt knw how was it all mend ot happen! being on pr and u finding me n messaging me,,and things gng dis far.
Angel: gosh no idea
Angel: destiny i must say
Angel: must say
Angel: hopefully....lets be hopefull
Angel: dec 30th we started it and now today its 3rd
Angel: 5 days
Sunshine: hmm i hve shut it dwn kaal subha bhai se hoga thn its fine else service centre
Sunshine: nahi it was 29th dec babe
Angel: we added eachtoher on fb on 3oth
Angel: dats wen my stats on fb said welcum sunshine to my life
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: sweets
Sunshine: nenee aa rahi hai
Angel: go n sleep babes then
Angel: have sweetdreams
Angel: gudnire
Angel: gudnite
Sunshine: so jao babe tumhe bhi aa rahi hai
Angel: no
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: was lil emotional not sleepy
Angel: i will work,,,,i never know till when it works..
Angel: da net i mean
Sunshine: emotional???
Angel: ya
Sunshine: y?
Angel: its like da past life flashes by...n makes me sad,,when i again meet sumone who wants to love me n stuff
Sunshine: goshhhhhhhhh
Angel: show me urself on cam for once wana see u before u log off
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Tue Jan 04 03:05:11 2011.
Angel: just dnt ditch me ever plzzzz
Sunshine: baba
Angel: its hard to keep falling in love again n again
Sunshine: i wont bachha
Angel: n addressing urself n realisaing...
Angel: it hurts
Sunshine: wat if u do?
Angel: i never do! told u
Sunshine: wat if tis time u do?
Angel: well at times i did it as well,but for gud,and yeah it was becos the other person did not deserved me, or was too odd and had no transparency in a relationshsip n love and dated others etc, etc,
Sunshine: cant kp my eyes open
Angel: go n sleep bacha
Angel: until u love me truthfully i will never leave u
Angel: go n sleep
Angel: giv me a gudite call
Sunshine: cross fingures tht wat i can say
Sunshine: kk i will
Sunshine: cya gud nite
Angel: n when are u gna work on the article n send me wat u did n all
Angel: cya gudnite
Sunshine: 2mrw evenin pakka nw lappy is a big prob again u knw
Sunshine: leme see
Angel: ok
Angel: go now
Angel: sojao
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Tue Jan 04 03:09:36 2011.
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed off at Tue Jan 04 03:09:48 2011.
Angel: muaaaaaawh sunshine
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: no
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: babe m missin u
Angel: keep on dng dat,, i dnt feel it here.
Sunshine: aare?
Sunshine: kya hua aapko achanak se?
Angel: told u,,lemme jsut do sum work, will chat later, let u n me get free and we shall.!
Sunshine: substitute for love, if not let it end right here!Fingers crossed?
Sunshine: thr i gt few such a borin task
Sunshine: awan yawn
Angel: WAT?
Angel: i am just lil busy wid work n stuff.!
Sunshine: [-(
Angel: gud be like dat only!
Sunshine: okie :(
(null): Sunshine is trying to send you "bgheart1.gif".
Sunshine: wat xatcly u mean by frenzy?
Angel: Frenzy is a Decepticon at times
Angel: A state of violent mental agitation or wild excitement. 2. Temporary madness or delirium. 3. A mania; a craze. tr.v. fren·zied, fren·zy·ing, fren·zies ...
Sunshine: thnq
Angel: welcum
Sunshine: plz spell cme n nt cum :p
Angel: k sure will take caer of it net time, i am sorry
Angel: care*
Sunshine: arre cum sun k kuch kuch hota hai :p
Sunshine: =))
Angel: very funny
Sunshine: :-*
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: ?
Angel: wat?
Angel: i have no idea
Sunshine: k
Sunshine: hey busy?
Angel: yes work
Sunshine: bhag k shaadi karni hain?
Angel: woh baad ki baat hai tab ki tab sochengey when da need arises
Sunshine: aare is saal ek accha muhurat hain :p
Angel: uff
Sunshine: 9th feb i.e, 9 2 11
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: ya
Sunshine: collected all the possible info n nw puttin them back for the assignment
Angel: ok
Angel: dear
Sunshine: bye
Angel: bye
Angel: hi
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "m off :(" on Wed Jan 05 13:36:09 2011.
Sunshine: namaste
Angel: choley kha saste

Sunshine: 'sup?
Angel: u tel me
Angel: just trying to work...checking mails n mesages n all dat
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: missed u a lot last nite
Angel: acha ji
Angel: sachi main
Angel: or batao wats happening at ur end
Sunshine: mucchi mein
Sunshine: nothin nene aa rahi hai
Sunshine: bt :(
Angel: awwwww u sud take a nap in da noon or evening then baby
Sunshine: nahi jana hai shoppin
Sunshine: n mujhe pata hai mujhe kuch pasand nahi aata
Angel: uskey baad so jana na
Angel: well yeah u sud have sumone wid u when u shop at times
Sunshine: he said he will b free in the evenin i said no need :p
Angel: who?
Sunshine: nhi direct raat ko
Sunshine: y so
Sunshine: ?
Angel: u said - he said he will be free in da evening, and u said no need?
Angel: who u talking abt?
Sunshine: abt asdfg
Sunshine: aaare mum n all get irritated coz mujhe jaldi kuch pasand nahi aata
Angel: who 'asdfg'?
Sunshine: 'asdfg'the Fashion Designer'
Angel: why wud u wana go wid him
Angel: he is still ur bf
Angel: kya
Angel: ?
Sunshine: nahi babe
Sunshine: u knw who is my bf
Sunshine: do i need 2 mention my bfs name
Sunshine: ?
Angel: den why u have to be in touch wid da people in past n still be in touch wid them and want them to be wid u
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: u r nuts or wat i messaged u
Angel: reply karo
Sunshine: aare he just wanted 2 meet me
Sunshine: aare aapka msgs nahi aa rha hai on time
Sunshine: accha baba
Sunshine: i wont meet any1
Angel: its not like dat....but still
Sunshine: mujhe usse jodhpuri pants lene the meine usse kha tha banane
Angel: when u have da present n have da future, u dnt need to be in ur past right
Sunshine: yes i accept nahi milunga
Sunshine: anywys m nt meetin him even
Angel: well or bolo kya shopping karni hai
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "m happy 2 hve ANGEL in my life thnx Angel muahaaaaaaaaaaaaa" on Wed Jan 05 13:48:38 2011.
Sunshine: aare i want sme footware jo mujhe pata hai yaha pe acche nahi hai n sme t shrts
Sunshine: jacket
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: watcha?
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: busy hoo?
Sunshine: 2minz plz
Angel: wait
Angel: mom is daanting me, she is here
Angel: wait
Sunshine: will log out :(
Sunshine: kk :p
Sunshine: bolo zara zoor se daantne]
Angel: :(
Angel: will call u
Angel: cya
Angel: bye
Sunshine: kabhi?
Angel: told u na
Angel: will call u
Angel: bye
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: babe
Angel: yo
Sunshine: meine publish kiya see nw
Angel: i dnt see
Angel: anything
Sunshine: c nw?
Sunshine: seen?
Angel: when u cum n see it urself on FB wud be better
Sunshine: huh seen my hubby is so gud bhagwan bhi nhi chata hum alag ho
Sunshine: i saw u liked it
Sunshine: babe
Angel: Who will be your best friend?
Your best friend will be sunshine (Sunshine's cast) in the year 2011. So thank your friend!
Sunshine: arre?
Angel: yeah dats wat i got too
Sunshine: saachi?
Angel: n i dnt know its not publishing
Angel: :(
Sunshine: aha
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: u knw wat i love u honey
Angel: same same!~
Sunshine: u gt any req 4m xyzee?
Angel: no in dis id i dnt think so no where else as of now
Sunshine: arre he is a fella who likes me n i said m engage he wanted 2 knw who is my bf i tld its u so he saw u said he hd send u an add req bt u dnt accept kk
Angel: i didnt got any
Angel: and why wud i accept him
Angel: :P lol funny
Angel: no go n see
Angel: my wall post
Angel: i shared it also
Angel: dat u r my best
Angel: friend
Sunshine: i swear
Sunshine: i saw it god many of my fdrnz gonna cme up 2 u nw
Angel: acha sachi main
Angel: dekhtey hain
Angel: :P
Angel: nahin xyzee ney request nahin bheja mughey
Sunshine: babe bt tum meraa hai
Angel: yes
Angel: (Link:
Angel: yeh hai na woh xyzee
Angel: anyways isney friend request nahin bheja mughey, gud acha hai nahin bheja main wasiey bhi accept nahin karta
Sunshine: i knw
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: thts y he is nt my bf
Angel: acha will u wait? lemme bring my cold cofee subah key baad pee hi nahin
Angel: and u had ur dinner n stuff?
Angel: wat abt the babji thingi u got my FB mesage abt her details na
Sunshine: hie
(null): Sunshine has received D:\New Folder\u1.jpg.
Angel: dis ones a much lot clear pic.
Angel: use dis
Sunshine: kk
Angel: i have messaged everyone like tons of people to comment on that assignment thingi, lets see who wud willing be interested to do dat! & wat feedback I get!
Sunshine: okie u want me 2 ask my frnz on fb?
Angel: about wat
Angel: no babes
Angel: we only want people frm media industry (known celebs) to comment and give dere feedback!
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: mera pic change nahi ho rha hain u do 4m ur end na
Angel: why not
Sunshine: id pw do
Sunshine: ?
Angel: arey baba
Angel: wait
Angel: giv me ten
Angel: mins let me just update kid models one compcard
Sunshine: loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Angel: me2
Angel: lub u
Angel: chup ab
Angel: kaam karo
Sunshine: i wana get married
Angel: me2
Sunshine: i really wana get married
Angel: me2
Angel: ab chup
Sunshine: >:p
Angel: watu dng babes
Sunshine: sex
Angel: go to hell den
Sunshine: babe kidddin
Sunshine: yaar aapke siva mera kaun hain
Angel: are u thru wid da babji thingi
Sunshine: nhi foin
Sunshine: doin
Angel: k
Sunshine: cam?
Angel: kaam karley
Angel: or mughey bhi karney
Angel: dey
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: babe
Angel: ya
Sunshine: missin u
Angel: aaaaaaaaaaw
Angel: its 6 today
Angel: u r gng to be here on 9th
Sunshine: its just early hours of 6th
Sunshine: u r no longer excited?
Angel: awwww
Angel: i dnt know wat to say how to react
Angel: seriously i dnt wana fake
Angel: i am neutral
Angel: lil excited dat iwe r gng to meet
Angel: rest i dnt know
Sunshine: n wat is the rest lil?
Angel: oh ho
Angel: kaam karo
Sunshine: m scared
Angel: about wat
Sunshine: dnt wana loose u at all
Angel: u r not gng to loose me frm my side at all until now there are no issues frm my side
Angel: lets meet n see
Angel: later
Angel: got it
Sunshine: aare
Sunshine: i will die
Angel: tum apney hi judgements or apney hi thought process main question answer kartey raho
Angel: idiot u r
Sunshine: :(
Angel: stop being so kiddish n difficult
Angel: ok
Angel: plz
Sunshine: k
Angel: as of now i love u and i want u as much as u love me n want me sanghey
Angel: now do work

Angel: wats u dng bacha
Sunshine: readin ur material lost my usb ka cap lukin 4 tht evn
Angel: i kep loosing such things tooo,,,,at times, its so irritating
Angel: well gud do it today and send me will have a luk and do da needful bacha
Sunshine: i swear kaal bhi kho gya tha
Angel: :)
Angel: mera bacha
Angel: mil jayega
Angel: shona
Angel: dnt worry
Angel: love u
Angel: miss u
Angel: muaaawh
Angel: my sunshine
Sunshine: love u loads
Sunshine: my angel the babies r so damn cute
Angel: yeah :) well had to put it on my sites, since people thought i am only dndg male n female models, but we do kids too, so will psot more have so many folios
Angel: :P
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: ufffffffffffffffffffffffff
Angel: ufffff
Angel: hang on on call babes
Angel: u dere
Angel: bacha
Angel: wat u dng
Sunshine: yes
Sunshine: lil sleepy
Angel: cma on karo na
Sunshine: 1min
Angel: k
Angel: shona
Sunshine: ur cam?
Angel: oh acha
Angel: hmmmm
Angel: wait
Sunshine: :p
Angel: did da babji thingi? kya
Angel: babes
Angel: so u gng for shopping tomm also?
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Thu Jan 06 01:29:25 2011.
Angel: hows moms health now
Sunshine: nhi
Sunshine: m doin tht tryin 2 read n get the best \
Angel: i lov eu for dat, n thanks for it sweety
Sunshine: 4 wat?
Angel: kuch nahin!
Angel: sab kuch
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: :)
Sunshine: :(
Angel: arey u dng da babji thingi for me na
Angel: for dat
Angel: sweety
Angel: u got my cams invite.
Sunshine: aare
Sunshine: yes m acceptin n its sayin nt connected
Angel: wait leme do potty n cum! wait,
Sunshine: huh
Angel: :)
Angel: sirf sussu kiya, potty nahin ki, will do it later
Sunshine: not connected
Sunshine: jao kar ke aao
Angel: i will,,,,thoda feeling aajayeye achey sey pehley
Angel: merey lieyey kya la rahey ho kolkatta sey
Angel: :)
Sunshine: :P
Angel: why u closed ur cam
Angel: stupid
Sunshine: wat u want?
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Thu Jan 06 01:33:23 2011.
Angel: now i dnt knw wats wrong wid my cam
Angel: wait
Angel: achi si undy:P
Angel: :P hehehe
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: medium size?
Angel: dnt ask me dat, dnt know! well kuch brand key medium atey hain to kuch key large....
Angel: :P
Sunshine: hmmmm
Angel: well i will see if ur fits me will keep it else will go shoping n u can buy me a undy frm delhi itself
Angel: :P
Sunshine: okie i will sponsor kk
Angel: >:)
Sunshine: wats wrng wt ur cam?
Angel: dnt knw
Angel: just trying to connect in da other port thingi.
Angel: try now
Angel: it sud work
Sunshine: sme nt connected
Angel: oh ho ...dekhta hun
Sunshine: :(
Angel: dnt worry shona
Angel: acha ata hun porrty lkarkey fir dekhta hun wats wrng may be i beed to sign off frm mesagngr n login again
Sunshine: k gve me a missi k
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Thu Jan 06 01:40:05 2011.
Angel: i will log off n log in and do it when i am online, babes
Angel: Check out this video on YouTube:

Janosh a Danish/Dutch Artist creates digitalimages of Arcturians activation codes coincidentally and simultaneously with crop circles appearing all over the world then explains their meanings e g gratitude or forgiveness.
watch this and you will feel the activation yourself


Sunshine: hi
Sunshine: hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed on at Thu Jan 06 01:58:40 2011.
Sunshine: hieeeeer
Angel: wat was dat wow thingi tel me
Sunshine: babe
Angel: i wana know
Sunshine: arre its my bros sms tune
Sunshine: its says sms hey wow'
Angel: pehely u say it was a song now u say bros sms tune
Angel: chalo choro mughey kya leyna deyna hai
Angel: acha say wat uw ana say to me
Sunshine: aare tone sorry
Sunshine: i love u
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Thu Jan 06 02:00:01 2011.
Angel: oh was dat wat u wnated ot say me on phone
Angel: wah wah light on hai
Angel: kya baa thai
Angel: muaaaaaaaawh sexy
Sunshine: was seein ur video
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: which video?
Sunshine: aapka cam?
Angel: tshirt utaro na :P
Angel: kidding
Angel: :)
Sunshine: watch dis one!
Angel: oh acha yeah sumone had send me
Sunshine: babe muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: muaaaaaaaawh shona
Sunshine: okie borin hai
Angel: gud i never saw dat
Angel: :P
Angel: lol
Sunshine: babe i love u
Angel: i wana smoochu right now...
Angel: a long one
Sunshine: m all urs
Angel: when can i see u....more on cam
Angel: morning?
Angel: agternoon
Angel: evening night?
Angel: :P
Angel: :D
Angel: my bushy hairy love bf partner wife all in one
Sunshine: chepore
Sunshine: :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
Angel: kya hua
Angel: aaa gaya na
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: why sad
Angel: ufff
Angel: buddhu
Angel: ?
Angel: god this thing is really trobling me now
Sunshine: missin u
Sunshine: hugged my rabbit n gve her sme fud nw
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: busy?
Angel: net and nesaneger thingi
Angel: i am free
Angel: for ever
Angel: for u
Angel: cant be busy
Angel: when u r wid me
Angel: honey in my life
Angel: dnt ever say dat
Angel: i wil never be busy
Angel: being wid u in my life
Angel: aaaaaaaw rabbit so cute
Sunshine: babe m msiin u badly dunno y
Angel: main hun na!
Sunshine: u saw his pic
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: of fb?
Angel: we r gnna be together so soon for long then why worrying
Angel: yeah i saw and liked also
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: n saw my nani n other 2 bros?
Sunshine: rohan n manan?
Angel: i guess so
Angel: well let me see if i ahvent i guess saw al of da pics in ur album n all
Sunshine: 2dy
Sunshine: i hve uploaded
Angel: aaaj dali hain kya?
Angel: ok will chk
Sunshine: hmm
Angel: babes
Sunshine: cam?
Sunshine: ur cam <3
Angel: i hope it works now
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: badmash
Angel: at
Sunshine: thash thash thash
Sunshine: gawd thr?
Angel: ya
Angel: babes
Sunshine: gym karo :p
Angel: well dnt worry ,when i ahve sumone in ly life den i will work out
Angel: :P
Sunshine: lolz
Sunshine: still u w8in 4 sme1 2 gt into ur life?
Angel: buddhu
Angel: sumone to be dere for my life for ever and i will work on myself
Angel: for myself n for da one i have
Angel: now u r dere
Angel: na
Angel: why u ask stuipid
Angel: questions
Angel: wil fuck u
Angel: :P
Sunshine: plz do nw smile ek baar
Sunshine: til i say stop
Sunshine: smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: LOL
Sunshine: thoda rite ho
Sunshine: lil dwn
Sunshine: swn
Angel: idiot
Angel: kahaan down hun
Angel: cum on cam
Angel: sunshine
Angel: !
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Thu Jan 06 02:30:19 2011.
Sunshine: aankh maat maro
Angel: :P
Angel: so when i am seeing u on cam more more more
Sunshine: :p
Angel: tel me na
Angel: plz
Angel: i wana see
Angel: i showed u na...i wana see u too
Angel: tonite or tomm anytime of da day u feel comfy about it
Sunshine: cme n ankh maro
Angel: buddhu
Angel: u dne wid babji thingi
Sunshine: 1 bar plz
Angel: wat ek baar
Angel: ankh marun
Sunshine: aankh maaro pass anke
Angel: buddhu
Sunshine: :(
Angel: i did
Angel: marofied ankh
Sunshine: :P
Angel: ab tum milo tumhey marunga
Sunshine: crap
Angel: tumahri marunga i mean :P
Angel: :D :)
Angel: i love u when u smile
Angel: keep smilign always
Sunshine: accept na
Angel: kya accept karun?
Sunshine: \photo share baccha'
Angel: not cuming
Angel: keep trying to send until i get it
(null): Sunshine is trying to send you "Photo0013.jpg".
Angel: lol
Angel: hmmm
Angel: did u uplaod da pic of urs in ur fb
Angel: profile display which i send u ya not
Sunshine: yes boss i did
Angel: acha let me chk
Sunshine: hug me i want ur arms 2 b my bed
Angel: always there!
Angel: forever
Angel: babes
Angel: love u so much
Sunshine: nw abt babajee
Sunshine: woh jo mid day wwala hai junaid n stuff is so borin n irrelevant abt the story whch v r pointin
Angel: k
Angel: hey i wana climb up n hug u right now on ur bed
Angel: gahr waley to kuch nahin kaheyngey na
Angel: main aajaun
Angel: :P
Sunshine: police aai hai mere ghar k neeche
Angel: i wana hold u tight...
Angel: why police
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmm u r welcme
Sunshine: round pe
Angel: police oh acha,,,,wohi main kahun ab to gay legalissed ho gaya why wud it cum to ur house
Angel: :P
Angel: :D
Angel: smile always like this
Angel: till i am in ur life
Angel: i dnt wana see u sad
Angel: samghey
Angel: or i will die
Angel: u r my sunshine
Angel: and i want it always to glow
Sunshine: hmmm sir
Angel: kabhi sir kehta hai kabhi boss
Angel: yeh chakar
Angel: kya hai
Angel: pati dev bulatey sharam ati hai kya
Angel: :P
Sunshine: bhai
Angel: i love bhai
Angel: cho much
Angel: chotey merey :P
Sunshine: batamiz pati dev
Sunshine: :P
Sunshine: bhai bolte ho huh
Angel: i wana bite ur ear......i am loving it...can i..
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Angel: wat is dis thing called love, gawd drives u insane n crazy
Sunshine: garry i love u bye
Angel: bye kyon
Angel: buddhu
Angel: acha when r u mailing me da assignment thingi
Angel: '
Angel: let me go thru it
Sunshine: i really cant withstand tis distance thingi w8 geme 5 minz
Angel: mail me on dis's cast)
Angel: spellin mistake mat karna
Sunshine: tumhe thoda order chck karna hoga m nt perfect as u knw n m nt puttin woh junaid stuffie
Angel: ok
Angel: honey
Sunshine: mujhe bhi
Angel: aaaaaaaaaw
Angel: cum n will share da ciggy
Angel: n everything
Sunshine: nope i hate jhoota
Sunshine: sss
Angel: saley
Angel: marunga
Sunshine: i have w8 will shw u
Sunshine: saley tumhara saley so gai hai
Angel: now we need to share the jootha
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: uthao
Sunshine: y?
Angel: let him sleep
Angel: becos when u love
Angel: u need to share
Angel: love grows
Sunshine: letc
Sunshine: w8
Angel: if u cant share the jootha u dnt tend to be in love n relationship
Angel: ok waiting
Sunshine: leme shw u my suttas
Sunshine: thr
Sunshine: /?
Angel: yaya
Angel: marlbro
Angel: my fav
Angel: :)
Sunshine: its classic baccha
Sunshine: :P
Angel: badiya hai
Angel: smoking is injurious to health
Angel: but love isint :P
Angel: ya ya seen bus kar
Sunshine: smokin kills
Sunshine: doggy
Angel: love dosent kills it makes u live
Angel: soggy sey mughey doggy style yaad aagaya
Angel: :)
Angel: doggy*
Sunshine: w8 leme put it back warna i will b thewn out n disown by my parents w8
Sunshine: kk
Angel: k
Sunshine: hmm
Angel: hairy legs
Angel: hmmm
Sunshine: bolo
Angel: i like dat
Angel: :P
Sunshine: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: :((
Angel: ab kya hua
Angel: oh ho
Sunshine: mazak ud rha hai mera
Angel: babes i will make so gud love bytes on ur thighs n butts
Angel: 'i like dat why wud i udaofy mazaaak
Angel: buddhu
Angel: need a wet smooch
Angel: tongue to tongue
Angel: mouth to mouth
Angel: do na
Sunshine: n u will hve hairs in ur mouth
Angel: i dnt care
Sunshine: :p
Angel: i love u
Sunshine: love u 3
Angel: <3
Angel: :D
Angel: jeeb kyn chada raha hai kuttey mughey
Angel: maarunga
Sunshine: kuttey?
Angel: doggy
Angel: :P
Sunshine: same 2 u
Sunshine: :(
Angel: pati dev ko kutta bula rahey ho na
Angel: :*
Angel: jao
Angel: bye
Angel: :(
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: talak talak talak
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: babeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: sorry bab
Sunshine: baba
Angel: u need to respect da person u love
Angel: its ok
Angel: no issues
Angel: just want u to be serious wid me dats it.
Angel: i aint any other 'gay social networking date' or sumone for u.just dnt to react, its not way serious though, feels bad.
Sunshine: serious ovr conversations evn
Angel: chalo ab
Angel: kam karo
Angel: n send me
Angel: wat u did
Angel: samghey
Angel: then u sud sleep on time also
Sunshine: aare?
Angel: wat aare
Sunshine: stop bein gussa
Angel: so u didnt answer me when am i gng to see u more? tonite or tomm?
Angel: not gussa now i am ok
Angel: fine
Angel: sachi main
Sunshine: husband ho na mere?
Sunshine: mujhe shaadi karni hai
Angel: i stil didnt got my answer
Angel: when am i gng to see u more tonite or tomm morning non or evening or tom night?
Sunshine: very soon see them live
Angel: no
Angel: i wana see on cam first. cum on, dnt be shy wid me now! n trust me, i like u n love u for watever who ever u r,all i know i love u
Angel: and i dnt have any aprehensions of any sort
Angel: seeing u on cam or live
Angel: wont chnage anything
Angel: sumghe?
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sunshine: 2mrw nun
Sunshine: k
Angel: as u say
Angel: i am ok wid it
Angel: jsut wana see u, n be more close to u dats it
Sunshine: smileeeeeee
Angel: dnt feel like. abhi plz, dnt ask me too,
Angel: well feel hunry
Angel: dint had dinner
Angel: will make maggi
Angel: ghar par hogi to
Sunshine: :(\
Angel: kal mainey dinner nahin kiya subah breakfast nahi nkiya
Sunshine: kyun nahi khaya dinner
Sunshine: y baccha?
Angel: just had sum breads pakodas in the evening today not even had proper dinenr.
Angel: aisey hi mood nahin kiya was not much hungry dat time
Angel: oye badmaash....sogaya! nautanki!
Angel: are u gng to send me today da babji thingi i need to work it out n have a luk so i can consider how i have to go about it
Sunshine: n wat ll u do agar maggie na hui?
Angel: wel wil make su sandwich or eg
Angel: da cat ate the egg today in my kitnchen
Sunshine: kk 2 min b on hold m sendin voke
Angel: she sleeps in ma drawing room every night on the sofa
Angel: k
Sunshine: oh gosh m scared
Angel: dnt be scared she is chweet catty has been cuming to ma home frm the time when i was in touch wid dat goa guy
Angel: sum say its lucky
Angel: i dnt know
Angel: i will be blocking the way she cums frm tonite or tomm
Angel: so i dnt see her.
Angel: she cums in frm the passage near to my room
Sunshine: yh?
Angel: yh?
Sunshine: y ll u block the way
Angel: wel dats a passage,,,grill on the ceiling thingi,,,,,for the sunlight ns tuff
Angel: since its winter
Angel: the pasge wud be blocked
Angel: gud so less winds cum in
Angel: and the cat cant jump in frm there
Angel: dats why
Angel: samghey
Angel: USK
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: yes Angel Sunshine (cast)
Angel: now heres da smile'
Angel: :P
Angel: wishcud see u al da time infront of my eyes smiling n looking a tme and hugging u n touchig ur hand n having it in my hand dats it,
Angel: all my life
Angel: dnt ditch me,,,,,
Sunshine: i wont baba bt plz gusssa kaam karo i hate my dad just bcoz he is tooo shrt tempered..i m vry mch outspoken n love 2 talk bt thn i dnt mean mch of it
Sunshine: samjha ?
Angel: yes
Angel: n u dnt have to hate ur dad! n never mention it ever
Angel: samghey till u r wid me
Angel: parents right or wrong are the ones u sud be wid all da time blessed by them adnd they are always there for ur gud no matter they wont understand u at times, but they are the true love in ur life , lifetime treasure!
Angel: so never mention in anyways dat u hate them
Angel: always love them as they lvoe u unconditionally
Sunshine: i do love him bt nly dislike his tht habit
Angel: well everyone has a lifestlye n habit u cant actually adjust too, but dats abt life n destiny,,u have to be wid it,and stay wid it, no matter wat
Angel: i understand wat u mean! but dats how sum people are u cant change them
Angel: when wat time are u gng to sleep? tell me dat?
Sunshine: y?
Angel: aisey hi asking u
Angel: u said na u were feleing sleepy dats why asking
Angel: u
Sunshine: mujhe aapk saath sona hai
Angel: we r gng to on the 9th
Angel: 3 of my friends called me pr waley n said all da best for the 9th
Angel: i felt happy
Angel: :D
Sunshine: yes bt nw m seein u as well as completin assignment my drozzyness went off
Angel: ok babes
Sunshine: babe muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: can i go n check maggi hai ki nahin. wait karogey
Sunshine: hmmm bachha
Sunshine: plz go ahead
Angel: ur smile makes me feel i am worth livig and i mean it! never wana loose u everm, well havent met u either abhi tak, but feel connected.
Angel: i lvoe u as of now as a brother family bf lover friend everything
Angel: n theres a tear in my ey right now
Angel: becos i dnt wana get hurt or hurt u , loose u or u loose me
Angel: samghey
Sunshine: phnnnnnnnnnnnn
Sunshine: r u mad
Sunshine: if u gonna do like tis it willhurt me
Sunshine: more babe
Angel: i am fine!
Sunshine: chalo yaar its like m broke
Sunshine: i love n talk crappy 2 make ppl laugh bt never came up wit the wishes 2 make sme1 sad :(
Sunshine: babe plz na roa
Sunshine: mera baccha hai na
Angel: yes
Sunshine: may i knw wat thought is actually makin u cry
Sunshine: '?
Angel: will tell u dat soon!
Angel: giv me sumtime
Angel: plz.
Angel: lets meet n tell u abt it
Angel: lemme go n check maggi now...
Sunshine: swear on me rite nw aaj k baad se jab tak mein aapki life mei hoon aap nahi ro ge
Angel: agar hogi to main gas par chada kar aajaunga and till dat time u do dat work on babji, mail me today itself ebfore sleeping so i can have a check on it n see how well it can go wid da stuff n all dat editorial layuting n stuff,
Angel: i still ahevnt got the gud resolution pics of her. so will wait.
Angel: lemme go for the maggi now, will be back.
Sunshine: hmm
Angel: hmmm kya
Sunshine: go get urslf MAGGIE
Angel: k
Sunshine: n dnt shw me
Angel: wat? show u
Sunshine: maggie
Angel: u knw wat i did right now,....u wont beleive it
Angel: seeing u on cam, i kissed ur lips right now on my screen!
Sunshine: wat?
Sunshine: woodland
Sunshine: m a poor chap babee
Sunshine: :p
Angel: i am poor then u...
Angel: ab chup
Angel: kaam kar
Angel: main ata hun
Angel: dis thingi is sum 8-9 or more years okld
Angel: n i still have it
Angel: :P
Sunshine: gr8 cha
Angel: chalo me gng for maggi search if i get one n cook ok
Sunshine: k'
Angel: giv me a kiss on cam
Sunshine: my lips r dry
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: n i wont gve a kiss 2 cam bt u
Angel: u dnt really understand da situation,,,right u always have stuid ecuses for everything, well u cant even do dis much for sumone u love! :( anyways, ,,,,will go n have maggi or sandwich n cumj back soon bye for now!
Sunshine: w8
Sunshine: sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Angel: no dude,,,,,,enuf! i cant keep asking u stuff which u dnt want too, i am sorry guess was epecting too much frm u!
Sunshine: can u just smile n ask 4 it wont cost u
Angel: no bye for now
Angel: cya later
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: k as u wish :(
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Thu Jan 06 03:20:38 2011.
Angel: i aint gng ....
Angel: u carry on wid da work n mail me
Sunshine: y????????????//
Sunshine: u go n eat
Sunshine: nw
Angel: dnt feel ike
Sunshine: garry angel i will die
Angel: dnt say dat ever plz
Sunshine: bye i wont smile evr
Sunshine: bye
Angel: acha baba main jaa raha hun
Angel: ok
Sunshine: go n lt the cam b on get the food shw me n eat kk
Sunshine: aare
Sunshine: y u stopped???
Angel: wil cum back and on da cam,,,,,cam to ka ka disconected tha was paused or sumthing the cabel was out
Angel: bye now cya later ,,,,in a while
Angel: k gng now, will catch u in a while
Sunshine: hmm thnx
Sunshine: balloonssssssssssssss
Angel: yeah put them on 24rth
Angel: they are still gud
Sunshine: wow
Angel: now jaun main
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: haan plz
Angel: k
Angel: ya back
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: wat u havin
Angel: magi
Angel: n cold cofee
Sunshine: cc
Sunshine: mujhe bhi
Sunshine: kha lo bhog lagao :p
Sunshine: babe khao sajane k laye ho?
* Sunshine buzzes you!
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: ya
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: meine aapko mail kar diya
Angel: k leme chk
Sunshine: its crappy
Angel: wat format
Angel: attachemnt it is
Sunshine: word
Angel: why dnt u mail me as in copy paste tet
Angel: wud be easy
Sunshine: kk redoin it
Angel: thanks wud be easier to check,,,n all
Angel: wil save time
Angel: n space
Angel: leave it
Angel: if u have not mailed
Angel: will take it frm here
Angel: only
Sunshine: done
Angel: k
Angel: cum on am
Angel: idiot
Sunshine: wat?
Angel: cum on cam
Sunshine: lite off hai
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Thu Jan 06 03:51:52 2011.
Angel: koi baat nahin
Angel: gwad
Angel: how many times have u copy pasted it n send
Angel: gosh
Sunshine: 1 bar toh kiya
(null): Sunshine is trying to send you "Born on May 23.docx".
Angel: i got it 6 times pasted
Angel: dumbo
Sunshine: :(
Angel: acha it starts frm " We cum frm
Angel: till consdiering marriage right
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmm
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: yes or no?
Sunshine: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Angel: idiot
Sunshine: :(
Angel: i thought bahut lamba hoga
Angel: but this is ok
Angel: theek hai
Angel: luks fine
Angel: will read it tonite araam sey and
Angel: stuff
Angel: will send u more stuff if i get and u can add it in it. and then rework it out~
Sunshine: k
Sunshine: nene aa rhi hai idiot ko
Angel: mera bacha
Angel: sojaa
Sunshine: dumbo so jao?
Angel: will check it and edit the layout n stuff font etc, and stuff
Angel: love u baby gudniet, n sweetdreams
Angel: specs utarkar
Angel: sona
Angel: :P
Sunshine: bye gudnite happy workin
Angel: :x
Sunshine: :-*
Angel: :-*
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Thu Jan 06 03:59:39 2011.
Angel: :">
Sunshine: maan nhi hai
Angel: kyn honey
Sunshine: 2 go away 4m u'
Angel: hmmm
Sunshine: take u away 4m my eye sight'
Sunshine: badmashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Angel: got my flying kiss
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Angel: :P
Sunshine: gunnite
Angel: gudnitey to u ma sunshine
Angel: i will be dng this babji thingi tonite
Angel: ok
Angel: will tel u more info tet n stuff i get as ap and we shall work it out
Sunshine: k msg me d feedbck on my phn kk
Sunshine: uuuyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: hate u
Angel: wat time are u gng to get up tomm morn
Angel: love u
Sunshine: dunno
Sunshine: kyu?
Angel: aisey hi
Angel: socha gud morning call karkey muawh karun
Angel: :P
Angel: apney bf ko
Sunshine: kk gudnite call :p ????
Angel: i am caling u up babes u log off first
Angel: :P
Sunshine: o will cal u wen i gt up
Angel: i dnt wana ever miss on dat
Angel: ever
Angel: samghey
Sunshine: bye n sms me k
Angel: will not sms u honey,will talk to u once u get up and stuff.
Sunshine: gudn8 m loggin out
Sunshine: strt gymin
Angel: u sleep tight n miss me,
Angel: gyming?
Angel: oh
Angel: hahahahah
Sunshine: kk gve me the feedbcl
Angel: na na will start my yoga meditation n eercises which i have kept aside frm sumdays
Angel: gym is boring i tried so many times dnt like it much
Angel: sure will giv u babes
Angel: i think we need to add more of the text
Sunshine: k
Angel: about assignment
Angel: wat say
Sunshine: quality txt
Angel: k cya will talk abt it later
Sunshine: kk sure gud
Sunshine: bye
Angel: bye bye bye bye bye bye bye honey
Sunshine: hie babe
Angel: gud mrng
Angel: subah subah pr par jaana hota hai tumko
Angel: hud hai
Angel: sharam nahin ati
Sunshine: mei nahi hoon online saachi
Angel: liar
Angel: u r
Sunshine: i swear on myslf baccha
Angel: abhi bhi ho samghey
Angel: why can i see u dere
Angel: then
Angel: xxxx_yyyy_zzzz
Angel: tel me
Sunshine: aare nahi hoon
Angel: huh
Sunshine: yes meri id xxxx_yyyy_zzzz hai
Angel: u last logged in on jan 5th
Angel: n now u r online dere too
Sunshine: bt thn m nt online fb pe hoon mummy ko pix shw kar rha hoon
Sunshine: gosh mera pw hack hua hai ya woh xyz use kar rha hai
Angel: huh huddd hai
Angel: yaaar
Angel: dats shit
Angel: u share wid him ur pw
Angel: liar
Sunshine: nahi yaar
Sunshine: theek hai maat vishwas karo
Sunshine: aare nw m goin mera pw se bhi open ho rha hain n moreovr its shwin its been used by sme1 else 2?
Sunshine: gosh babe help
Angel: do it urself
Angel: plz
Sunshine: r u thr in my life?
Angel: well dude
Angel: are u online on
Angel: pr?
Angel: or not
Sunshine: online whr?
Angel: pr
Sunshine: nahi ho rha hai its says the ac is open
Angel: well i message on ur id...
Angel: saying fuck u
Angel: and reply came who is tis?
Sunshine: aare?
Sunshine: gosh
Sunshine: kill me
Angel: n u know
Angel: wat i replied
Angel: hi xyz :P
Sunshine: wat?
Sunshine: gr8 huh
Sunshine: i just hope uski ass mei aag lag jae
Sunshine: so u flirtin wit him
Angel: :P
Sunshine: in my id
Sunshine: babe tum meri life mein hoo?
Angel: stop
Angel: asking
Angel: idiot
Angel: kidish
Angel: stuff
Angel: ok
Sunshine: babe y u gt annoyed all the time wit me :(
Angel: bye
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: ?
Angel: stop
Angel: irritating
Angel: me
Angel: else i will log off
Angel: now
Sunshine: okie keep goin on
Angel: well i trust u but dnt ever lie or fake to me
Angel: ok now lemme o sum work
Angel: will catch u later when i am free
Sunshine: babe
Angel: now stop it will u
Sunshine: agar mujhe jhoot ya fake banna hota thn i wud hve done it long back itna drag nahi hota
Sunshine: will work on babajee the det provided by u
Angel: k
Angel: dear
Angel: u can share ur password wid him and me at the same time, u love him da same way u do to me, feel sick,,,wat n how weird u can be...if u say u r not logged in dere, how cum he is? tel me
Sunshine: aare i cant log in as it shw its already open
Sunshine: i hvent shared wit him
Sunshine: woh vada hacker hai'
Angel: vadA?
Sunshine: big time babe
Angel: bada...not vada
Angel: ok
Sunshine: rry
Angel: rry? nahin sorry
Sunshine: mummy
Sunshine: sorry
Angel: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw i love u
Sunshine: love u loads babe will change my password asap n gve it 2 u okie
Angel: i dnt need it honey,,,,just dnt wana share u wid anyone else.! we can keep da id until we r faithful wid eachtoher, and yes u sud change da pw
Angel: k now do work
Sunshine: 2 minz spare karoge?
Sunshine: speakin abt u wit mum
Angel: hang on
Angel: i didnt get it
Sunshine: gt free n ping me hre
Angel: k
Angel: u can log in
Angel: pr now
Angel: n change password
Sunshine: k thnx w8
Sunshine: angel
Angel: ya
Sunshine: kar diya
Angel: k
Sunshine: its iamsexy :p
Sunshine: babe
Angel: paagal ho tum
Angel: :P
Sunshine: ws talkin abt u 2 mum;
Angel: wat?
Sunshine: tht aab meri del mei tension na le
Sunshine: i hve sme1 to take care of me
Angel: aaaaaw sachi main? then wat she said?wat she asked abt who is who n all?
Sunshine: she said still tht she gonna gt worried i said i gt a sweet frn
Sunshine: in del bt stys a lil far
Sunshine: i said evn u lke cafe n she said she wl gve me th nescafe ka bottle so no choori 4 coffee ahead
Angel: :P
Sunshine: love u
Angel: if she wants she can talk to me
Angel: she will feel at ease
Angel: love u2
Sunshine: accha rishta pakka kara loo?
Angel: yeah its already pakka
Angel: :P
Angel: loced
Angel: u idiot
Angel: :P
Sunshine: aapni mummy ki bhi baat kara do :p
Sunshine: dahej le aao?
Angel: will kill u
Angel: ab chup
Sunshine: red tommy ki undrwear!
Angel: dahej main khoob saari coffee mileygi
Angel: :P
Angel: red tommy ki uw is gud:P u have to get dat for me as a return gift of the dahej
Sunshine: aare dahej to mujhe lana hai :p
Angel: yeah but it s frm both sides,when it cums to giv n take in a marriage thingi :P
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: i juist want u 4evr minus ur gussa
Angel: lol :P i want u forever minus all da nonsense
Angel: :P
Angel: ab kaam kar
Angel: chup
Sunshine: m loggin out goin 4 a movie sudden plan yupieeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: gud sweety
Angel: enjoy
Sunshine: i wana see 1 muvie wt u
Angel: well i was thinking the same,,,,but then u go for it, u wantd to see it, u sud go for it! and we can watch one later
Sunshine: hw abt patila house?
Angel: whichever watever u go n watch n will see wat we watch togther
Sunshine: k kaam karo'
Sunshine: warna i will b killed
Angel: :)
Sunshine: hie thr?
Sunshine: missin u
Sunshine: busy ho?
Angel: i am always free for u!
Sunshine: cam on karo
Sunshine: plz
Angel: ufff giv me ten mins
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: thr?
Sunshine: babe muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: u makin me mad
Angel: why
Angel: wat4?
Angel: how
Sunshine: cards
Angel: well these r 5. rest to follow! soon, and will tell u all da logic behing da total number of cards being send to u! when we meet
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Fri Jan 07 19:42:21 2011.
Angel: chikney :P
Sunshine: :P
Angel: shining today...kya baat hai
Angel: not in tshirt today hmmmmm.
Sunshine: u wana knw y?
Sunshine: kurta
Angel: :) great
Sunshine: wana see
Angel: why wat?
Angel: kya
Angel: ur cma hanged or paused
Angel: cam*
Sunshine: coz m in love madly n meetin my love 2 hug him tite 4evr
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Fri Jan 07 19:44:22 2011.
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Fri Jan 07 19:44:56 2011.
Angel: r wearing kurta becos u wana meeet da one u love n hug him tightly..n dats why u became chikna :P
Sunshine: m shinin 4 tht reason
Angel: hmmm i c
Angel: wat u eating
Sunshine: nothin
Angel: cum on now strip for me,i wana see u!
Sunshine: aapka cam?
Angel: mera cma u saw enuf
Sunshine: mujhe aapne babe ko dekhna
Angel: now its ur turn
Angel: i am not gng to meet uuntil i see u on cam, al i wana see. so choose a time when u can show n we shal cam then
Sunshine: thts so bad babe
Sunshine: :(
Angel: well watever
Angel: dats wat now
Angel: u promised u wud noon yestrday n u didnt
Sunshine: kk i will kya kya dekhna hain?
Angel: abhi dikhaogey ya baad main?
Sunshine: abhi coz mujhe tumse milna hai
Sunshine: can do netin 2 get u
Angel: wel i wana see u da way i showed u...dat day...! all naked....down...since i have see all of u up!
Sunshine: entirely naked?
Angel: n i am serious...nothing notty abt me watever however u can...if not all naked babes
Sunshine: okie
Angel: wat u dng
Sunshine: news ek sec
Angel: k
Sunshine: will go 2 my floor n my room
Angel: take ur issues babes
Angel: show me before its all dark..samghey
Sunshine: bt babe i love u n cant live witout u
Sunshine: hmm 5 minz
Angel: sure shona!
Angel: by the way did u ever chkd my work n stuff?
Sunshine: yes i hve seen few
Angel: k
Angel: will share more later!
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Fri Jan 07 19:54:46 2011.
Sunshine: u thr?
Angel: yup
Sunshine: k u seein me na?
Angel: cam on to karo
Sunshine: gve me 2 minz m walkin 2 my room my floor
Angel: sure
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Fri Jan 07 19:55:49 2011.
Session Start (garryAngel:Sunshine): Fri Jan 07 20:09:34 2011 051800
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: ya
Angel: got dc
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: yeah i am
Sunshine: busy ho kya/ ?
Angel: not busy
Sunshine: m happy 4 u Angel
Sunshine: kya dekhna hai bolo
Angel: kyon bacha kaiko?
Angel: oh ho
Angel: told u na
Angel: dnt wana repeat it again
Angel: feel shy :P
Sunshine: legs?
Sunshine: bushy?
Sunshine: nahi bol do
Sunshine: :P
Angel: wana see u naked below da belt too!
Angel: :P
Angel: :D
Angel: :)
Sunshine: entirely?
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: undiess mein plz
Angel: cum on
Angel: 'i showed u widout undies right
Sunshine: plz undies mein plz
Angel: dnt worry i wont take hours
Angel: just 2 mins
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sunshine: i hve 2 shave leme b serious'
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: havent shaved 4 months :p
Angel: no worries
Angel: i like u n love u da way u r
Angel: told u before also na
Sunshine: b on hold khi maat jana
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: ya
Angel: kya karney gaya tha
Sunshine: so ready 2 get the shock?
Angel: ?Psachi bata
Sunshine: aare shorts pehnne
Sunshine: jeans mein tha
Angel: k
Angel: ek baat bolun
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: u luking much more cute today!
Sunshine: thnx :p
Sunshine: ready
Angel: n i love u
Angel: yeah oh cum on shock me baby!
Sunshine: 2 see a black bear
Sunshine: cam ko neeche karo?>
Angel: kiskey cam ko nechey karun
Sunshine: mein aapne seekin ur permisiion
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: ya
Sunshine: dnt reject me
Sunshine: kk
Angel: ufff i will marry u
Angel: samghey
Angel: dnt talk all dat wid me now! rejection stuff
Sunshine: pakka
Sunshine: ?>
Sunshine: chalo leme b quick b4 any1 comes
Sunshine: ready
Angel: haan baby
Angel: k
Sunshine: seen my bushy legs
Angel: why aint ur cam
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Fri Jan 07 20:23:00 2011.
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Fri Jan 07 20:23:08 2011.
Angel: show me show me
Sunshine: seen the legs?
Sunshine: :p
Angel: yep...n i have no issues wid them, i like them
Angel: samghey
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: aisey hi khabratey ho tum
Sunshine: abhi?
Angel: uffff oooooo
Angel: marunga
Angel: main
Angel: show me ur front n back!
Sunshine: leme stand
Angel: k
Sunshine: so tht can see ur msgs 2
Angel: yeah
Angel: show
Angel: pagala
Sunshine: off wid my shorts kk
Angel: sachi main?
Angel: yummmmmy
Sunshine: nahi
Sunshine: i am
Angel: hmmm
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: i am loving it
Sunshine: :P
Angel: baby cum na,show me na...aaaaaaaw
Angel: dnt waste so much time, koi aajayega...hurrryup,,,its cold, i dnt want u to be like dis...
Sunshine: hmm kurta upar karo (move your kurta a lil up, so I cud see) :P ???
Angel: ya baby
Angel: do it na..
Angel: undy to utaaro
Angel: sexy jockey...
Sunshine: ishhh havent shaved :p
Sunshine: thnx
Angel: oh kya wat, show me.i wana seee
Angel: aaah gosh!
Sunshine: :(
Angel: yeh jockey mereyko fit ayega shayd.
Angel: why sad :(
Angel: kya hua
Angel: cum on be shy n stuff
Sunshine: nhi small hai
Sunshine: u knw pehle kabhi nahi kiya its just 4 u babe
Angel: i am blessed...n honoured...pleasure ya
Sunshine: aur?
Angel: uffff
Angel: gawd!
Angel: hey bhaggu
Angel: remove ur undy, show me all of u,from top tp bottom. front back!...n then wear ur clothes! unitl unless u wana get hard n shag in front of me.
Sunshine: i hvent shaved
Sunshine: so snt worry
Sunshine: will do it 2nite :P
Sunshine: hmm wont shag
Sunshine: mum floor mei hi hai
Angel: no worries
Sunshine: dnt wana miss u
Sunshine: thts y m shwin u all
Angel: same here...dats why asked u,,else wud have been sumone else wud not have, since i want us to be clear n transparent showing seeing n talking dng all
Angel: samghey
Angel: Sunshine
Sunshine: yes Angel
Sunshine: :P
Sunshine: chali
Sunshine: chalo see
Angel: ok babes
Angel: cam hanged? :(
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Fri Jan 07 20:34:00 2011.
Sunshine: w8
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: muaaaaaawh
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Fri Jan 07 20:34:43 2011.
Sunshine: jaldi
Angel: k
Sunshine: b4 it bugs again u seein?
Angel: showwww
Angel: aaaaaaaaaaah show me love
Angel: i wana giv a love byte on ur thighs
Sunshine: okie
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: pakka
Angel: show me
Angel: ufff
Angel: marunga
Sunshine: back ki front 1st:?
Angel: back
Angel: honey
Angel: anything uw ant
Sunshine: ish bushy
Sunshine: ]:P
Angel: allley baba
Sunshine: want u
Angel: koi baat nahin na
Angel: i want u
Angel: 2
Angel: stop posing n show
Sunshine: glimpse
Sunshine: ek 2 sec ka shw?
Angel: arey show me yaaaaaaaaaar.
Angel: i need to see atleast... uff
Angel: ass baby!
Sunshine: seen
Angel: thanks
Angel: enuf
Angel: yea
Sunshine: w8 papa ka phn
Angel: kapdey pehenlo
Angel: ab
Angel: vhalo
Angel: chalo
Angel: acha dinner kha liya kya tumney? i am abt to go n have dinner
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: sud u be online tonite na,,,i mean...later, say after an hour or so....i am gna masturbate for u tonite again, i want u to see mine,,,nice clear in all light ,,while i shag infront of u on cam baby! seeing u made me notty n horny, will do it for u..and yeah u r mad worreid like a stupid kid, nothing is dat bussy or hairy u dnt have to make issue of it, i like it jaisa bhi hai...
Angel: had dinner?
Angel: wear sumthing full,,,instead of shorts, its cold.
Sunshine: nhi dnt wana have dinner'
Sunshine: yes m in shorts
Angel: why?
Sunshine: aab miloge na mujhse s?
Angel: i will marry u
Angel: and die in ur arms
Sunshine: babe i love wana u 4evr
Angel: swear to my mom, dat i lvoe u more then u love me, and i wud never be da one to leave me for any reason! for i love u like wat u r n i dnt wana loose u ever
Sunshine: dnt evr leave
Sunshine: me
Sunshine: shw me ur face smile
Sunshine: kiss mila???
Angel: yws
Angel: babes
Angel: got it
Sunshine: nikalo isse mua se
Angel: :P
Sunshine: ganda ladja
Sunshine: ka*
Angel: its too cold i wana be in ur arms hugging u n sleepig wid u all night,,,,,kissing u touching u feeling u smooching n kisssing u
Sunshine: m gettin on train 2mrw?
Angel: n feeling ur warmth
Angel: yeah wat time
Angel: 5
Angel: ?
Sunshine: m all urs baccha
Sunshine: hmm 5
Angel: subah?
Sunshine: nhi baba
Sunshine: evenin
Angel: oh fine kewl
Angel: perfect
Angel: then we can chat kal also :)
Angel: i thought morning 5
Sunshine: hmmm :P
Sunshine: angel
Sunshine: nopes
Angel: nopes wat?
Angel: i want dat tongue
Angel: do na
Angel: plz
Sunshine: nope its nt in the morn
Angel: gosh
Sunshine: so v r meetin on 9th
Angel: go n have dinner
Angel: yes idiot
Sunshine: nt hungry
Angel: u n me at night naked under blanket hmmm
Angel: well dats not
Angel: 'gud
Angel: hungry ho ya nahin
Angel: go eat
Angel: sumthing
Sunshine: letc
Angel: why being at home u spoling ur routiner
Angel: routine
Angel: wat u mean by lets see
Angel: u dnt want we will not have
Angel: dnt say lets see..:(
Sunshine: kaal meri vidai hai so upset
Angel: oh cum on
Angel: eat foood
Angel: gahr
Angel: ka
Sunshine: hmm letc
Angel: fir elhi main ur routine is gng to be all not so gud
Angel: lets see
Angel: about u n me being togther sleeping at night or wat
Sunshine: sleepin?
Angel: nothing
Angel: leave it
Angel: gosh
Sunshine: bolo na
Angel: u r a dumbo
Sunshine: babe
Angel: dats it
Sunshine: mera col hain monday ko
Sunshine: so u love a dumb?
Angel: we decided dat before dat u r gna sleep wid me at night n leave mon morn
Sunshine: hmm thts wat m sayin
Angel: pata nahin kya bol raha hai
Angel: dumbo
Angel: i dnt get
Angel: u
Angel: i am gng to have dinner. catch u in sumtime
Angel: wait
Sunshine: kk
Angel: kaminey kissey baat kar raha hai
Sunshine: jiju
Angel: n if u r not staying wid me at night on 9th then we dnt need to meet dats it, i dnt want excuses decide n lemme know
Sunshine: m stayin wit u
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: :_*
Sunshine: :-*
Angel: my dinner is cumign i am hungry...will have it ...
Sunshine: kkk wat u gonna hve
Angel: doa
Angel: dosa
Sunshine: okie notty
Angel: wana fuck u
Angel: :P
Angel: love u
Angel: wana make love to u
Angel: u did da assignment thingi/checked my mesages that i inboxed u about it n all.
Angel: go n ahev dinner
Angel: plz
Sunshine: thnx babe
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Fri Jan 07 21:01:34 2011.
Sunshine: thr?
Angel: why was thanks for?
Sunshine: aare gud u havent msgd me in last 2minz
Sunshine: papa was sittin beside
Angel: n yeah obviosuly i will be here u idiot dumbo when i closed da cam, no one else wud cum n do dat, right. m yeah i noticed sumone was sitting to ur right, so i didnt
Angel: gp n have diner
Sunshine: babe i love u plz
Sunshine: nvr leave me
Angel: gudnite
Angel: bye now
Angel: kal miltey hain
Angel: chat par
Sunshine: keep me tite around ur arms
Sunshine: kaal?
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: not 2nite?
Angel: kidding
Angel: see i am so gud
Angel: having my
Angel: dinner
Angel: n chating
Angel: wid u
Angel: at the same time
Angel: not liek u
Angel: u r on phone
Angel: and then sudnly vanish
Angel: widiotu saying owait or i will be back
Angel: :(
Angel: huh
Angel: watever
Angel: its ok
Sunshine: nhi jiju was sayin sorry
Sunshine: as he promised 2 take me on outin n drive 4 a whole day
Sunshine: bt as he is a doctor
Sunshine: he culdnt gt time
Angel: dat u sud have told me dat time only,,,n when u went away frm the pc talking to him u sud hav told me dat u sud be back soon
Angel: samghey
Angel: its ok i understand
Angel: go n ahev nice time together
Sunshine: sorry baccha
Sunshine: bhik nahi hai
Angel: all da time wid everyone
Angel: bhik nahin hai?
Sunshine: bhuk
Sunshine: all d time wit evry1?
Angel: kab ka mesage kab kar rahey ho
Angel: god
Angel: ur folks n all da friends n stuff
Angel: babes
Sunshine: u knw i cant live witout u
Angel: woh milkar pata chaleyga
Angel: anwyays
Angel: wait
Angel: a
Angel: sec
Angel: go n have sum dinner
Sunshine: aare
Angel: have ur parents had dinner?
Sunshine: i wana dance
Sunshine: nahi dad cme just nw 4m work
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: dosa
Sunshine: u knw kya del jate hi mujhe khana nahi bhata hain
Sunshine: feel pukeish
Sunshine: n thn i dnt feel like eating anytin in train n the day i leave
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: miss mummy a lot
Sunshine: vaio
Angel: chup nautanki
Angel: go n sit wid ur parents
Sunshine: trust me
Angel: we can chat later
Angel: trsut me go n spend all da time wid them
Sunshine: arree
Angel: u knw...dat day i told u dat i met dat guy who stayed night wid me n all when u were out on new yr thingi
Angel: uskey baad never met wid anyone :)
Angel: and is beech main 3 people proposed me to be dere bf :) but i said i already have one now!
Sunshine: i never met any1 the day i strted chattin wit u
Angel: ghar main sab wat is everyne
Angel: dng right now
Angel: when r they gng to have dinner
Sunshine: mum is in 1st floor
Sunshine: papa in 2nd floor his room changin bhai is yellin over phn
Sunshine: mum just came
Angel: aaj meri baat mano i want u to have diner wid dem for my sake thoda hi sahi but please....
Angel: u gona miss dem when u r here
Angel: n yeah i wud wana talk to ur mom is dat possible,
Angel: maybe tomm morning
Angel: or tionite
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: i wana cry leme cry hug myslf in bed
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Fri Jan 07 21:12:30 2011.
Angel: why?now why is dat so? tel me
Sunshine: will miss them
Angel: u got a bro lover n a friend now
Angel: i am ur family
Angel: na
Angel: babes
Angel: i will not let u miss them
Sunshine: delhi mei woh xyz sucks
Angel: dats wat i want ur mom to know dat i am here
Angel: for u
Angel: wid u
Angel: now dnt make me cry
Angel: plz
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Fri Jan 07 21:13:18 2011.
Sunshine: chalo bye
Sunshine: cya
Angel: why where kyon?
Sunshine: leme go n cry in washrum thoda b4 any1 enters my room
Angel: go n talk to everyone spend lil time wid everyone please.....
Angel: plz dnt cry
Angel: plz.
Sunshine: wana hug my mum n cry
Angel: u can cry when u r wid me
Angel: promise
Angel: we both gona cry
Angel: akeley nahin
Angel: plz
Angel: no rona dhona
Sunshine: bye cant stop my tears
Angel: go n chat wid everyone
Angel: do dance
Angel: click
Angel: stupid
Angel: pics
Sunshine: nhi
Angel: dat u can take them on ur phone or lappy
Angel: n remember
Angel: click sum funny
Angel: videos
Angel: :'(:(:(:(:(:(:(:'
Sunshine: gosh papa saw me
Angel: then?
Sunshine: he went out leme see
Sunshine: kha
Angel: ek baat puchun,,,cani talk to ur mom?
Sunshine: evn he cried the day i came 1st after 4 months\
Sunshine: u can bt kabhi?
Angel: abhi
Angel: raat ko
Angel: kal subah
Sunshine: nhi
Angel: anytime
Sunshine: okie
Angel: tughey meri kasm dnt cry
Angel: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Sunshine: yaar plz
Sunshine: cant stop tears thy r rollin
Angel: acha ok i take it back, u do cry as much u want too, atleast u r wid them today...
Angel: i can understand
Angel: cum here
Angel: i wana hug u
Angel: :'(
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: babe west del kitna door hai?
Angel: well frm stattion takes almost 30-45 mins depends on da traffic
Sunshine: kk
Angel: metro///auto.///how u cum dats depends
Sunshine: bt 4m malviya nagar
Sunshine: kk
Angel: but frm malviya nagar wat?
Sunshine: 'ur place?
Angel: same almost
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: metro?
Angel: min 3o, max 45.
Angel: yes ye metro bhi hai.
Angel: u r gng to go home
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: first n then cum to me kal
Angel: ya directly frm stattion
Sunshine: hmmm luggage hai na
Angel: u can cum along wid it if its fine
Angel: and yeah kapdey ley aana jo class main pehenkey janey hain
Angel: so dat again u dnt have to rush to ur place frm mine n then for the college thingi
Angel: samghey
Sunshine: hmmmm
Angel: hang on....
Angel: leme cum back
Angel: ata hun
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: did u saw those babji mesages thingi
Sunshine: nhi just copy pasted
Sunshine: cutteeeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: bachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sunshine: :-*
Sunshine: :-*
Angel: main cam or pics main hi cute
Angel: lagta hun
Angel: i wana so make love to u
Sunshine: aare
Angel: forever
Sunshine: plz
Angel: love
Angel: u
Angel: muaaahw
Angel: hugsss
Angel: kissses
Angel: smilesss :D
Angel: acha wait ata hun
Angel: hang on
Sunshine: hmmmmm
Angel: :P
Angel: :D
Angel: saw'
(Link: Angel)Angel buzzes Sunshine!
Sunshine: back
Sunshine: nahi papa the
Sunshine: so cam minimise tha
Angel: k
Sunshine: shw again
Angel: yeahhhhh ya
Angel: cum on cam
Sunshine: hmm ek min dhandu lag rha hain
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Fri Jan 07 21:32:55 2011.
Sunshine: mum ko dekhna hai?
Sunshine: thr?
Sunshine: mum ko dekhna hain?
Angel: sure shona
Sunshine: w8 wont let her knw the cam is on
Sunshine: let her cme
Angel: k
Sunshine: keep seein
Angel: k
Angel: :P
Sunshine: :P ?
Angel: love u
Sunshine: love u 2 ronna
Sunshine: hain mujhe
Angel: nooooooooooooooooooooooo
Angel: be ready for a horny hard notty session frm my side on cam aaj for u :P
Sunshine: :)
Angel: u seeing mycam ya misnimised hai
Sunshine: mininsed
Angel: wat u saying to her?
Angel: wats she saying?
Angel: meyko mom sey baat karni hai
Angel: noooooo dnt cry
Angel: plz
Angel: :(
Angel: :'(:
Angel: aaaaaaw chow chweet
Angel: did u clicked pics?
Sunshine: yes
Sunshine: u saw mum?
Angel: haaan
Sunshine: missin y family
Sunshine: babe just thinkin waha aake hya haal hoga?
Angel: main hun na
Angel: dnt think plz
Sunshine: tum rooz mujhe pyaar karoge?
Angel: yeh kehney poochney ki baat hai
Angel: i will be dere wid u 24X7
Angel: if u want
Angel: or bolo
Sunshine: 24x7
Angel: i will be dere wid u ,,,dats it,,,,,ullu
Angel: whenever u want me
Sunshine: 24x7
Angel: uffff
Angel: dumbo
Angel: kuch nahin
Angel: dnt piss me
Angel: now
Sunshine: m serious
Sunshine: kya kar rha hai?
Angel: wat u dng?
Sunshine: viewspaper ka site dekh rha hoon
Angel: ok bacha
Sunshine: missin u
Sunshine: watcha doin?
Angel: i am here na
Angel: kuch nahin
Angel: just cahting wid u
Sunshine: cam
Angel: wat cam
Sunshine: web cam
Angel: ufffff. idiot i thought u were already wathcing me
Angel: :P
Sunshine: nahi closed hai
Angel: wat i was thinking u can,,,,go home,,,,frm stattion n then rest for an hour or 2, n then cum to be by noon ,? kya boltey ho...
Angel: waot
Angel: poty
Angel: ayi hai
Angel: ata hun
Sunshine: okie
Angel: ya
Sunshine: cam nahi on hua aaoka
Angel: its on only
Sunshine: sayin the persons cam is nt available
Session Start (garryAngel:Sunshine): Fri Jan 07 21:59:20 2011 051800
Sunshine: varuag kya hai?
Angel: wait
Angel: go on msn yahu google n search
Angel: 9811996129
Angel: u will get all details abt me
Sunshine: search tis no?
Angel: ya
Sunshine: google?
Angel: yahu
Angel: msn
Angel: google
Sunshine: google kiya
Angel: on call ufff yeh pakisatani guy
Angel: gawd now he wil eat my head
Sunshine: who>
Angel: need to switch off phone
Sunshine: who is he?
Angel: a guy who calls me up from outside India 'a FB friend'.
Angel: straight
Angel: cel off kar
Angel: diya
Angel: :P
Angel: samghey
Angel: :P
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: marry me
Sunshine: babe i will n i want
Angel: yes honey!
Angel: lets be family
Angel: lets be together
Angel: marry n get engaged
Sunshine: living :p
Angel: n stay together'
Angel: lifetime
Sunshine: pakka
Angel: promise
Sunshine: m ready
Angel: no issues frm my side
Sunshine: babe
Angel: ya
Angel: honey
Sunshine: v have been gven any group?
Sunshine: no?
Angel: matlab?
Sunshine: srry was talkin 2 a frn on fb she is my group member interview lena hain logo ka sorry
Angel: k
Sunshine: never break it baccha
Angel: break kya?
Angel: oh dil
Angel: i wont
Angel: :P
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: hug me tite
Sunshine: m loosen
Angel: yp
Angel: yo
Angel: sure
Angel: honey
Angel: hugssssssssssssssssss
Angel: dnt
Angel: cum on
Angel: main hun na
Sunshine: dnt leave me a moment away 4m ur arms
Angel: wont ever
Angel: trust me
Sunshine: babe shaaadi
Sunshine: karni hai
Angel: yes
Angel: mos definite.
Sunshine: hm
Sunshine: thr>?
Angel: :">
Sunshine: mein dnnr kar ke aao?
Angel: yes baby
Angel: love u
Angel: thanks
Sunshine: thnx?
Angel: :D hapy i am now
Angel: go n have dinner.
Angel: n when u back leme know
Angel: cum on cam
Angel: wana see u before u leave
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Fri Jan 07 22:22:20 2011.
Sunshine: akele
Sunshine: wat was tht?
Angel: whisky
Sunshine: i knw bt y wre y cryin?
Sunshine: accha take my dels no
Angel: do ji
Angel: dey bhi do
Angel: ab
Angel: :P
Sunshine: 9xoxoxoxox
Sunshine: 9xoxoxoxox
Angel: dats quite a bit similar to mine
Angel: bus bus kitney sarey deyga
Sunshine: 2
Angel: ey bhaggu itney sarey
Angel: i hope u dnt stop loving or liking me when u meet me
Sunshine: y r u sayin so?
Angel: :( i am nervous ,,,,dnt know...
Sunshine: any reason?
Sunshine: plz pichip
Sunshine: ....
Sunshine: stop tht
Angel: go have dinner
Angel: catch u in sumtime
Sunshine: hmm y r u upswet
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: wats ur weight :p
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: smetin personal
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: srry'
Angel: 64
Angel: :P
Sunshine: u r nt fat
Sunshine: ?
Angel: well not relaly a obese
Angel: :)
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: love u nw dnt cry
Angel: ok
Sunshine: may i go?
Angel: yes.........carry on
Angel: babes
Angel: n dare u ditch me
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: wil kill myself dis time for sure! i swear
Sunshine: kill me 2 wit u
Sunshine: bye muahaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: bye muaaaaaaaaaawh
Sunshine: cme half way 2 tke me on sunday?
Sunshine: aare
Sunshine: roo lo tum bye
Angel: go now
Angel: will talk abt it
Sunshine: call me wen u gt over wit ur rona
Sunshine: actually no balance :p
Sunshine: in kmy kol s no
Sunshine: n so in my dels jake recharge karwana hoga :p
Angel: i am online u go.....
Angel: have diner n cum back
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: hubby\
Angel: how much time?
Angel: wify :P
Angel: hmmmm
Angel: ab jao bhi,.,,
Angel: kya hua
Angel: wat u thinking
Angel: seeing me?
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: \kiss bhi kiya
Angel: i saw dat
Angel: how much time will u take for dinner?
Sunshine: chal cyA JP MISSIN ME
Sunshine: 15minz
Sunshine: min m a slw eater
Sunshine: :p
Angel: ok
Sunshine: c ya
Angel: cya
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Fri Jan 07 22:32:35 2011.
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed off at Fri Jan 07 22:32:37 2011.
Sunshine: hie
Sunshine: \babeeeeeeeeeeee\
Sunshine: thr?
* (Link: Angel)Angel buzzes Sunshine!
Sunshine: babe
Sunshine: /.
Angel: yeah
Sunshine: whr wre u?
Angel: slept
Sunshine: i guessed so
Angel: [-o<
Sunshine: heheheh
Sunshine: wats it?
Angel: I-)
Angel: wait
Sunshine: gnamu
Angel: wats dat?
Angel: gnamu?
Sunshine: wat varuag is
Angel: :P
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: muaaaaaaaaw
Angel: shona
Sunshine: missin u'
Angel: o ho
Sunshine: ?
Angel: oh ho
Angel: chup
Angel: so wasup
Angel: wat u dng
Angel: had dinner
Angel: n old
Angel: or bolo
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: or
Sunshine: :p
Sunshine: plan 4 sunday
Angel: dont ya wory abt it
Angel: let da day cum
Angel: main hun na
Angel: :D
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: letc :P
Angel: cum on cam
Angel: babes
Sunshine: lite off hai
Sunshine: so jao babe]
Angel: cum na
Angel: u want me to sleep
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Sat Jan 08 01:20:20 2011.
Sunshine: tumhe nenu aa rhi hai
Angel: for who i just checked my cell n lappy screen to get back to u :P
Sunshine: i called u 2wice :p
Angel: i was so dead slept,,,,,i got up,,,,thnking u wud be waiting@
Angel: ys i knw
Sunshine: awa sweetu nene
Sunshine: wat a yawn
Angel: :F
Angel: :D
Sunshine: F?
Angel: wat
Angel: "P
Angel: u smilign at
Sunshine: u wrote f
Angel: muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawh
Sunshine: maat dekho aise'
Sunshine: babe
* Sunshine buzzes you!
Angel: hmmmm
Angel: yeah yeah
Sunshine: kya kar rha hai?
Angel: nothing honey
Angel: just u n u n u n u
Angel: i wana have dat tongue
Angel: on my body
Angel: lickign me
Angel: hmmmm
Angel: :P
Sunshine: accha us din mein jab aunga thn aunty ko namaste karu ya touch her feet n kuch lana hai?
* Sunshine buzzes you!
Angel: socha kar
Angel: bataunga
Angel: kal
Angel: bacha
Angel: i lov eu
Sunshine: kaal kabhi?
Angel: i will ....i willl morning noon and before u start t frm dere,,,,,nothing to bring n stuff n all,
Angel: so did u worked on da assignment thingi
Angel: n wat all u did
Angel: after eating
Angel: kya khaya dinner
Sunshine: btw whch car u hve?
Angel: main
Angel: jaanu
Sunshine: :(
Angel: one ford ikon and one maruti 800
Sunshine: nope didnt do assignment'
Sunshine: sorry]
Angel: wat were u busy dng then abhi tak.
Angel: dnt be sorry
Sunshine: nhi maat maro
Angel: its ok
Sunshine: col ka 1 assignment mila hai monday dena hai
Sunshine: media research ka
Angel: ok babe
Sunshine: so jao
Angel: chup
Sunshine: just wana hop on ur lap hug u tite n rest my head on ur chest'
Angel: yeaj all urs
Sunshine: hass lo tax free hai
Sunshine: so jao evn i wl sleep
Angel: hmmmmm thodi der baad
Angel: babes
Sunshine: kk
Sunshine: as u wish mummy
Angel: love ya
Sunshine: mum i gona miss u love u 2 baccha
Sunshine: potty?
Angel: no shona
Sunshine: tv?
Angel: showing u ma
Angel: self
Angel: :P
Sunshine: xan just see ur sexy smooth hands'
Sunshine: can*
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sunshine: aa jao
Sunshine: u r so damn smooth wana xchnge?
Sunshine: oyeeeeeeeeeee
Sunshine: wear all
Sunshine: u wil catch cold
Angel: kya haiiiii
Angel: no i wont
Angel: honey
Sunshine: aha
Sunshine: mera hubbyyyyyyyyyy
Angel: u like it b baby
Angel: muaawh
Angel: love ya
Angel: sweetheart
Sunshine: hmmm bt leme xplore myslf all on sunday plzzzzzzzzzz
Sunshine: hardy :p
Angel: no abhi nahin
Angel: i wana get hard n shag
Angel: now wid u for u
Angel: muaaaawh
Sunshine: :p
Angel: muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawh
Angel: sunshine
Angel: loveeeeeeeeee
Angel: wat u dng?
Sunshine: aare was tryin 2 put myslf in offline mode coz mera cousin bhai on 1st floor was online
Angel: oh acha i see
Sunshine: shw ur muscles :p
Angel: :P
Angel: neechey wali muscle dikhaunga
Angel: let it get hard
Angel: :P
Angel: all yours
Angel: take it
Angel: :D
Sunshine: nottyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sunshine: abhi k liye upar wali
Sunshine: chalegi\
Sunshine: ahem
Sunshine: woh mera hai
Sunshine: stop feelin it
Sunshine: wow
Sunshine: usse bahar aana hai?
Sunshine: omg
Angel: u liek it baby
Sunshine: nhi
Sunshine: i loved it\
Angel: all urs na take it.....
Angel: ?
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sunshine: shawl bhi
Sunshine: watcha doin?
Angel: suck me.........................
Sunshine: babe m goin mad]
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: awa
Sunshine: m goin maddddddddddddddddddd
Angel: suck me plz
Sunshine: i wish i cud
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: ??
Angel: wat babes
Sunshine: u lukin so sweet'
Angel: wat u dng saath saaath chating wid me
Angel: sachi main
Angel: :P
Sunshine: seein u n w8in 4 sunday :p
Sunshine: r u dne ????????????
Angel: yeah
Sunshine: wow]]
Sunshine: gym jana k
Sunshine: :p
Angel: yeaj\h honey
Sunshine: can u c my cam movin???
Angel: not reallyyy
Angel: wat u dng
Angel: hmmmm
Angel: :P
Sunshine: hmm nw it is actually mere yha pe image still yha
Sunshine: cuteeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: wat u dng
Angel: hmmmm
Sunshine: seein u baba
Angel: why aint ur cam moving
Angel: u shaging kya :P
Sunshine: nhi yaar
Angel: 8-)
Angel: cam dubara invite karo
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "Online" on Sat Jan 08 02:00:09 2011.
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" was marked "View My Webcam" on Sat Jan 08 02:00:15 2011.
Angel: :x
Sunshine: so jao babe
Sunshine: "Sunshine (Sunshine)" signed off at Sat Jan 08 02:01:30 2011.
Angel: hmmm
Sunshine: hottieeeeeeeeeeeee
Angel: wat u dng shona./
Sunshine: kapde pehnoooooooooooooooooooooo
Sunshine: aare 1 fella was buggin wit cam req so juz put myslf in invisible mode
Sunshine: coz aab mujhe kewal ek hi admi deekhe ga
Angel: yeah babe!
Angel: after all ur hubby
Angel: went n got a new
Angel: cam
Angel: for u
Angel: only
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Angel: muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
Sunshine: enene aa rha hai
Angel: go n sleep den bacha
Sunshine: tu plz kapde pehno plz angel
Sunshine: plz
Angel: if u cud have done dat assignment thingi wid da rest text i send u i cud have worked on it tonite
Sunshine: u wana get clean?
Sunshine: :(
Sunshine: sorry kaal subha pakka
Angel: yeah do it u get up
Angel: so i start editing n work on it
Sunshine: hmmm
Angel: da layout is done
Sunshine: kk
Angel: colour n font all done
Angel: just need all da text babyes
Sunshine: kk u read the 1 i gve b4?
Angel: well just went thru it...have just...put forward as a layout i mean layouted it
Sunshine: bye
Angel: once i have the whole text
Angel: wud read n edit
Angel: it acoordingly
Angel: adding more quotes n stuff etc
Sunshine: :( m annoyeed
Angel: why shona
Angel: :P
Sunshine: kapde pehno plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'
Angel: ok :P
Sunshine: ?
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmm
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'[a guddu boy
Sunshine: pehan lo mere salman khan'
Angel: :P hehehe
Sunshine: :p
Angel: dancing shona!
Sunshine: i saw tht
Angel: i love it so much..
Angel: n da song was
Angel: mil gayeye chora chorii,,,,:P
Sunshine: u hve 2 dance 4 me on sunday kk
Angel: fir masti thodi thodi,,bus pyaar ka naam na leyna i hate love stories
Angel: :P
Angel: hahahahah we shall dance together
Angel: when drunked
Angel: shona
Sunshine: kk
Angel: there are very few in my life for whom i danced
Angel: u wud be one amongst
Angel: :P
Sunshine: plan our 1st meetin in the most memorable way :p
Angel: dnt ya
Sunshine: thnx 2 gve me tht opportunity
Angel: worry
Angel: u dnt have to say
Angel: i just wana spend max time together
Angel: acha now u go n sleep
Sunshine: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Angel: neeni aa rahi hai na tumhey?
Sunshine: hmmm gunnite'
Sunshine: hmmm
Sunshine: aap kab soogey?
Angel: i will check da mails n do lil work, go n amke myself tea or cofee. n drink n work a lil
Angel: i will in an hour maximum
Sunshine: okieeeeee
Angel: guess was having such a sexy sleep
Sunshine: kaal bata dena kya karna hain]n kya laana hai
Angel: but now i will after i mails n fb n stuff etc. n see to work a lil
Angel: sure babes
Sunshine: sorry 2 wake u up
Angel: i wil tel u
Angel: dnt be sorry
Angel: if u wont wake sumone u love
Angel: at odd times
Angel: who eolse wud u wake up
Angel: family koi hi jagatey hain na odd times par
Angel: why are we bf's ,,,,wat for...
Angel: samghey
Sunshine: mummy bhuk lagi hai'
Angel: u
Sunshine: mhhmmmmmm janu
Sunshine: love u 2
Angel: mela bacha!
Angel: koi bhookh nahin
Sunshine: gunnite]
Angel: lagi chup chaap so jao
Angel: gunite sweet
Sunshine: was kiddin
Angel: sweetdreams babes
Angel: ma sunshine
Sunshine: 'bye angel
Angel: sud i call u,,,,a gudnite call
Angel: singj is kind aaa raha hai, ab ,,,batao! fm par :P
Sunshine: i will leme pack tis lappy n gve my rabbit her fud
Angel: hey u want me to shave or this stubbled luk is fine?
Sunshine: sing is king'
Sunshine: as u wish i love the way u r
Angel: pack da lappy den we wont be chating tomm?
Angel: neechey ley baal trimm karun :P?
Angel: u do all ur trimmings
Angel: as well
Angel: :P
Angel: i like u da way u r
Sunshine: pack as in abhi bed se hatta babe
Angel: too
Angel: babes
Sunshine: bye nwwwwwwwwwwww
Sunshine: bye angel
Sunshine: muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Angel: bye sunshine
Angel: muaaaaaaaaaaaaawh
Angel: cal karun abhi ya u will miscal me n then i call u to say gudnite
Sunshine: i will gve u missi
Angel: k
Sunshine: k
Angel: buh byeeeee sweetz